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Omoni Naitemasu Omake 1

My Thoughts on Unhappy Beauties

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 17, 2012 23:11 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

Only for use by Habanero Scans.

This friggin' Omake is LONGER than about 2 regular chapters in terms of wordiness. Aaanyhow, that's volume 1 done. There are 6 volumes out right now. I'll probably be working on this series in short bursts.

[Omoni Naitemasu Omake 1]
Page 156-157:
Gray Text: HogyaAaa
I can feel the great founder's space energy......!!
It feels like every time I look at it,it's like it's gotten taller----!!
Title (Center): Omoni Naitemasu 1
Higashimura Akiko
Bubbles: It's cold....... [I'm going clockwise with these]
Then, I'm gay.
So naive.
stop the bleeding!!
I see, that woman...... is from the I Portrait Series....... [This ones' on top in the middle. This is the last one on the right page]
Father, behind you----!
So naive.
Ultra Rare!!
Ah, amazing! It's the Great Muta Version! [Big one in the middle]
Or else...... [Top left]
I'm not some enemy henchman from a Hong Kong movie!!
Stop it with your hand.
Your hand.
Is that all your love is?!

Not-in-Bubble: Why don't we take a trip to the beach for the first time in a while?
Title (Center): Omoni Naitemasu 2
Higashimura Akiko
Box: On sale this Winter
Bubbles: Sorry to keep you waiting!!
Uh, I think you read Murakami Haruki too much.
No. Don't draw that.
You're so pretty, Izumi.
I never spend my pension so here, I'm......
This kinda feels like Picasso.
Are you dead?
But it's adultery.
It's proof I still haven't lost hope in the world.

Page 160:
Title: Omake Manga
"My Thoughts on Unhappy Beauties"
Higashimura Akiko
Higashimura: Thank you very much for buying "Omoni Naitemasu" volume 1. I'm the author, Higashimura Akiko!
(Handwritten): Hey!
I'm Higashimura Akiko. 34 years old!
Okay, so, when my series "Himawari ~Kenichi Legend~" that had been running in Morning for four years ended, I immediately started serialization on "Omoni Naitemasu".
(Handwritten): The day after I handed in my last manuscript for Himawari, I was out taking pictures as research material.
(I have a characteristic of being a little fascinated with myself)
Higashimura: In my previous work, "Himawari", I featured a man named Koike-san of Toyokuni Printing.
But when "Himawari" ended, I thought it was the end of Koike Ijiri, too. When I was feeling lonely about that with everyone, (Well, no, acually I didn't feel lonely at all, but)
when I went to the Morning Editorial Depratment
Guy: Higashimura-san.
Higashimura: Geh,

Page 161:
Koike: I thought that this time
we could make "Koike is Also Crying" T-Shirts or something.
Box: Koike trying really hard to go along with the gag
Asterisk: *If you'd like to learn more about Koike, enjoy "Himawari"!!
SFX: HISO... (Whisper)
SFX: IRAH (Annoyance)
Higashimura: And with that sorta feeling, "Omoni Naitemasu" began, but......
Ever since I was little, I had a habit of getting excited when I saw beautiful people.
(Handwritten): Me from elementary school
(Not popular)
The first time I saw an amazing beauty was when I was in elementary school at Miyazaki Airport.
I think it was probably an airport employee.
Asterisk: *I'm from Miyazaki
Higashimura: I'm pretty sure that beautiful woman was presenting me an award or something at the art exhibit of beautiful scenery of Miyazaki or something.
All summer long my drawing would be on display at Miyazaki Airport and at the commemoration ceremony she had the duty of presenting me with my certificate or something. I remember feeling like I was being hunted out.
I ignored the awards ceremony and just stared at that woman.
I don't actually remember what sort of picture I drew for the awards ceremony, but the image of that woman is perfectly burned into my mind.

