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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Billy Bat 77

Demon on the Moon

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 15, 2012 22:08 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 77

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans

Aaand caught up again. Just in time for the series to run 8 weeks in a row starting next week.

[Billy Bat 77 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Guy: Oh ho-ho. You're coming from that angle, eh-----?
Guy 2: I couldn't wait anymore.
Guy: Geez, you're harsh.
Did becoming the President make you that rigid?
Shimoyama: Quit it with the "President" stuff.
Side: The man playing Go with young Akechi's father is the man whom would later fall into a deep darkness in Japan......?!

Page 2:
Shimoyama: Just call me "Shimoyama-kun" like you always have, Akechi-senpai.
Title: Chapter 77 Demon on the Moon

Page 3:
Akechi: You, too. Cut it with the senpai stuff.
I'm in no position to be called senpai by a highly successful man like yourself.
Shimoyama: No, no. The president of the national railways isn't something you want to be.
Akechi: Well, it's gotta have problems a life-ling craftsman like me could never dream of.
Shimoyama: At any rate, I gets threats like "I'm gonna kill you" and things like that.
Akechi: You're not being serious, are you?
Kotarou: Ah, good evening, Uncle Shimoyama.
Shimoyama: Oooh, Kotarou-kun.

Page 4:
Shimoyama: Have you been studying?
Kotarou: Ah, yes!!
Akechi: Ah...... I told you, it's fine. He's getting older, you don't need to give him pocket money..........
Shimoyama: Go buy yourself a reference book.
Akechi: He'll just blow it on cigarettes.
Kotarou: Ehehe, thank you.
Akechi: Geez-----
Kotarou: Ehehe.
Shimoyama: Is Kotarou-kun still aspiring to be a rocket engineer like always?
Akechi: Well... Lately he's been spending all his time in movie theaters. I really don't know what to do with that boy.
But never mind that, who is it that's targeting your life......?
Shimoyama: Well, no...... It's really nothing but a rumor, but......

Page 5:
Shimoyama: A certain organization in the occupying army..........
Akechi: What......?
Shimoyama: It's because I won't hand over the rights to the national railways.
They're making it out to be a communist agenda and they're trying to get me out of the picture, apparently......
Akechi: Wait, wait, What? That sounds incredibly complicated.
Shimoyama: By the way, recently another rumor has cropped up.
Akechi: Hoh......
Shimoyama: They've been persistently telling us to submit to them a certain plot of land the National Railways are in the process of negotiating for.
And that if I just give them that, they'll guarantee the safety of my life.
Akechi: A certain plot of land.........?
Shimoyama: Where is it you're from, Akechi-senpai......

Page 6:
Akechi: Ah? Well...... Kii Province, but......
Is the land you're talking about around there?
Shimoyama: Akechi-senpai..........
Akechi: ?
Shimoyama: Is there something in that area?
Sign: Set-Meal Udon

Page 7:
Devivie: H......
Help m......
SFX: GI...
Randy: UWAA!!
Hurry, somebody, do something!!

Page 8:
Yamashita: No!!
Zofuu-sensei told me
to run away from this foreigner!!
He said to run away for the sake of the earth's future!!
Jackie: But if we just leave him, he'll......
hang to death!!
Kevin: Anyhow, let's just get him down for now. You hold him, Momochi-san!!
Randy: Okay!!

Page 9:
Randy: DOWAA!!
Why couldn't you guys hold him properly?!!
This is bad! It'd be really bad if we let him get away!!
We've gotta tie him up right now............
Kevin: HM?!

Page 10:
Kevin: Quiet!!
SFX: ZA...
SFX: ZA... ZA...

Page 11:
Randy: HE~~~~~~W!
Jackie: I stopped breathing...... That hurt~~~~
Devivie: GUOH!

Page 12:
Yamashita: What happened to Sensei?! You know, don't you?!!
Devivie: GUHUAH!!
I..... I really don't know......
Yamashita: Liar!! Sensei said he was gonna protect the villagers from you!!
Devidie: GUHUU!!
Yamashita: But even so, the villagers went all weird like that!! What'd you do?!!
Kevin: Stop, Yamashita-kun!!
Yamashita: Let me go!!
This guy's a bad guy!!
Kevin: Calm down!!
Yamashita: What happened to Sensei?!!
Kevin: Settle down. We'll ask him one thing at a time.

Page 13:
Kevin: Who are you?
Devivie: I'm certainly not a bad guy like that one is saying.
Kevin: I'm asking what you came to this village for!!
Devivie: An amusement park............
I only came here in order to build an amusement park for children to enjoy.
Yamashita: And also, he gave out patches to kids.

