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Translations: Gintama 644 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 871 by cnet128

3-gatsu no Lion 28

Blinding Darkness

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 22, 2012 07:13 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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[3 Gatsu no Lion 28 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 107:
Title: Chapter. 28
Blinding Darkness

Page 108:
Shimada: ...then
Shall we continue?
Rei: -----With that prompt
I looked at the board
and I instantly
came back
to my senses.
Bars: "I can't continue."
That's how "bad" this is.

Page 109:
Bars: The first thing I felt was shock
----And the next thing I was attacked by was tumultuous
Up until a minute ago
what did I
think of this man----?!

Page 110:
Rei: My games with those type of people get really long.
I'm not good with them...
Bar: What the hell?! "Those type of people"?!!
Rei: I can't get nervous.
He'll latch onto that.
Bar: Who the hell do I think I am?!! "If I get nervous"? Just how bad did I misread his level?!
I just wanted to win, so I just played a type of shogi
where I was prolonging the game, waiting for my opponent to make a mistake.
In my head, I'd made my opponent into "rank".
Rei: I can't lose here.
-----No matter what.

Page 111:
Rei: Without even being able to measure the "ability" of the opponent in front of me
I just let my whole mind be taken by a grudge,
captured by an A-class player, and I treat him like a minor character.
Am I
that stupid?

Page 112:
Rei: I... I want to run.
I want to disappear.
It hurts! [Starburst]
I've got to get away
get away
get away
It's pitch black but blindingly bright. [Right starburst]
I can't breathe.
Shimada: Hn...
SFX: KOHON..... (Cough)

Page 113:
Bars: By simply clearing his throat then,
I knew he was telling me to "calm down".
Rei: HAA
Vertical Bars: With that prompt
and my mind in disorder, I desperately searched...
Vertical Bar: and searched...
for the next move......

Page 114:
Rei: ----And I realized.
That fact that I practically looked down on him
and that I just now realized that and got flustered,
this man not only saw through to absolutely all of it,
he was sitting there like that, quietly.
If I just ran away mid-way through the game just because of my own embarrassment
that would
truly be something "selfish".

Page 115:
Rei: ----And so, I
continued to play, scraping together every desperate ploy I could find.
without me recovering anything
the match ended.
Sign: Shogi Hall
Rei: And a battle of thoughts began.
From where
Shimada: ......
Shimada: From here.
why don't you try advancing a little?
Rei: R-5h from there?!

Page 116:
Rei: What soon manifested on the board
----was that the turning point had been there.
From a place like this? [Upper gray bubble]
F... [Small bubbles]
From here?
It was already going wrong there? [Gray bubble]
how about P-5d?
Shimada: ......
G-5d [I can't tell who's saying what. Just make sure the move colors are in.]
Rei: A
Th... Then,
if I went like this...
P-1e, S-3e?
Shimada: S-3e
L-1e, P-3d, S-4b

Page 117:
Rei: Th-
How about P-6e?
Shimada: B+5g
Rei: I'm utterly beaten......
Both the match
and my posture
Thank you
very much.
Bars: My voice shook from embarrassment.
The world in front of me flickered black and white.
Rei: my reading of the game
was my......

Page 118:
Rei: utter defeat.
Shimada: ..........
He's really running.
Ooh, Smith.
Huh? You're up today?
Smith: No, just here for a little training.
I was just doing a real careful examination.
He sure is wearisome... That Kiriyama-kun.
Because he's low on experience,
he mistook his opponent's ability
and got blown away.
He feels like he got stripped naked...

Page 119:
Smith: I know, I know.
The indiscretions of youth.
sooo embarassiiing.
Aw, geez...
Smith: That jerk.
Before this match
he only went to make copies of Gotou-san's and your annotations.
Shimada: Hahaha.
----So, it's like that, right?
Gotou-san has "20 games" and I only have "5 games".
(Handwritten in bubble): Hahaha
Smith: ..........
Shimada: I'm right?!
Man, that brat pisses me off...
Handwritten: Wood Grain
Shimada: Well, I've done similar things in the past, too.
(Handwritten in Bubble): I was never this direct about it though.
Smith: Oh, well.
Everyone does that, I guess.
(Handwritten in Bubble): More or less.
Smith: Though we try not to remember it. [Flower]

Page 120:
Smith: Well next,
you're up against Gotou-san. Give it your all!!
(In Bubble): ...Though it's kinda scary...
His face...
Shimada: Yeah.
I wanna win...
(Handwritten): It really is frightening though... that face...
I wanna win
and go up against Souya
for the title.
Man, I'm hungry.
Wanna stop off somewhere?
Smith: Ah.
I'm a little...
Shimada: What?
A girlfriend?
Smith: Ah, no.
It's nothing like that...
Shimada: Aw, geeeeze. Go aheaaad. It's fine, go.
Smith: Ah, well,
Good job today.

Page 121:
Shimada: Hello,
How's your body holding up?
I won.
You already saw it online?
------But that guy sure is interesting.
He's an odd jumble of stubborn and meek.
Though I dunno if I split him apart...

Page 122:
Shimada: -----Mm.
I think I'm starting to understand what Bou was talking about.
Smith: Is that right...?
How about we invite him
to the study group?
Narration: ----Later, at Smith's house.
Handwritten: I'm hoooome...
(In Bubble): (*Cause he found him in a strawberry (ichigo) box)
Smith: I'z sooo zowwy I kebt yuu weitiiing!!
SFX: DOSA.... GARA GARA (Rustling)
Paper Pag: Crunch Crunch
Plastic Bag: Pet Shop
Bed: Cat bed warmer
Handwritten: NNnnnn
You's such a cutiiiie!
Wuz you lownly~~?
Cat: Niiiiih...
Bottom: Chapter. 28

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