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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Billy Bat 85

Emperor of the New Country [8/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 21, 2012 06:01 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 85

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans.

Oooook, that covers that. My job for this section is done, and I'll be back doing this in September...

[Billy Bat 85 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: He was a hobo hitching a ride across America free of charge. But what is his true identity...?!

Page 2:
Guy: How the hell long have you been riding, you shitty bastard?!!
Guy 2: HIIH!
Guy: Stop! You're not getting away!!
A bastard like you who sneaks on to ride for free has no value in living!!
Ya damn hobo!!
You'll pay your fare with your life!!

Page 3:
Guy: Ah...
Damn hobo...!!
Guy 2: UWAH!!
Guy: How dare you disrespect me, Earnest the demon conductor, like this!!
Guy 2: HIIIH!!
Guy: Trash belongs in the trash heap...
Guy 2: Wa......

Page 4:
Hobos: Is he dead?
Yep. Dead as a doornail.
Well, let's bury him over yonder.
Geez, that bastard, Earnest...
Ya don't kill a guy just for riding free.
Ooh, another dead one?

Page 5:
Hobos: Yep, stone dead.
Guy: I ain't dead!!
Hobos: Huh?
Guy: Like hell I would come all the way from Japan to die in a place like this!!
Hobos: Oh? A Japanese hobo, eh?
Ya know, I think I heard that the word hobo was Japanese.
Hey, Japan Hobo.
What's Hobo mean in Japanese?
Guy: Hobo?
You mean houbou (方々), a vagabond that goes wherever they want...?
No, I'm no hobo!!

Page 6:
Zofuu: I'm a cartoonist by the name of Zofuu.
Side: The overwhelmingly popular unhindered top-class suspense story! The newest volume, volume 9 is a huge hit and now on sale!!!
Title: Chapter 85 Emperor of the New Country [8/8]

Page 7:
Zofuu: HAA
Shit... He sure picked a hell of a place to throw me off at...
That damn demon conductor...
Which way to Los Angeles...?

Page 8:
Zofuu: I... I've gotta find... some food...
At this rate... I'm really gonna die...
He said I'd meet my master...
Is he really in Los Angeles...?

Page 9:
Zofuu: Because the bat did say that...
I have to receive my master's manuscript...
Billy: Succeed him.
Zofuu: Ku...
Kukuku, I'm really crazy.
It's like I finally just realized. Kukuku.
I've completely lost it.

Page 10:
Zofuu: Mandarins?!
N... No. Those are those things they call oranges here in America!!
God in heaven still has not abandoned me!!
Guy: Orange thie~~~~f!!
Zofuu: Ow!!
Guy: Wait, you bastaaaard!!
Zofuu: Ow!
I still haven't stolen anything!!
Please forgive meee!!

Page 11:
Zofuu: HIIIH!!
Guy: You just spoke Japanese, didn'cha?!!
Zofuu: Y... Yes. I'm Japanese.
..........?! You speak Japanese, too...?
Guy: What a disgrace!! A Japanese stealing oranges!!
Zofuu: Huh? You've got the same accent as my dad.
Are you from Niigata?
Guy: What? Your old man's even from Niigita?!!
That's even more disgraceful!!
Zofuu: Ah...

Page 12:
Zofuu: Um...
Guy: Ey, listen close...
Zofuu: ..........
Guy: You can't steal people's stuff.
Zofuu: ..........
Zofuu: ..........
Zofuu: Hih...

Page 13:
Guy: Eat!
Zofuu: Eh...?
B... But I can't steal something that belongs to someone else...
Guy: I'll tell the landlord to take it outta my pay.
Your as pale as death. Hurry up and eat.
Zofuu: Ah...
I'm in your debt...
Zofuu: Um... Those scissors sure look handy.
Guy: Oh? Nice, ain't they? I made 'em myself.

Page 14:
Zofuu: That's an amazing invention.
With those scissors, you could probably become a gardener.
Guy: What're you on about? I'm a tenant farmer here. I ain't no gardener or...
Baby: UEH UE~~~~!!
Guy: Oh, did you wake up? There, there.
Baby: UE UE~~~!!
Guy: There, there.
Baby: AU~~~!!
Zofuu: Is it okay if I comfort him?
Guy: Hm...? Okay...
Baby: AU AU~~~

Page 15:
Guy: Oh. He stopped crying.
Zofuu: This child... what's its name...?
Guy: Kinji...
Zofuu: So he'll become rich?
Guy: That's right!! That's how it's written!! Pretty good, picking up on that!

Page 16:
Zofuu: You can see it, too?
Guy: ?
Zofuu: I can see it, too.
You'll meet me again, someday.

Page 17:
Zofuu: Your life will be a chain of hardships.
Well, life's tough no matter what path you take. There's no way around it, really.
Zofuu: And you'll save the world.
Guy: ?
Zofuu: But...
If the thing I'm doing now fails...

Page 18:
Zofuu: You'll die.
Guy: What sorta weird things are you saying while you're holding another person's kid?!!
Zofuu: It's a manga story.
Guy: Heh?
Zofuu: A manga story I have in my head.

Page 19:
Narration: 1964----
Devivie: If I read Zofuu's manuscript,
it'll have what I want to know written in it...?

Page 20:
Randy: Yeah...
Devivie: That's what this Billy Bat is saying to you?
Randy: Yeah.
Devivie: And that manuscript is the one that boy called Yamashita or whatever has hanging from his neck in a wrapping cloth?
Randy: No.
Devivie: Huh?

Page 21:
Randy: Over there.
It's in a drawer inside that hermitage
Devivie: What'd you say...?
Kevin: What's wrong?

Page 22:
Devivie: I burned them all!!
Randy: !!
Kevin: Why would you do that?!!
Devivie: Because it's my job!!
It's my job to go around the world burning imitation Billy Bats!!

Page 23:
Devivie: The only Billy Bat there can be around the world
is Culkin-sensei's "Billy Bat"!!
Kevin: "You can't steal people's stuff."
Those are the last words my father passed to me before he died.
My assistant, Chuck Culkin, stole my character "Billy Bat".

Page 24:
Kevin: The only one qualified to draw "Billy Bat" is the one who succeeded him from Zofuu-sensei...
Devivie: Die.
Side: "If I fail, you'll die"--- Is the future told to Kevin as a baby by the young Zofuu now coming true?!
Insert Text: The next chapter will appear in issue 44, going on sale 9/27!! It will have the cover and opening color pages!!
and volume 10, containing the chapters 80 to this one is set to go on sale 9/22!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 85 / End Look forward to the next chapter!!

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#1. by alquimistafm ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2012
Thanks, i see you in September (i hope).
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