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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 80

Late Night Confession [3/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 3, 2012 22:49 | Go to Billy Bat

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[Billy Bat 80 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: In sickness and health, the two loved and helped each other. And before soon, they would face a future with the birth of a son whose face resembles his father's...
Woman: Such a beautiful bride, isn't she?
They make a great couple.
Okay, look this way, you two---!!

Page 2:
Someone: Congratulations on your marriage, Gary and Cissy!
Narration: LA
Title: Chapter 80 Late Night Confession [3/8]

Page 3:
Detectives: I really can't believe how fast they tied the knot.
To win over such a beauty's heart right after taking up a new post in LA...
But he sure did a good job finding the time for that sorta thing while working himself to death on cases everyday.
Guy: Detective Devivie's must've redoubled his enthusiasm in the investigation.
Detectives: Naw.
I'm his partner, I noticed.
Between the investigations, he would quietly disappear...
Guy: Ah. Now that you mention it, he was wearing a flower a lot of the time.
Detectives: Yeah, there ya go!! He was going to Cissy's flower stand. That's unshakable proof!!
Hahaha. It'd be nice if we had speedy resolutions like that for our cases.

Page 4:
Detectives: Speaking of which, those serial Japanese murders have suddenly stopped recently.
Yeah, they have.........
It must be because Detective Devivie determined that the cycle for the days of the killings had a accordance with the Japanese calendar...
Ever since the day after that, Butsumetsu, the killings have stopped completely.
Maybe the killer caught wind of Detective Devivie's excellent reasoning somewhere and lost his nerve.
Yeah, maybe.
But anyhow, those two...
sure seem happy, don't they...?

Page 5:
Cissy: Can't sleep?
Devivie: Nn... I've just been thinking.
Cissy: About what...?
Devivie: About how it is I found this kind of happiness...

Page 6:
Cissy: Happiness...? But your parents are such kind people ,Gary...
Devivie: Yes... It's because my father was so revered as a policeman that I was hired for my job.
But they're not my real parent, after all.
Cissy: You said your real mother died when you were very young...
Devivie: Yes...
She worked so, so hard until her body broke down. It happened when I was 10 years old...
It's all my father's fault for leaving.
My father peddled sundires and was a regular visitor to the Japanese district.
Did you know that most Japanese immigrants are men...?

Page 7:
Devivie: Those male immigrants would have women sent to them as brides.
And choose them just based on a picture.
You can't expect such marriages to go that well...
Brides that were disliked would be divorced and sold off as prostitutes...
My real father got involved with one of those Japanese prostitutes
and one day, went off somewhere with her.
Cissy: Ah...
Devivie: I remember when I was a child, I went all the way to the Japanese district alone, looking for my father...

Page 8:
Devivie: Unfamiliar faces and symbols I'd never seen before.
Words I'd never heard and scents I'd never smelled.
Thanks to that, I became very knowledgeable about Japan...
Cissy: It's all right...
You're not alone anymore.
Devivie: Cissy...
Cissy: Have a good night's sleep...
Devivie: Okay...

Page 9:
Cissy: ..........?
Where are you, Gary...?
Guy: If you mean your husband, he left.
Cissy: !!

Page 10:
Cissy: ..........!!
Guy: Woah, there. Don't get excited.
The second you start making a ruckus, you'll die.
Cissy: Y...
You're the Asian man from back then...
Guy: I'm delighted
that you would remember someone like me.
Cissy: G... Get out of here.

Page 11:
Guy: I told you. As long as you don't make a ruckus, I won't do anything.
Cissy: .........
Guy: Must be tough, your husband going out in the middle of the night like this...
A police officer needs to be on call night and day, huh?
Is this... your lipstick?
Cissy: Wh... What are you going to do...?
Guy: Nothing... I just thought I liked the deep red color.

Page 12:
Guy: This guy.
He'll start talking to me.

Page 13:
Cissy: Huh?
Guy: This guy's supposed to give me my orders!!
Cissy: What're you talking about?
Guy: When a disciple of mine named Zofuu gives me instructions,
this drawing's gonna start moving around!!
Cissy: ..........
Guy: But...
It won't talk or move at all.

