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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

3-gatsu no Lion 25

Black River (Part 1)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 27, 2012 04:24 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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[3 Gatsu no Lion 25 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 61:
Title: Chapter 25
Black River (Part 1)

Page 62:
Gotou: You look like you're doin' well.
It's too bad.

Page 63:
Gotou: Oh, hey.
Looks like if we both keep it up, you and I'll run into each other, too...
I'll be lookin' forward to it.
Rei: Hitting you with my bear first
sounds a little interesting, too.
Smith: ..........
Gotou: Ah
that's right...
I'd like it if you could
tell this to Kouda's dad.

Page 64:
Goutou: About that stalker girl,
to hurry up and get her to quit.
Kyouko: I just got it from Gotou.
I really like him...
I love him. [I don't know what the direct object is here. It could be the thing he gave her. If anyone knows, change it.]
Gotou: Cause she's bein' a pain in the ass
to me.

Page 65:
Smith: What?! WAAAAH
Hang on, hang on!
What's up with you?
And you, too, Gotou-san,
if you've got something to say, please say it to Kouda-san yourself.
Please. Because newcomers don't have strong standings.
Handwritten: HEEEEEEEYYY
Is there still somebody on the 4th flooooor?
The big fishing boat has come hooome!!
Somebody: KYAAAH, Chairman!!
Please don't take out a fish here!
Gotou: ......
Smith: And at a time like this, we've got another bothersome guy...
Handwritten: Okay, okay, Kiriyama, calm down......
HAAAH [Left, white]

Page 66:
Gotou: Hmph.
That noisy guy's back...
I'm goin'.
Give my regards to Kouda.
Smith: He-
He's so scaryyyyy!
He gives off like a
heavyweight sorta vibe, doesn't he?
Heavy and persistent.
If that guy's heavy fuel oil, somebody like me is salad dressing.
I'm already pretty silky. [He's talking about his hair here. In Japanese it wounds like the word "salad".]
Handwritten: KYAAH
What? Did something happen between you and Gotou?
Are you okay?
That guy did say something kinda disturbing, but...
Guy: It's okay! You're looking at the guy who made the biggest catch, you know?!

Page 67:
Handwritten: Hey, what's goin' on? You guys don't look too cheery!
(Background music - Seibu Keisatsu theme song)
T/N: Seibu Keisatsu (Police: Western Division) is a TV drama series.
Chairman: Whadda ya think?
It's 62 centimeters!! [This sentence is bigger]
What do you gulping down some hot sake with sashimi?!
Box: Japan Shogi Association
PErson: Chairman! Shhhh!
Some people are still in matches!
Handwritten: SHHHH
sorry, sorry. ☆ [The word "Oh!!" is already English]
Chairman: Take all you want!!
Hey, Nakamura-kun!! Bring some ziplock bags!!
Ah, and after that, call the Shogi World editorial committee from downstairs!!
Ya can pack in all you want!!
How 'bout 40 sardines, Smith?!
SFX: Micchiri (Earnestly)
Smith: I can't. One man living alone can't finish all that.
Handwritten: What's with those teardrop sunglasses?
You look like somebody's dad, or something.
Guy: Instead of giving me fish, could you please introduce me to a girl that would prepare them for me, Chairman?

Page 68:
Handwritten: Ah, geez... There's so many...
Smith: It'd be nice if Goutou-san took somma these back with him.
Since he's married.
Chairman: His wife's in the hospital.
Smith: Ah
Is that right..........?
Handwritten: Nakamura-kuuun! Are these all the ziplocks we haaave?
Smith: ..........
Rei: ..........
Smith: Ooo
I'll take these
bluish ones...
What's that stuff called, DHA?
It's good for your mind, it was really popular a whole back.
T/N: This refers to docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that's good for your memory. [This doesn't really need a note, since it's not Japanese.]

Page 69:
Smith: Well, goodnight, everybody.
When I'm getting ready for playing Gotou in two weeks, I'll eat these up and figure out a counter-plan.
People: Okay, see ya.
I'm gonna get going, too.
Chairman: Kiriyama-kun! ☆
Handwritten: YAY ☆
Chairman: Hey, I heard from Sasaki's Mom,
So you've been living at that beauty's niece's place quite a bit, eeeeh?
Hey, make sure you keep this a secret, okay? I heard from our company purveyor
that Akari-chan has lots of guys that go to see her, right?!

