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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

3-gatsu no Lion 26

Black River (Part 2)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 25, 2012 03:51 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 26

Only for use by Be With You Scans.

On the whole, this one was a lot easier.

[3 Gatsu no Lion Chapter 26 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 77:
Title: Chapter 26
Black River (Part 2)
Phone: Takahashi [Top]
Kiriyama-san, where are you right at the moment?
Want to go to Mc's together with me?
Reply [Bottom]

Page 78:
[Make sure you have the right black/white symbol when typsetting. They're unicode character 2616 and 2617. Each move should be on separate lines.]
Someone: B-2d +B-2d G-1b
then K-1b +R-2b
+P-2a G-2a S-1b
then G-1b G-2a
G-3a K-3a G-4a K-3b then +B-4b...
Someone: B-3c B-3c R-3d
K-3d S-3e drop, then...
Bottom: From Urano Masahiko's "5-move Checkmate Handbook" (Japan Shogi Association Publications)

Page 79:
Smith: B-2c K-2b B-1b promotes
K-1b then R-2c promotes
N-3d K-3b B-3a promotes
Bag: Triple soft
Smith: K-3a then G-4b
Smith: ----Okay, better get going...

Page 80:
Smith: I saw Kiriyama one time at the shogi hall since then.
He was reading over kifu and making copies of them.
I thought about talking to him,
---but when I saw that grim look on his face, I decided not to.
The kifu that Kiriyama had collected together were of Shimada 8-dan's games
and Gotou 9-dan's games----
Only those two......

Page 81:
Smith: Geez...
That shitty brat.
Man, that jerk pisses me off.
Has he completely ignored the possibility that I might win?!
And he's so sure he's gonna steamroll Shimada-san?
He's acting like he's raring to go up against Gotou. Who doe he think he is?
Smith: I'll tell ya one thing,
I'm not envisioning beating Gotou and then facing off against Shimada-san.
Boxes: But I understand...
That's the problem.

Page 82:
Smith: What Kiriyama is envisioning isn't just some selfish preconception.
We're pros.
I can try to accept it or I can try to avert my eyes,
but deep down I know brutally well just how high my ability is.
---It is because I can measure that that I'm a pro.
----"I might win"
there are people that go in thinking that.
Or people that think "It's possible I could win" or whatever.
"I'll tell ya one thing,
I'm not envisioning beating Gotou and then facing off against Shimada-san."
Which means,
you know.

Page 83:
Smith: But
to live painfully like that
to slowly edge towards "victory"
is also part of a pro's job.
The shapes Gotou uses are static rook and anaguma.
So against that, I use kazaguruma. [I dunno if these particular formations have been mentioned, but if not put a note for what they are at the end.]
If Gotou is "heavy" and "hard",
my characteristics are more "light" and "spread out".

Page 84:
Someone: Everyone, please begin.
Have good matches.
Smith: This is my second time fighting Gotou.
Smith: Last time, in preparation for Gotou to use a solid enclosure to make it a drawn-out battle, I made a thick enclosure around my king
but I ended up in a shape where the "lightness" I always placed my faith on was reduced by armor I wasn't used to.
And it resulted in my overwhelming defeat.
Based on that and on the counter-plan I've been intensely working on
this time I'm going to take him on with the shape I'm best at.
not going to make much of an enclosure around the king and get my pieces moving around quickly
making lots of small wounds and leeching away my opponent's vitality.
And against that,Gotou will make a solid and thought-out enclosure
and go for one heavy attack.

Page 85:
Smith: When I take that attack, it'll be the end.
----I can't lapse one millimeter's worth of concentration.
I'm ready to take it on.
It's also true
that games where victory or defeat is 100% certain
never exist between fellow pros.
Woman: I don't like the looks of that sky. Seems like rain.
Guy: Naw,
the forecast said it's gonna snow after nightfall.
No wonder.
I thought it was really cold out.

Page 86:
Smith: Just how much vitality does he have?
No matter how much I wound him, he never breaks down.
There aren't any openings I can take advantage of.
Drawing this much blood isn't even enough to faze him.
Not only that, but my moves have stopped extending.
that attack has come.
Smith: He's sacrificing the rook for the silver?!
My God.
What can this man see?
I'm being attacked with earth-shattering power.
I'm being wrenched open.

Page 87:
Smith: Pitch black water is suddenly flooding in.
I can't breathe.
In an instant
I got dragged down
to the bottom of the sea.
I've got nothing left!! [Thought]
I've lost.

Page 88:
Gotou: That was light.
still a little heavy-----

Page 89:
Gotou: After I peeked in with B-2f, you defended with left G-5b. [Black, then white.]
It probably would've been better to go up with G-6c. [White]
By doing what you did, you used "heaviness".
You go by the principal of lightness, right? ------Then
don't waver.
Smith: Aaugh.......
What a disgrace.........
On top of running out of options and losing outright
I got possessed by a demon.
I really got served a full course...

Page 90:
Gotou: don't waver.
Smith: What is with that "super-thick man" affectation?
How old his he? 41...?
I guess I need another like 10 years before I can give off that. That intensity.
He's popular, ain't he...?
Smith: Ah, I'm kinda really pissed off now!
Now... then.
Smith: For now
today's place is -----that.
Label: Trash
Course A - (if it goes in) I go drink at the shop onee-chan's at. ["Course A" big/bold]
Course B - (if I miss) I go home, hide under my futon and cry my eyes out. ["Course B" big/bold]

Page 91:
Smith: ................
SFX: HAAA... GASA GASA (Rsutling) GOSO...
SFX: !!
Cat: ......... MIII

Page 92:
Smith: Could this...
be Course C?!
Narration: Course C
*Find a cat and look after it.
SFX: AAA... HENAHENA... (Collapsing)
Smith: ..........
In deep thought......
(Handwritten): What do I do...?!
Smith: AAAAAGH! Oh...
I get it already!
(Handwritten): GINYAAA
Smith: Aw, geez.
There there, don't cry.
Let's start over.
Both you and me
from square one.
Bottom: Chapter. 26 E N D

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