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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 76

All Holes

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 8, 2012 09:07 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 76

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There's a hiatus after 77, and it continues on May 24th. So I'm not really behind. I'm gonna try to do that last one soon.

[Billy Bat 76 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Mud: Go back
Title: Chapter 76 All Holes
Side: A huge hole opened in their path, and a man covered in mud leaves an eerie message. Just what happened to Koumori Village?!

Page 2:
Kevin: What on earth is going on in this village............?
Jackie: H...... Hey, um, given what we're seeing here, maybe we should, you know............
Kevin: ..........
Randy: I'd have to agree with my daughter.
Though you called it doing research, from what I've seen going all this way with you..........
your goal is to save your master, right, Kevin-san?

Page 3:
Randy: Sorry, but I can't expose my daughter to anymore danger.
If you're going to go, then you'll have to go without us.
Jackie: Not even that, I'm saying we should all get out of here!!
This village isn't normal!!
Little kids walking around in the middle of the night, a man covered in mud carrying a pickaxe...
I don't think normally you'd see the words "go back" written on a windshield!!
Randy: Hmph.
Anyhow, I think we should go back.
Randy: I'm making a U-turn, so look out behind you.

Page 4:
Randy: Huh?
Jackie: Wh...... What's wrong, Dad?!!
Randy: Th...... The car won't move!!
Kevin: You're stuck in a hole.
Yamashita: Oh. That's not good.
Jackie: What do we do?!
Kevin: Yamashita-kun, push from there!!
Yamashita: Got it!!
Jackie: Hurry!! If we don't get out of here soon, that pickaxe man will............
Yamashita: Guoh!!
Jackie: Eh?

Page 5:
Kevin: Guoh!!
Yamashita: ?
Jackie: Oh, man......
Yamashita: What's wrong?
Jackie: What the hell is this?
There are holes all over the place--------!!

Page 6:
Akechi: Yes. Anyhow, the face of the moon is covered in hole.
In other words, it's a face covered in pimples.
You've seen that, right?
Gaskin: No...... Unfortunately I don't own a space telescope, you see.......
Akechi: You don't really need a space telescope. Just take a gooooood look up at the moon.
It looks just like Sakamoto Kyuu-chan's face.
Narration: Arizona----
Gaskin: Oh, Kyuu Sakamoto, of "SUKIYAKI" fame?
T/N: Sakamoto Kyuu is anold singer and actor who sang the international hit "Sukiyaki". He has a face with a lot of blemishes. Gaskin uses the English "given name then surname" order.

Page 7:
Gaskin: That's a big hit song that's number one in America. I love that song.
Akechi: I always aim upwards looking at the moon, too.
I'd wait until night and then sit on the railway embankment near my house................
Anyhow, I.....
was told to walk on the path of engineering rockets ever since I was a kid.
Gaskin: You? Engineer rockets............?
Akechi: Yeah. My old man was a railroad man for Japan's national railways.
I used to hear this sorta thing a lot when I was kid.

Page 8:
Man: Tomorrow night, Uncle Shimoyama and Uncle Shima are coming.
Kid: WAAAAI! Are you going to give me more spending money?
Man: Talking to those two
will be a very emotional experience.
Kid: Emotional?
Man: Yes. The two of them will be talking a lot about the "bullet trains".
Kid: Bullet trains?!
Man: Yes. Those are an incredibly fast kind of train.
They say they can connect Tokyo to Osaka in just three and a half hours.
Kid: Wow!!
Man: But there's something even more amazing.
Uncle Shima is talking about a rocket to the moon.

Page 9:
Kid: Rocket to the moon......?
Man: Yes. Uncle Shima and Uncle Shimoyama have been emphatically about it......
We're heading into the Rocket Age.
They're saying that eventually the national railway will build a space ship
and go to the moon!!
Understand, Kotarou?
We're about the enter the age of rocket engineering.
So study very hard,
and you'll go to the moon one day!!

Page 10:
Akechi: I was brought up being told things like that. So even when I got older, I would routinely look up at the moon from the railway embankment every night.
Akechi: Up until that night......
Gaskin: that night......?
Akechi: I climbed up the embankment like always, but unfortunately there was no moon that dark night.
Akechi: I was thinking I'd smoke the cigarette I'd hid from my parents and head home.
when two men came running down from the top of the embankment.