Page 13:
Cissy: And...
what'll happen if it does talk?
Guy: I'll kill your husband.
Cissy: N...
No, don't...!!
Guy: I've got no choice. You're not a bad person, but...
Cissy: What're you talking about? Stop!!
Guy: No... I've got to do it.

Page 14:
Cissy: I won't let you!!
I won't let someone like you lay a finger on Gary!!
Guy: I understand how you feel.
But I can't. Your husband can't be allowed to live.
Cissy: I'm begging you, don't destroy our happiness!!
I have a child in my belly!!
Guy: Aw, geez...

Page 15:
Guy: He's gonna be born?
He's gonna...
be born...?
This turned into a pretty unpleasant job.

Page 16:
Guy: But I don't mind, so hurry up, Zofuu.
That man who's going to try to kill you...
I'll make him disappear in an instant.
Narration: 1964----
Sign: Koumori Village
Somebody: Even after all I've said, do you still not understand?

Page 17:
Devivie: If nothings done, I'm going to disappear very soon!!
Jackie: Nobody'd understand a crazy story like that!!
Randy: Hey, the sun's rising. The people in the village are starting to move.
They're digging holes around there again.
Devivie: They're looking for the scroll.
But Zofuu probably already took it!!
If we don't hurry, Zofuu will use the scroll to do something extreme!!

Page 18:
Yamashita: Zofuu-sensei isn't mistaken or anything!!
If he uses the scroll to make you disappear, then that's the right thing to do!!
Devivie: Are you an idiot?!!
Just hope that I'm the only one who disappears!!
Me disappearing doesn't just mean that my entire existence and memories go away!!
Everything I've been involved with will be changed!!
Shimoyama: .........
Devivie: History will change!

Page 19:
Jackie: It's a crazy story, but let's say...
if things do go that way, what'll happen?
Kevin: I don't know...
I don't know, but I don't think this man's whole story is crazy.
Jackie: Huh?!
That whole thing about going back in time and killing people...?!
Kevin: Even you have had some pretty crazy experiences already, I'll bet.
Jackie: .........!!
Th... Then what do we do?
Shimoyama: There's nothing to wonder about!
We leave him here tied up and we go look for Zofuu-sensei.
Randy: I'm all for looking for him, but these villagers aren't normal right now...
We have to be careful that they don't see us...

Page 20:
Devivie: H... hey! Take me with you!!
If I stay here, those villagers will do something horrible to me again!
Kevin: I'll ask you one more time.
Why does Zofuu-sensei see you as dangerous, and go so far as to try to make you disappear?
Devivie: I told you, he's mistaken...
All I'm here to do is to make this land into an amusement park...
to make a Billy Land!!
Jackie: Eh...?
Shimoyama: Ah... What're you doin'?!
Kevin: I'm only untying his legs.

Page 21:
Shimoyama: Are you a moron?!! If he gets free, things'll get really bad!!
Kevin: Walk.
Jackie: What're you gonna do?
Kevin: I can't believe this man's whole story, but...
He also knows about the thing we want to know more than anything else.
Jackie: What we want to know...?
Kevin: What is Billy Bat?
Randy: The back door seems safe.

Page 22:
Kevin: Okay, let's go look for Zofuu-sensei.
Jackie: Before that...
Let's try asking him directly.
Kevin: Him?
Jackie: Draw
Billy Bat.
Kevin: That won't work...
My drawings no longer...
Jackie: It's okay. My reception's seemed pretty great.
Randy: What're ya doing? This is our chance.
Jackie: Ah... Yeah... We'll be right there.

Page 23:
Kevin: It's no good. He isn't talking...
Jackie: Let me see...
Why'd you draw a picture like this?
Kevin: It's just no good...
Jackie: Draw him right! He's not gonna talk to us like this.
Kevin: I just can't draw anymore!!
Jackie: Billy's looking the other way!!
Side: Has the "look over there!" bat said farewell to Kevin forever?! Is there no longer any way for them to help Zofuu?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 80 / End
Appearing next issue, too!! Thanks for the great reception!! Look forward to it!

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