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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 79

Rule [2/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 27, 2012 03:05 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 79

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Uuuugh... This chapter gave me such a headache. So much researchy stuff. And then they explain it on the next page anyhow.

[Billy Bat 79 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: Another murder in Little Tokyo. The drawing of the bat left in blood is the sign of the killer......?! The second chapter of weekly serialization!!
Guy: Shit!!

Page 2:
Top: Urasawa Naoki Story collaboration with Nagasaki Takashi [Ya don't have to put this if you don't want]
Guy: Hurry and let me kill him!!
Title: Chapter 79 Rule [2/8]
Bottom: The second chapter of weekly serialization!!

Page 3:
Box: Little Tokyo, LA
SFX: Ka...

Page 4:
Cissy: Who's there?
Cissy: HAA

Page 5:
Cissy: HAA
Woman: What's wrong, Cissy? You look blue in the face.
Cissy: Ah...... Nothing...... Nothing at all.....
Woman: Someone following you again?
Cissy: Ah..... It was probably just my imagination.
Woman: Be careful, Cissy. There've been a lot of violent murders happening around here.
Cissy: Ah...... But......

Page 6:
Cissy: That's about a boycott of the Japanese, right?
I heard all of the victims were Japanese.
Woman: What're you talking about? Someone as beautiful as you walking alone at night is dangerous either way.
Want some tea?
Cissy: Thanks, I'd love some.
Woman: Speaking of which, I heard that it's because of that boycott of the Japanese
that Hayakawa Sessue moved from LA to New York.
Cissy: Is that so............?
Woman: Huh?
You usually always say how Hayakawa Sessue is so dreamy~~~ and such.
Anyhow, how about we go to New York?
Cissy: Hm......? Yeah, sure......

Page 7:
Cissy: Us...... New York?
Woman: Yeah. We could share a room with someone there.
It'll be great~~~ The great metropolis, New York!!
Cissy: Mmmm, but......
Woman: Here, you're selling flowers from morning till night and barely have enough to eat, right?
Cissy: But I...... I don't think I want to quit selling flowers right now......
Woman: Hahaaaan.
Cissy: What?
Woman: You've met a good man, haven't you?
Cissy: Wh...... What're you talking about?
Woman: No point playing dumb. I can just smell it!!

Page 8:
Woman: So, so? What sort of man is he?
A customer? Somebody who buys flowers everyday, maybe?
Cissy: ..........
Guy: It happened again, Detective Devivie.

Page 9:
Guy: It's the same bat as always.
Devivie: ..........
Detectives: It's obviously a challenge.
Don't you think, Detective Devivie?
Devivie: Eh...?! Ah.....
Detective: I can't think of a reason for leaving a symbol like this besides an act of defiance towards us.
Devivie: Yes......
Detective: Like he's saying "I'm the one who did this!" "And I'll do another one!"

Page 10:
Detective: ......So you're saying this is also a message from the killer saying he'll strike again?
Devivie: It wouldn't be going too far to say so.
Detectives: The last murder took place four days ago. The one before that was six days ago......
And the one before that, ten days ago......
Saturday, Wednesday...... Next is Friday......
And then Tuesday..........?
No good. There's no pattern at all.
What about the weather?
Rain, sunny, clody, cloudy............
Nothing here, either.
Hmpg...... Maybe we're over-thinking it?
Devivie: No...... This is something they call "tsujigi" in Japan. An act of cruelty performed by samurai long ago.

Page 11:
Devivie: The act of cutting a passerby with a sword in order to test its sharpness......
This was done by a person with considerable knowledge of Japan......
Detective: So you're saying there is some kind of rule to this?
Guy: Oden for sa~~~le!
Tasty inexpensive ode~~~n!!
Tasty sweet zenzai~~~

Page 12:
Detectives: Even though another Udon stand salesman was killed last night...
These Japanese sure have vitality.
Though I'm not really a fan of the smell of soy sauce.
A bookstore, eh? Got any ukiyoe?
Guy: Yes, yes. But no reading without buying.
TL Note: Ukiyoe are a kind of colored woodblock paintings.

Page 13:
Detective: Well if I don't touch it I can't pick one.
Guy: If you just take a good look at the cover, you should be able to tell if it's a good book right away.
All of the books from us, Fujiyama Publishing,
are wonderful.
You're talking about things like Yellow Peril and anti-Japanese,
but the Japanese love newspapers and books.
And we're pretty smart.
So it's not easy to chase us out. The Japanese are stubborn.
Detective: Aren't they hated for that sorta thing?
What's this?

Page 14:
Book: Imperial Year 2584 [Top, smaller]
Taishou Era Year 13 Tempou Era History
Guy: Ah, that's the history of Japan
in a calendar.
Detective: History of Japan?
Guy: It's a history of the Tempou Era. Based on the movement of the moon, one year is 360 days and a week has 6 days.
Detective: A week with 6 days? Sounds confusing.
Guy: It goes Senshou-> Tomobiki-> Senbu-> Butsumetsu-> Taian-> Shakkou.
Taian is a good day no matter what you're doing. And it's today, it looks like.
Devivie: What about yesterday?
Guy: Yesterday was Butsimetsu!
The worst day when even Bhudda-sama died.

Page 15:
Guy: And there's one other bad day, Shakkou.
Devivie: Shakkou..........
Guy: The origin of fire. You take special care towards blades. They mean death.
Devivie: I'd like a copy of it.
Guy: This is......

Page 16:
Devivie: I've marked down the Butsumetsu and Shakkou days from the Japanese Lunar calendar on this Western calendar.
Guy: Th...... That's the pattern of the murder days?
Which means that the next one will be..........
Setup a strict guard in Little Tokyo for tomorrow!
Detective: Yes, sir!!

Page 17:
Guy: If your theory is right, it'll be a big achievement for you, Detective Devivie.

Page 18:

PAge 19:
Cissy: HAA
Cissy: .........!!

Page 20:
Devivie: It's me, Gary.
Were you being chased by someone?
Was it that big Asian man again?

Page 21:
Cissy: I don't know............
I don't know, but.....
I'm kind of...... Uneasy..........
I wanted to see you............

Page 22:
Guy: Shit!!
Guy: Shit!!
Guy: Shit!!

Page 23:
Guy: HAA

Page 24:
Guy: What're you doing, Zofuu?!!
Hurry and give me instructions------!!
Side: The man ordered by Billy to protect Zofuu. Will he separate Cissy and Gary? Kill them......? But Billy Bat doesn't tell him anything.
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 79 / End
Appearing next issue!! Thanks for the great response!! Look forward to it!

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#1. by alquimistafm ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
Thanks bro
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