Page 14:
Jackie: Patches?
Yamashita: Yes. Billy Bat ones.
Kevin: Is the amusement part Billy Land..........?!
Devivie: Over some time, the village mayor, elder, and the deputy mayor successively all met with misfortune......
In the end, the villages started acting very oddly.............
And I ended up in this situation.............

Page 15:
Devivie: The villages all started blurting out
that the mayor and the others were killed by a suicide disease that came from outer space......
Kevin: Suicide disease..........?
Devivie: Yes. It's quite ludicrous.
And they also said that the method for preventing infection was written on a scroll.
Kevin: Scroll..........?
Devivie: Apparently it's buried somewhere in this town.
Then the villagers started intently digging holes all over town regardless of it being day or night.
All while getting covered in mud..........

Page 16:
Devivie: But it seems they still haven't found the scroll.
Now, please untie me.
I'm a victim in this matter.
Yamashita: That's a lie!!
Kevin: Yes. It's a lie.
Devivie: What exactly did I say that was a lie?
Kevin: What......?
I dunno...... I couldn't tell where the lying began or ended in that story.

Page 17:
Kevin: It just doesn't sit right with the story I have in my head.
Devivie: The story in your head?
Kevin: Do you know who I am?
Randy: That's right!! This man is......
Devivie: I do know.
Randy: Eh......?
Devivie: Kevin Yamagata.

Page 18:
Devivie: Not only do I know you,
I've been looking for you.
There's no way an employee of Chuck Culkin Enterprises traveling the world in order to build a Billy Land.......
wouldn't know who you are.
I finally found you.
Billy Bat's birth father.
Yamashita: That's wrong!
Billy Bat's birth father is Zofuu-sensei!!
Devivie: Yes.
That opinion is also correct.

Page 19:
Devivie: However, that sensei doesn't know how to handle Billy Bat well.
Yamashita: What did you say------?!!
What do you mean the original creator, Zofuu-sensei, doesn't know how to handle him?!!
Devivie: I'm hoping for your cooperation, Kevin-san.
Kevin: Huh?
Cooperation? With what......?
Devivie: There's no need to ask me......
You should know better than anyone.

Page 20:
Devivie: Billy Bat is a demon.
Momochis: ............
Devivie: For the sake of humanity, for the sake of the children,
I hope that you will lend me your power.
Zofuu is going to use Billy Bat.......

Page 21:
Devivie: to try and change history.

Page 22:
Akechi: Is there something in Kii Province..........?
Hey, Shimoyama-kun, quit pullin' my leg.
This's a story our senseis in elementary school used to tell us.
Shimoyama: Hoh?
Akechi: There's a legend about a certain area in Kii Province.
That it's not a rabbit that's on the moon,
but a bat.
T/N: There is an Eastern-Asian folklore that there's a rabbit that lives on the moon based on the the shape of the craters and markings on the moon forming a rabbit shape.
Shimoyama: A bat?
Akechi: Yeah. It's just a legend though.
Even so............

Page 23:
Akechi: Even so, apparently that bat isn't very good.
Shimoyama: Isn't good...........?
Akechi: Ah...... No, I mean, I'm sure there's no connection with it and your story about the National Railways buying land.
Shimoyama: Nevermind that, what else? What's not good about it?
Akechi: They say it's a demon.
Shimoyama: A demon......?
Akechi: Yeah. A demon that will
drive this world insane.

Page 24:
Shimoyama: Demon, huh.........?
Side: A demon that lives on the moon. An administrator that controls history. What is Kevin being told to do for the sake of this bat?!
Bottom: Billy Bat Chapter 77 / End
Next chapter goes on sale on 5/24 in issue 26! Look forward to it!

Page 25:
Text: Billy Bat finally heads into the core!!
We've received the voices of many readers saying "I can't wait for the next time it's in the magazine!"
Billy Bat
Change to Weekly Publication Decided!!
Starting issue 26【On sale 5/24】
8 chapters (The amount of one tankoubon) will run weekly all in a row!!
Starting next issue, in order to prepare for this, serialization will be taking a hiatus.
We hope you'll look forward to it!!
The picture scroll that carries history through 4 dimensions, the story freely accelerates even more!!

[If anyone thinks a bit and does the math here, they'll realize that with the series being on hiatus for 14 weeks (Issue 12 to 25) and then running for 8 weeks straight doesn't accelerate anything. It's actually a lot slower than it would be if it ran bi-weekly like usual (8 chapters coming out in 19 weeks rather than 9 or 10).]

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