Page 162:
Higashimura: Her pure white skin that looked slippery like ceramic, her chestnut-colored soft looking hair,
Her thin, curved, yet natural looking eyelashes. And the long, long, flapping eyelashes on her big eyes. But she wasn't someone of mixed race, but she had a Japanese-like oval shaped face of a beautiful woman.
while I was fascinated,
in the 5th year of elementary school, for some reason, I thought this.
This person is definiteldsdsdy an outcast!!!!
(Handwritten): Outcast
-> Separated from her companions
Box: The idea that she was too beautiful oddly came to mind...
Higashimura: Yes. With that thought, you could say I had the idea for "Omoni Naitemasu" ever since my 5th year of elementary school.
(Handwritten): Somebody like Da Vinchi
I see~~
Higashimura: Yes~~~ It's like I already had it done when I was in 5th grade, I suppose~~~
Let's put something like this on the wrap-around band!!
Band: 23 Years in the Making!!!

Page 163:
Higashimura: Well, that's a joke, but anyhow I thought something was troubling about really beautiful women and worried about them ever since I was little. Like they actually went through really difficult times. I met some beautiful friends recently.
By the way, when I say "Beauties with something troubling"
I mean things like "They're beautiful but timid",
"They're beautiful but they're not good at interacting with others",
and "They're beautiful but they're not sociable"......
In other words, I don't have a problem with people using beauty as a weapon to rise in the world.
Box: The easiest example to understand is Kanda Uno-chan.
(Handwritten): Others are performers, models, beautiful lawyers, stewardesses, that general thing.
Beauty plus a sharp mind and good sense and outstandingly sociable.
That's not what I'm talking about, I'm concerned about these kinds of beautiful women.
(Handwritten): The ones with part time jobs working registers at supermarkets. (And usually disappear after about 2 months.)
Apron: Super Mar**
Box: Turtle Food
Higashimura: I caught sight of a beauty like this the other day near me.
Handwritten: (June)
A beauty spending her lunch break eating from a bentou in the gap between two buildings.
Sign: moto Printing Corporation
Higashimura: My guess was because she was to beautiful that her male coworkers confessed to her and became stalkers.
(Handwritten): There's still more

Page 164:
(Handwritten): Continuing...
Higashimura: When she talked to her superior about it, her superior fell in love with her and sexually harassed her, and when she said "please stop", turning him down, from the next day she was harassed by people with more power than her.......
Worried, she would talk about it with women in her department and they would take that as "boasting about her popularity".......
Because of that sort of things, she must get excluded from everybody before long. So much that she couldn't eat her lunch in the break room all because she's so beautiful.
They may say that women are stronger these days and there are the meat-eating type women, and if you turn on the TV you always see beautiful women that are rich and strong-willed celebrity talents that have fun and laugh with large voices.
T/N: Meat-Eating Type is a neologism meaning a person that peruses sex and is assertive to the opposite sex.
Higashimura: But they definitely exist.
The unhappy beauties that live quietly between in the corner of a city building.
And to them, I mean to send a yell from the bottom of my heart, "Don't give up!", but I don't actually send it, or really yearn to be one of them. If I'm being perfectly honest, I think in the end I'd like to be the Kanda Uno type.
(Handwritten): I'm glad I'm fat...
Higashimura: But beauty-wise, I think those women are the strongest. Like how they say art lies in concealing art. The model Izumi-san is the everywoman of that kind of beauty. I draw her endeavoring to make her look like the most beautiful woman in the world.
(Handwritten): I can't really represent that with my ability of description though...
Higashimura: And so, I started my new series about that kind of unhappy beauty. There isn't one iota of a link to Koike-san, so I think I'll be firmly against making any Koike T-shirts. I hope you all continue to enjoy "Omoni Naitemasu"!!
(Handwritten): By the way, I think a normal person would just say something like "So you started a new series, huh?!" But Koike suddenly went on about T-shirts. I dunno what he was thinking.

Page 165:
[This is the copyright info and stuff. I'm not gonna translate that I don't think.]

Page 166:
[This page is blank. So I've already translated it. There's no reason for me to write any of this really.]

Page 167:
[This one's also blank.]

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