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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 195

Dinner at Zen Ou!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 10, 2012 11:39 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 195

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It's too early for this... Also it's Tuesday morning so it's really early... Also it's 8AM after staying up all night working...

[Toriko 195 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: "Gourmet Towers"
Knife Building
Side: In the soaring tower in the city of despair...
Middle Insert: ☆Toriko Gourmet Tour - until 9/2 (Sun.) now open in Greenland in Kumamoto Prefecture!!
Narration: The top floor, floor 330. The"overlook floor"---- [quote bold]
The main location of the 10-star restaurant "Zen Ou"
TL Note: Zen Ou = Tray/Meal King
Title: "Toriko"

Page 2:
Title: Gourmet 195 Dinner at Zen Ou!!
Insert: ☆Every Sunday on Fuji TV
the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
☆There's even big activity going on here!! Mirai Bunko's new publication "Ultimate Dessert! The Rainbow Fruit!!" arc goes on sale 8/3!
Middle Insert: The hopes of mankind are pinned on these four----!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:

Page 4:
Sani: Huu...
Hey, Coco, that reminds me,
are you still doing fortune telling?
Coco: Yeah. Occasionally.
Sani: Heeeh... So, uh... This is purely out of curiosity, but,
what sorta things does a fortune teller say to customers?
Coco: Well... it varies...
Sani: Like what? For example?
What sorta things do you say about people consulting you on love that isn't going well?
Do you ever just get set off
and bluntly say "It ain't gonna happen!!"?
Coco: Yeah, I get set off... Smartly.
Toriko: Wahhahha. That sounds like something you'd say, Coco. Bluntly.
Sani: So you've got a side like that to you, huh...?

Page 5:
Coco: Everyone who comes to get their fortune told seeking some specific reply.
And that's also the one they're most expecting.
But I just honestly tell every customer every possibility for the future. ["honestly" in italics.]
Toriko: But they must get disappointed----
If it's not the answer they're anticipating... Well... I'm the type that actually gets more motivated from that sorta thing.
Coco: Even my fortune telling definitely isn't 100% correct, though...
whether it's disappointing or not depends on the person.
Things like uneasiness or indecision are in everyone's lives.
What's important is to appreciate and grow from every kind of result...
If you can grow from them, you can understand that all events are for the purpose of growing and you can appreciate them.
Toriko: Hahhahha. Appreciation, eh?! Sounds just like the "Food Honor" we learned! [quote white]
Sani: But living while always giving thanks has gotta really be a pain, doesn' it?
How do give advice in a more tangible way?
Coco: ..........
Coco: You just need to live in a way where "success" is because of you... and "failure" is also because of you...
Isn't that what appreciating while growing means?

Page 6:
Sani: Really?
Sani: So it's all your fault whether it's a "success" or a "failure", ain't it?
Other people are completely unrelated.
Toriko: That ain't it.
Toriko: In this world, there's no such thing as "failure" in the first place.
The one who knows the "ways to win" more than anyone is also the one who's experienced the most "mistakes". [quotes bold]
Toriko: In other words...
you could say "failure" is equal to "success"... couldn't you?
Coco: I see.
What do you think, Zebra?

Page 7:
Zebra: Whoooooo...
the fuck cares...
All: Mm...
Guess so.
Guy: You say you're about to take on those "Four Beasts", and yet...
My dear... not one of you is one millimeter nervous, are you...?
Toriko: !

Page 8:
Guys: O... "Owner Chef" Yuda!! [quote white]
The Tray King of the Gourmet Age that cooks perfectly without allowing for one millimeter of disorder!!
Yuda: Here, I brought you more courses.
It's my special menu made without my hands slipping one millimeter.
Description: "Zen Ou" Restaurant Owner Chef
----Authority on Medicinal Cooking----
1-Millimeter Yuda
Guys: All right!! We can still eat more 10-star cooking!!
We really appreciate you staying open even during a time like this, Owner!!
Yuda: What? I wouldn't rest one millimeter for something like this.
Toriko: Just what I'd expect from "Zen Ou" that reins on the top floor of the "Gourmet Towers"!
Even in a big panic, you don't get agitated one millimeter!
Yuda: For their safety,
every last millimeter of the employees have taken shelter.
Toriko: By the way, Owner, in terms of physical power, you don't need to run, do you?
Yuda: Huhu...