Page 70:
Girls: Ew.
What smells like raw fish?
Chairman: If she's taking care of you, why don't you bring her some?!
The mama was boasting about how good a cook she was. [Apparently the title the head of a hostess club has is "mama". So this still refers to Misaki.]
Rei: These seem like a lot of trouble to prepare...... What do I do if she takes it as bothersome............
Handwritten: HAAA...
Rei: ----It's so warm in there it feels like you'll melt
it's so comfortable, this house is kind of
like a kotatsu.
I'm afraid I won't be able to leave again.
And I was thinking "I'll try not to come again for a while"...
......And I ended up coming again.

Page 71:
Are you sure?! Really?!
I'll fillet the black rockfish into three pieces, make it into karaage, and use it for tomorrow's bentos.
I'll cut open the sardines and preserve them as anchovies for pizza and pasta!!
I'll fillet the flounder into five pieces and make kombu-jime and sashimi, and um... um...
T/N: Karaage is a food prepared deep-fried. Kombu-jime is sandwiched sliced raw fish with a kind of kelp.
Akari: Aah, now maybe I'll save several days worth of food expenses!!
I'm so happy! ☆ Thank yooou (tear)
Hinata: We spent a lot of money on luxuries for New Years, so were said we were gonna try to live frugally for a while...
But now, we can eat some delicious things starting tomorrow!
Handwritten: On standby [right side]
OK!! [left side]
Streamlined [Below]
Rei: Chinese cabbage and aburaage miso soup.
Lotus root and carrot kinpira.
Warm egg sauce over rice...
Someone: Everybody's already eaten today.
They're all just leftovers. Is that okay?
T/N: Aburaage is a foods made from soybeans which are made into tofu and deep fried. Kinpira is a cooking style of sauteing and simmering vegetables in soy sauce.and mirin, a sugary rice wine.

Page 72:
Someone: Eheheh, I'm sorry we don't really have anything. ☆
Rei: Uhhhh So goooooddd
Egg sauce over rice is so
Handwritten: All it has is egg and shoyu on it.
It's not nothing!! [Bubble]
Why is it so delicious?! [Bottom]
Handwritten: There is a soba-tea pack put directly into the evil robot...
Hinata: Bet Ree-chan, you must be glad your cold went away. ☆
Your nasal voice finally went away?
Rei: Thanks for taking such good care of me at the end of the year and the beginning of the year!!!
I really appreciate it.
Momo: Hey, Hey, Ree-chan!
Will you sleep with Momo-chan tonight?
Someone: Good idea!!
Let's do that! Tomorrow's Saturday.
Hinata: Hey, uh, we just got this jigsaw puzzle from the old lady next door. It's 1000 pieces.
Wanna put it together with us tomorrow?

Page 73:
Bars: It's warm......
A warm kotatsu-like house.
Rei: .........
I need to go home tonight.
Momo: Huh?
Let's be together!
Why not?
Why, why?
SFX: YOJI YOJI... (Clambering)
Momo: ......
Rei: Momo-chan,
SFX: SUTON......
Rei: My next match is one I really don't wanna lose no matter what.
So I really need to go home and study.
Momo: Study?
You have a test?
Rei: Yes.
That's right.

Page 74:
Rei: It's a test where
I need to show both my opponent and myself
how hard I've worked.
Hinata: Momo.
don't you have something to say to Rei-chan?
Momo: Why?
Hey, Rei-chan said he has a test.
Hinata: Right.
And what do you say when someone has something like that?
You say "Do your best!!",

Page 75:
Momo: Rei-chan!! Do your best! ☆
Rei: Okay.
First, Smith-san is up against Gotou.
I'm up against Shimada 8-dan ----And
I'll do my best. [Bubble]
The two winners
face off in the finals!!
Bars: The wind rings
raising a scream from the harp bridge.

Page 76:
Rei: At that time, I was just beaten to wits end
and I didn't return a single wound...
But on the board,
I won't just
receive blows.
Bottom: Chapter. 25 E N D

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