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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Billy Bat 81

Connecticut Lullaby [4/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 14, 2012 06:19 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 81

Only for Red Hawk Scans

Ok. While I have a minute, I'm gonna try to maybe catch up with these...

[Billy Bat 81 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
People: HAA
Jackie: Hold on a second! You don't need to climb so fast!
Randy: Quit dawdling!! If the villagers find us, we're done for!!
Jackie: HIIIH!!
Kevin: HAA
Side: At Koumori Village, Kevin, Jackie, Momochi and Yamashita-kun search
for Zofuu. But what are the true intentions of their captive, Devivie?!

Page 2:
Devivie: Couldn't you untie my hands?
It's impossible for me to climb this mountain trail like this.
Kevin: Sorry, but I'll need you to keep going like that for now.
Devivie: GUHA!!
Kevin: Cause I still barely trust you at all.
Devivie: .........
Kevin: Yamashita-kun, we'll keep moving ahead,
but do you have any idea where Zofuu-sensei might be?
Yamashita: I can't... say I really do, but...
Kevin: What is it?
Yamashita: I can't let that guy hear.

Page 3:
Yamashita: Sensei told me "Don't give the manuscript to the foreigner."
Kevin: Got it. I definitely won't give it to him.
There must be some important information in that manuscript, huh?
Yamashita: There're completed manuscripts in here, but there are also rough
sketches and things that look like material notebooks, too.
I found this in there.
You know how that foreigner said he was looking for a scroll?
Maybe this is what he meant?
Kevin: ..........!!

Page 4: [This page and the next are taken directly from chapter 73]
Kanbei: What business do you have, traveler?
Guy: Kanbei-dono?
Kanbei: A short sword, huh......? You don't seem to be a samurai.
Guy: Please answer my question.
Are you Koumori Kanbei-dono?
Kanbei: I'm just a Buddha statue carver.

Page 5:
Guy: I see. They are magnificent Buddha.
Kanbei: If I were that Koumori Kanbei or whatever it was, what would you
want from me?
Guy: I would like the scroll.
Kanbei: ..........
Guy: Where did you hide the scroll?
You should have received an order to hand over the scroll to me.
Kanbei: ?
W...... Who in the world are you?

Page 6:
Guy: It does not matter who I am.
What does matter is why a shinobi of your caliber continues to carve Bhuddas.

Kanbei: ......
Guy: The answer is there.
Kanbei: N-No!
Guy: I'm right on the mark, aren't I, Kanbei-dono?
Kanbei: N-Nuh.

Page 7:
Kevin: ..........
Title: Chapter 81 Connecticut Lullaby [4/8]
Side: On a never before seen scale, a super historical suspense where you
can't predict anyone's future!!! With great fanfare for the weekly serialization!

Page 8:
Narration: 1924
Cissy: Ah... Going back to the police station already?
Devivie: Yes...
I got a call in the middle of the night and ran to the scene, but worked
up a pretty big sweat because of it. So I came back to get changed.
Cissy: Sounds dreadful...
Devivie: Never mind that...
I'm just glad I got to see your face.

Page 9:
Cissy: Again, huh...?
Devivie: Hm...? Yes.
The first "Japanese American killing" in a while...
Most likely it's the same criminal as the one in the previous murders.
Slashed with a Japanese katana...
Ah... I'm sorry, talking about such a gruesome story...
How's the child in your belly?
Cissy: Fine... The doctor says he's doing well, too.

Page 10:
Devivie: We've gotta think of a name.
Cissy: But we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet.
Devivie: I'm set on a name if it's a boy.
Cissy: Boy...?
What's the name?
Devivie: It's a secret.
Cissy: Oh...
I have a lullaby I'll be singing to this child.
Devivie: Heh. I've never heard you sing.
Cissy: It's an old song handed down in Connecticut that my grandmother taught
Devivie: Oh... What kind of song is it?
Cissy: It's a secret.

Page 11:
Devivie: Well, I've got to get going.
Cissy: Take care.
Devivie: You moved it, didn't you?
Cissy: What?
Devivie: The mirror in our bedroom...
I noticed before when I was tying my necktie.
Cissy: Ah...
Ah... Well...
Um... I thought it would be easier to apply makeup closer to the window...
Devivie: I'll do any heavy lifting that needs to be done. You need to take
care of your body.
Cissy: Ah... Right.

Page 12:
[You remember what's back there, right?]

Page 13:
Cissy: Kill...?
You're not the kind of person that could do something like that.
Guy: It's useless.
No matter how you try to talk me out of it,
if I get my orders from my disciple Zofuu, I'll kill you all immediately.
Cissy: No!
You've got to understand, you're not a murderer!

Page 14:
Cissy: What...
are you...?
Guy: I'm a cartoonist.
Cissy: .........!!

Page 15:
Cissy: C...Cartoonist?
Guy: Your son who's going to be born is drawn about in there.
Cissy: Son?
Guy: Yeah. It's a boy.
And I drew what'll happen when that boy grows up.
Cissy: I don't understand what you're talking about... That's just your
Guy: Is it my imagination or not...? Is what I'm saying is true or not...

Page 16:
Guy: Only time will tell.
But when that time comes... it'll be too late.
If you tell your husband about me, I'll kill you.
Get me a hammer and nail.
Cissy: Huh?
Guy: I'm going to move the mirror to hide this picture.

Page 17:
SFX: GI...
Cissy: My son, after he's born...
is drawn about in here...

Page 18:
Devivie: Mayor, where's the scroll?
Mayor: No, no no. I cannot tell you that.
Devivie: If you tell me, I'll give you this flower necklace.
Mayor: Well, well.
Devivie: It looks good on you, Mayor.
Mayor: It's so beautiful.
Devivie: That's because my mother was a flower salesman.
Next, I've got a surprise present for you.
Mayor: A surprise present, eh?
Devivie: Please just stay still, okay?

Page 19:
Devivie: Eih!
Mayor: Gyah!
Devivie: Kyakyakya, hurts, doesn't it, mayor?
Mayor: Guguh.
Devivie: For when times are painful, we should sing a lullaby.
Mayor: Gu...
Devivie: The owl and the hare are all dreaming~~~~ [Music note. ALso there're
music notes at the beginning of all of these]
Lullaby, lullaby, dreaming~~~~ [Note]
The crested eagle, the fox pup, they're all dreaming~~~[Note]
Lullaby, lullaby,
dreaming~~~~ [Note]
[I really can't find any way to make this sound remotely musical or lullaby-like.

Page 20:
Cissy: The crescent moon and Big Dipper are all dreaming~~~~[Note]
Lullaby, lullaby...
My grandmother's lullaby from Connecticut...
Guy: Your son who's going to be born is drawn about in there.

Page 21:
Yamashita: I can't let you go past here!!
Randy: How about it, Jackie? Find what you're looking for?
Jackie: Yeah, we're looking now.
So? Was the scroll there?

Page 22:
Kevin: There are definitely a hole under these Buddha statues, but...
they're empty.
Was the one who took it...

Page 23:
Cissy: No...
It can't be...
My son, a murderer...?
That just can't be true!!

Page 24:
Cissy: ..........?
Side: Cissy found something that should not be there. What is the meaning
behind this blood-smeared Japanese katana?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 81 / End
The vicissitudes continue next issue!!

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