Page 9:
Yuda: Our cooking is highly nutritional medicinal cooking.
In "Food Immersion" would be optimal. [quote bold]
Eat up without leaving one millimeter left.
Zebra: Bring more!
Yuda: So fahst!!
Toriko: What the hell, Zebra?! What're you doing flash-eating everything by yourself?!!
Zebra: Shuddup. You guys just took too long.
Yuda: So fahst!!
That was far too fahst, Zebra-kun!!
Coco: Fahst, owner?
Komatsu: Guuuys!!
Toriko: Oh.
Zebra: Hmm?
Komatsu: Sorry we're laaaate!
Toriko: Komatsuu!!
Rin: Torikoooon! I came, too! [Heart]
Toriko: Rin!!
How's the Bubble Fruits go, Komatsu?!

Page 10:
Komatsu: Just take a look!!
I successfully cooked them!!
Toriko: OAHAAAAAA You did it, Komatsu!!
Coco: That's fantastic, Komatsu-kun!!
Zebra: Huhhuh.
Yuda: Hoh. Bubble Fruits... Magnificent.
You cook without one millimeter of disturbance?
Komatsu: Eh?
WAAAAAAA! It's the chef ranked "5th" on the World Chef Ranking, Chef Yuda!!
C... C-Cou... Could I have your autograph?!!
Yuda: I'll write you a signature without slipping one millimeter.
Rin: Everyone! I have a message from the President about this request!
Let's watch it later.
Before that...

Page 11:
Rin: Let's try the actual food,
the cooked Bubble Fruits!!
Coco: Incredible...
This is a temple treasure?
Sani: S... So beaut'ful...
Zebra: Looks pretty tasty.
Toriko: You have our thanks,
Shokurin Temple......
SFX: ZU...

Page 12:
Toriko: ......Th......
This is......
Yuda: It would seem it's a compatible ingredient for all of the Four Heavenly Kings.
That's been activated by them being cooked.

Page 13:
Ichiryuu: Finished leveling up your cells, guuuuys?
All: !!
Ichiryuu: Well, you should be done when you're watching this.
About the Four Beasts...
Each one is entering the Human World from a different direction, either from the East, West, North, or South...
It's always the same pattern.
That's why we've had most of mankind take refuge in the 1000 square kilometers in the center.
You guys should ambush your Four Beast on the other side of that defense line.
Understand? If any one of you loses, it'll mean the end of Human World.
If they make it through that encirclement, several billion people will be sacrificed.
Zebra: Hmph... Well I've got nothing to be worried about, but you guys must be nervous.
All: We've got nothing to worry about either.
Ichiryuu: But...

Page 14:
Ichiryuu: To see you four that were so small...
to have grown so big and strong to take on an important task like this...
makes me so happy as a dad.
Toriko, Coco, Sani, Zebra,
I'm leaving Human World to you!!
Toriko: Old man...
Zebra: Hmph...
Ichiryuu: Ah! Oh, right!
I forgot two things...

Page 15:
All: !!
Zebra: We don't have time to listen to some worthless talk.
Let's hurry up and kill the goddamned Four Beasts and eat them...
Your partners are all here, waiting for you.
Toriko: !

Page 16-17:
All: !!
Rin: Hey, Zebra, do you still not have a partner?!
Zebra: Ah?
You weak guys can team up if you want.
I'm more than enough on my own.
I've got a guy I'm using for transportation this time...
Rin: ......Huh?
Toriko: AH!
Komatsu: Wawah!
What's that?!

Page 18:
Komatsu: !!
What is thaaaat?!!!
Description: Dharma Horse
(Demon Beast)
Capture Level Unknown

Page 19:
Zebra: Kukkukku. So it finally showed up.
It's a horse I borrowed from a Dharma Hermit.
Komatsu: Wh... What's a Dharma Hermit?!!
Sani: Geez. You took some weird disgustin' beast with you...
You really have no class at all...
Coco: But through, with that...
we've all got our mode of transport setup.
Toriko: Now then, I'm excited to go find out...
who's gonna get which Four Beast!
Okay, let's go!!
We're heading out!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 195
/ End
Next issue, the battle with the Four Beasts finally begins!!

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#1. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2012
holy crap...
thx kewl-san!
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