Page 11:
Akechi: They were goin' at an incredible face.
When I finished smoking the cigarette
a freight train passed by.
Akechi: And in front of my eyes, an human corpse was atrociously splattered all over.

Page 12:
Gaskin: Ooh......
Akechi: I ran out of there as fast as my legs would take me.
I was shaking like crazy, wondering if I should go to the police. And the next day......
Uncle Shimoyama had been run over by a train and died in that same place.
Gaskin: Ah...... The one from that bullet train story......
Akechi: Yes.
Uncle Shimoyama had been the national railway president at the time.
So I got the idea that if you went on the path to making rockets to go to the moon, you'd get killed.
So I gave up on rocket engineering.

Page 13:
Akechi: And having given up on my dream to go to the moon,
now I'm in this project making a fake moon.
Gaskin: Um......
So in the end, you didn't contact the police?
Akechi: Of course not. I would've been killed.
Gaskin: ?
Akechi: Those two were probably also the ones who got Uncle Shimoyama the next day, too.
I saw.
One of the two men's faces when they were escaping.............
It wasn't a face that I'd say belonged to a murderer......

Page 14:
Akechi: It was a delicate looking man that looked just like Ikebe Ryou.
He was a culprit in the Shimoyama Incident...... No doubt about it.
Kevin: GUOO!!
Yamashita: NUOO!!

Page 15:
Jackie: You did iiiit!!
Yamashita: Buheeee
Randy: Okay! Everyone get in!!
Jackie: Okay! C'mon, everyone, let's get out of here!!
What're you doing, Kevin-san?! You, too! Hurry......

Page 16:
Kevin: I'm going to walk from here.
Jackie: Eh......?
What are you saying?! You'll get killed by a pickaxe!!
Kevin: Zofuu-sensei is my master.
How to draw Billy Bat.... How to draw manga was taught to me by him.
If danger is approaching Master, then it's the disciple's mission to jump to his side.
Jackie: Ah......
SFX: ZA...

Page 17:
Yamashita: He really does look just like Ikebe Ryou......
Jackie: Eh?
Yamashita: In a movie I saw a while ago...... Ikebe Ryou played a policeman that stood off alone against evil...... He looks just like that.
I'm going, too!!
Jackie: Ah!
Dad, say something!!
Randy: Get in, sirs!!
Jackie: IH?!
Randy: There's still a fair distance to walk to get to the village.
Jackie: What're you saying?

Page 18:
Randy: Don't underestimate a New York taxi driver.
No matter where a customer says to go, we never refuse.
Jackie: HA~~~~~H
Slowly. Slowly!!
There's a hole on the right!!
The left, too!!
Why are there so many holes all over the place?!!

Page 19:
Kevin: They just dug randomly on both the road and the farmland......
Why on Earth......?
Jackie: They're pitfalls so outsiders can't get into the village......
Oh...... Oh ma~~~~~n!!
Randy: Wh...... What is it this time?!
Jackie: O...... Over there!!
Kevin: ?!

Page 20:
Jackie: A ton of people are......
coming out of a hole......
They're coming this way! Quick, let's get out of here!
Randy: This is crazy! How am I supposed to drive quickly with these holes all over the place?!!
Jackie: KYAAAA!!

Page 21:
Jackie: Hurry~~~~~!!
Yamashita: Uh-oh! There's a hole right in the center of the road!!
Kevin: There's a field on the right!!
Randy: I know!!
People: KYAAAA!!
Hang on tight!!
We're gonna cross the embankment on a tilt!!

Page 22:
Jackie: FUHA~~~~
KEvin: Is this the center of the town?
Yamashita: Yes, it is.
Randy: It feels like there's no sign of living people...
What the hell? At a time like this..........
Sign: Set-Meal Udon

Page 23:
Yamashita: I just can't endure it anymore!
Randy: Ah...... Hey!!
Yamashita: It's okay. The old man here is a nice guy.
I eat here four times a week.
Randy: You seriously think it'll be all right.............?
Yamashita: Old man! Old man!
Sorry for coming so late at night.
Could I have a bowl of udon-----?
Jackie: Let's just go?
Yamashita: Old maaan!

Page 24:
Yamashita: The foreigner...........
Devivie: Help me......
Side: Koumori Village, covered with monsters. That murderer Devivie-san has also become a victim?! No, no, it's gotta be some kid of trap, right......?!
Title: "Billy Bat" Chapter 76 / End
Next chapter goes on sale on 3/1 in issue 14. Look forward to it!

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