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Toriko 193

The Members of the 0th Biotope!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 27, 2012 10:09 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 193

Onlt for use by HWMN

This chapter has WAAAY too much talking to be translating at 4-6AM.

[Toriko 193 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: IGO "0th Biotope"----
A top-secret IGO facility located in "Gourmet World" where research and development of ingredients as well as observation of the "Nitro" takes place.
Fewer than 20 people work here, but all of them are people of great power personally entrusted by the President.
Side: Protecting peace. Preserving order. Defending hope. The mightiest zero, guarding the world!!
Bottom: Newest from Jump Comics, Volume 20 Goes on sale 7/4!! "Toriko"

Page 2-3:
Insert Texts: ☆Toriko Goods are appearing one after another
A super special collection is on page 25!!
☆Every Sunday at 9 AM on Fuji TV
the TV ANime is airing Exploding with Food!!
Middle Insert: The strongest of the strong, devouring all tyranny towards food!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Title: Gourmet 193 The Members of the 0th Biotope!!
Between-Panels Insert: At Greenland In Kumamoto Prefecture from 7/14(Sat.)-9/2(Sun.) the Toriko Gourmet Tour is set to open!!
Guemon: Gyahhahhahha man, how many years has it been
since all of the members have gathered together?!!
Description: "Gourmet Gang Leader"
Malisman: It's not everyone. Guemon, is your memory buggy from spacing out so much?
Old Master Chin isn't here, don't you see?
Description: "Gourmet Literary Master"
----Gourmet Human National Treasure----

Page 4:
Guemon: Oh, yeah! Chinchin ain't here!
Where'd Chinchin go?
Where's Chinchin?
Malisman: Don't say chinchin.
Guy: President,
Is what you said about Old Master Chin being attacked, true?
Description: "Gourmet Seitai Master"
---Knocking Artisan---
T/N: Seitai is a manipulative therapy based on Chinese and Japanese traditions, and encompassing osteopathy, massage and chiropractic.
Ichiryuu: Nhaaa
Ichiryuu: I got contact directly from Chin-san himself.
Well, it looks like it's not life-threatening, but he was heavily injured.
We're here because of a different matter, though.

Page 5:
Kuribou: It's hard for me to think that someone of Chin-san's caliber could be delayed by a fight.
Was his opponent "Bishokukai"...? You can bet they used some cowardly tactics.
Description: "Blacksmith"
---Maker of the World's Strongest Pots---
T/N: Name kanji - kuri (栗) = chesnut bou (坊) = boy/monk
Love: ...Well, he's not a geezer that'll die too easily.
No need to worry.
Description: "Honey Prison Warden"
Manan: So then, Presdient...
What is the main issue...?
Description: "Gourmet Magician"
Ichiryuu: Mm.

Page 6:
Ichiryuu: The Bishokukai has
become aware of the existence of "Center"... [quote white]
People: !!

Page 7:
People: Wh...
What did you say...?
Tack: The phantasmal ingredient said to be Acacia's "Horse D'oeuvre"...!!
Description: "Warrior of the Goro Tribe"
Ramon: So it does exist, huh?
The ultimate revitalization ingredient!!
Description: "Gourmet Mountain Bandit"
Goblin Ramon
Megarodras: So the rumors were true...
Description: "Assasin"
Sakura: But why does the Bishokukai
have that information...?
"Martial Artist"
T/N: Name Kanji - Sakura = Cherry Blossom (桜)

Page 8:
Ichiryuu: That's simple.
Someone here leaked the information to them.
Guys: ------!!
Ichiryuu: Juuust kiddin'.
I definitely don't remember calling in anybody like that.
Rap: No... There is someone suspicious.
Someone who became a member here extremely recently...
Description: Rapp
Ichiryuu: Hm?

Page 9:
Ryuu: ............
"Former Gourmet Yakuza Boss"
Yosaku: Hey, watch your mouth, Rapp.
I'm the one who brought Ryuu here.
He isn't a man who'd pull that kinda bullshit.
Description: Yosaku
Ichiryuu: Well, whatever. It got out, so there's nothing we can do now.
All we've gotta do is get those ingredients before they do.
----By which I means that finally...
with "GOD" as the main dish, [quote white]
we will begin collecting Acacia's "Full Course"!! [quote white]
Rala, have you narrowed down the time of the "Gourmet Eclipse"?
Rala: Yes.

