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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Billy Bat 78

Serial Murder Case (1/8)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 10, 2012 07:32 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 78

Only for use by Red Hawk Scabs

Red Hawk's gonna be doing this now. Once they get tankoubon scans of the last 4 chapters, they'll scan them in. I've got 3 more chapters to catch up with in this weekly-chapter thing.

[Billy Bat 78 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert Text: Weekly serialization begins!!
Urasawa Naoki
Nagasaki Takashi
Narration: Los Angeles
Little Tokyo----
Side: The unpredictable historical sci-fi picture scroll, Billy Bat finally resumes serialization!! And now in weekly form!!

Page 2:
Side: The voices for hopes of revival come one after another!! The continuation of the newest tankoubon, volume 9, starts with weekly serialization!!
Detectives: Another Japanese? [These Laurel and Hardy guys had names I think, but I don't remember them and they don't matter.]
What's the weapon?
Probably a Japanese katana.
He's got one long cut going from his shoulder down his back, splitting him apart.
He~~~~w! That's horrific......!!
The killer's gotta be a jap, right?
Of course. Only the Japanese swing around those katana things.
Devivie: No, Chinese frequently wield bladed weapons as well.

Page 3:
Detectives: What?
Reporters aren't allowed in here!
Devivie: I've been stationed here from New York.
I'm Detective Devivie.
Title: Chapter 78
Serial Murder Case (1/8)
Side: The chapters that will make up volume 10 will be published consecutively, 8 weeks in a row!!

Page 4:
Devivie: Ooh......
One slash from the back, eh......?
The Japanese have a philosophy called bushido.
It is not the style of a Japanese to attack from behind.
Detective: So you're saying it was a Chinese, then?
Devivie: No, I think an American, actually ............
Detectives: ..........
Devivie: Don't you think? The ones embracing ill will towards Japanese right now are Americans.
There are boycotts against people of Japanese decent......

Page 5:
Devivie: With Japan triumphing over China and Russia, they seem like they could defeat any opponent.
And on top of that, the movie actor Sessue Hayakawa is getting pay rivaling that of Chaplin and has taken up residence in a mansion.
But Little Tokyo is extremely crowded all over.
Seeing those frustrating things might............
You two feel the same way, don't you?
Detective: ...........
Quite the Japanophile, aren't you, Detective Devivie?
Devivie: Japanophile..........?
Well, no. Japan is just more of a developed nation than you two think. But more importantly......

Page 6:
Devivie: Some are calling it the Yellow Peril. That yellow-skinned races are becoming a threat to society. By embracing those ideas of racial discrimination, it's the Americans that are far more uncivilized.
He may be a victim of that discrimination.
Detectives: ..........
Policeman: Inspector,
I think it's likely that this hat belonged to the victim.
Look what was found underneath it............
Detective: This is......

Page 7:
Detectives: A bat..........?
My God. It's drawn in blood.......
Clearly this is the killer's signature.

Page 8:
Woman: Ah...... Mr. Devivie.
Devivie: Ah...... Good morning, m'am.
Woman: Did you throw this trash all over?
Devivie: Ah...... no, I only just got in.

Page 9:
Woman: Hmph. Coming home after being out all night?
I'll let you off this time. But since you've moved in here, make sure you honor our rules.
Devivie: I'll make sure I do.
Devivie: ..........

Page 10:
[He's such a nice guy before he goes crazy...]

Page 11:
Devivie: !!
Devivie: .........

Page 12:
Woman: Would you like...... some flowers?
Devivie: Could I buy just one?
Woman: Of course.

Page 13:
Detective: Last night's victim was a Japanese, but......
His name was Yuunosuke Toyoda.
A manager working for a gambling den in Little Tokyo.
What's with the flower?
Devivie: Ah......
It's...... nothing.
Detective: Sounds like you're up to something......
SFX: ZA...

Page 14:
Guy: Even if you claim he was from our gambling hall, we're on sound footing.
We're not crooked like you Americans.
Devivie: I see...... And, could you tell me about Mr. Toyoda's work behavior......?
Guy: Well...... There was nobody who worked like him.
Guy: He wasn't the sort of man who made enemies.
Detective: Detective Devivie!!

Page 15:
Detective: We just got word from the station, there's another one......!!
Another Japanese.......
One cut by a Japanese katana.

Page 16:
Policeman: His wallet and envelopes full of cash are completely undisturbed.
Detective: So it wasn't robbery...... eh?
So maybe it is what you were talking about who did this. A boycott advocate.
Devivie: ...........
Policeman: Inspector!!
P...... Please take a look at this!
Detectives: Th...... That's......

Page 17:

Page 18:

Page 19:

Page 20:
Devivie: HAA
Woman: KYAAAA!!
Devivie: !!

Page 21:
Devivie: !!
Are you all right?!
Woman: I...... I was attacked......!!
Devivie: By whom?!
Woman: By....... By a big Asian man......!!
Devivie: Big Asian man......?
Woman: He was incredibly strong......

Page 22:
Woman: Ooh......
Devivie: It's okay now. No need to be afraid.
I'm with you.
Woman: Thank you...... Thank you......
Devivie: My name is Gary.
Cissy: I'm Cissy.
Devivie: Cissy, you're all right. I'll protect you.
Cissy: Thank you, Gary.

Page 23:
Guy: The order.........
Guy: Still hasn't come?
Guy: It still hasn't come......?

Page 24:
Guy: Gary and Cissy are really hitting it off.
What're you doing, Zofuu?
Side: Long ago, he made a promise with Zofuu in a jail cell...... "I'll protect the future you." Can he really change the future?!
Bottom: "Bolly Bat" Chapter 78 / End
Next chapter will be in issue 27 going on sale 5/31! Look forward to it!

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#1. by alquimistafm ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2012
Thanks for the chapter, now in Japan sale the chapter 80.
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