Page 10:
Rala: According to the results of our most recent investigation,
the time of the "Gourmet Eclipse" will be in half a year at the earliest--- [quote white]
Description: "Gourmet Astronomer"
Ichiryuu: Half a year, huh...? That's quick.
Yosaku... Will the revival of "Earth" make it in time? [quote white]
Yosaku: Yeah.
In just another month, I'll get it done.
Ichiryuu: Melk...
How is the knife for handling "Air" coming? [quote white]
Eh? What?!
Manan: He says it's already complete.
Description: "Sharpener"
Melk (First Generation)

Page 11:
Ichiryuu: Okay.
Kousairou, what about the location of "Atom"? [Quite white]
Kousairou: Yes.
We've nearly cracked it.
Description: "Gourmet Hermit"
T/N: Name kanji - kou (光) = light, sai (才) = ability, rou (老) = aged
Ichiryuu: I'm counting on you to prepare it,
Atashino: Yes, sir.
Please leave it to me.
Description: "Gourmet Surgeon & Chef"
Ichiryuu: Listen up. There's a possibility this may develop into a war with the Bishokukai!
Prepare yourselves!!
Because if that happens, the ones fighting here in "Gourmet World" can only be us.
So be sure you hand over all of your current work in Human World to your successors...!

Page 12-13:
Ichiryuu: Now...
let's go!
All: Sir!

Page 14:
Yosaku: Okaaaay! Looks like I'm gonna get to run wild for the first time in a while!!
Ramon: Kekkekke, I can't wait.
There's even a just cause established for "killing".
Tack: Though fighting over food is foolish...
If the opponents are the Bishokukai, we have no choice but to fight.
Rala: President.
Ichiryuu: !
Rala: Though things are going to get hurried here in "Gourmet World"...
The approach of the "Gourmet Eclipse" means that "he" will become active... ["He" in bold.]
And the "Four Beasts" are already awakening from their several hundred year long sleep. [quote white]
T/N: Four Beasts = Shijyuu
Rala: As things stand, "Human World" may be in danger... [quote white]
But we can't leave our current duties, so...
Ichiryuu: Yeah. Don't worry about it.

Page 15:
Ichiryuu: The "Four Beasts" are their final training ingredients. ["final training ingredients" in italics and bold.]
Rala: Huh?
Ichiryuu: Even outside the 0th, there are definitely some reliable disciples.
We're safe leaving Human World to them.
Anyhow, Rala,
It seems that the Bishokukai has gathered some chefs.
Rala: !
If there is a war, it is probable that the Bishokukai will launch an attack on Human World at the same time,
but that will only be after they've captured some degree of skilled chefs.
In other words...

Page 16:
Rala: 1 month from now...
Where all of the greatest chefs from all over the world will gather, "Cooking Fest"!! [quote White]
When that day comes, the Bishokukai are certain to appear there.
Ichiryuu: I see... Well, there's no other option.
We'll have to send in someone from here...
Kousairou: I will go.
Rala: !
Ichiryuu: Kousairou.
Kousairou: Chefs are treasures of the Gourmet Age...
We must save every one we can.
Ichiryuu: ..........
I see...
Then I'm counting on you to do it,

Page 17:
Kousairou: Yes, sir.
Just leave it to me.
Rala: Good... If Kousairou-sama is going, we can rest easy.
But that will mean our military force here in Gourmet World will decrease that much...
Kousairou: Huhhuhhu. I'll only be away from here on the day of Fest.
Ichiryuu: Kuribou----
Kuribou: !
What is it, President?

Page 18:
Narration: "Bishokukai"
Gourmet World Headquarters----
Starjun: .............
This was wrong, too...?
[I have no idea what's going on in this scene, but I'm sure all the fangirls are squealing.]

Page 19:
Side: The countdown to the fierce battle...!!
Midora: Kukkukku...
Are you coming, old man...?
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 193
/ End
Next issue, the climactic showdown draws near?!
And what about Toriko and Komatsu?!

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#1. by phoenixmarco ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
Thanks a lot kewl... you are awesome... :)
#2. by narrasandeep ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
thank u
#3. by aise2i ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
Thanks for the trans kewl :D
-"Horse d'oeuvre" -> "Hors d'oeuvre"
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