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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

3-gatsu no Lion 29

Just a Bit of Water

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 22, 2012 22:46 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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Ah, this manga's relaxing to translate...

[3 Gatsu no Lion 29 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 123:
Title: Chapter. 29 Just a Bit of Water

Page 124:
Rei: When I was awake I couldn't stop thinking about things,
so I slept.
-----I really slept.
I had been assuming I would be clashing with Gotou the whole time.
Around then I couldn't get to sleep most of the time, so I would go over kifu like crazy.
and go a few days without eating or drinking anything
and then sleep like a corpse.

Page 125:
Rei: ----But eventually, continuously sleeping
became impossible...
Wh...... What is this?!
Rei: I was dehydrated.
Rei: It should have gone away if I drank enough liquids,
any liquid I put into my mouth just came right back out.
I got flustered.
This is bad.
What do I do?
If I lose any more hydration...

Page 126:
Rei: I have dim memories of slowly licking pocari with a little salt a little at a time.
It was over half a day before I could get up.
The next day, almost crawling, I finally got to the nearby convenience store.
I'm an idiot.
I'm even bad at getting depressed.
Magazine: From 8
This week's jobs [This is the one in the center. It's the only relevant one.]
Tab: On sale today

Page 127:
Rei: Marketing,
Waiting tables...
Driving, cooking staff...
The world has lots of jobs, like these.
----But pretty much all of them
That's right...
It's two years until I graduate high school...
And until then, in order to earn money to pay my rent...
Yeah, it looks like
all I can do is keep playing shogi.

Page 128:
Rei: I've got a lot of matches. I could be in trouble with absences.
Somehow, I've at least got to go to school...
in order to be able to choose my own path.
---Is what I thought when I sent to school
People: Jersey team, over here!!
Let's go!
Rei: I started right off with phys ed.
And on top of that, basketball!!
Rei: Wh... Where am I supposed to go?
Well, I guess I'll just run and try not to draw attention to myself...
----Waiy, huh? The ball's coming towards me?!
Handwritten: Um, you over there...
What's your name again?
Glasses guy!!
I need your help here!!
This is how it looked to him... [Bottom]
KYAA [Next to Rei]
Rei: Um, what do I do?
The goal is way over there.
So do I... pass it to someone? Or something?

Page 129:
Guy: I'll take thaaat!! ☆
Rei: AGH
Guy: You idiot!
Handwritten: Hey, four eyes!
Guy: what the hell are you doin'?!!
Rei: Yeah, really.
what am I
This isn't right...
It kind of
doesn't have any taste...
It's like I'm biting into sand.

Page 130:
Rei: Am I really "not running away" now?
I wanted memories
of knowing I didn't run away. [This is a flashback of a chapter I didn't do, so copy whatever's there.]
What if all I'm doing is "pretending not to run away"?
What do I do?
I kind of...
don't know anymore...
This is kinda different.
Different from how I imagined high school.
I thought it would become something I would firmly be able to do right.

Page 131:
Rei: I thought that if I left home
paid my own rent and made my own living
then that would make me an adult.
And if I became an adult
I thought
I wouldn't need to cry

Page 132:
Guy: Kiiiriyama ☆
what's wrooong?!
You're crying?!
Handwritten: GYAAAH
Guy: ----But, uh, what is it?!
A job changing magazine?!!
(In Bubble): What's going on here?!
Guy: A high school student sitting alone on a staircase reading a job changing magazine?!
Handwritten: Geez, I don't know what to ask about first!!

Guy: There's already something weird about this setup!
What's more, that's only the 5th middle school pro in history!!
He's supposed to be the star of hope for the shogi world!
Handwritten: AAAA GEEZ! [Bottom]
Guy: Just, eat first.
Rei: Huh?
Guy: It's okay, just eat this!!

Page 133:
Guy: So there are people who eat cold things when they're depressed?
Can't that be lethal?! Get some warm things!!
Handwritten: Won't it cut your HP in half?
Guy: Hey, Kiriyama.
Maybe you should think about
going back to your master, Kouda-san's house again?
Rei: ...
Guy: You've got rank deciding matches and tournaments going on all year long, you're going to school where you've got tests and stuff,
and you're also making your own food, doing your own laundry, and the other things around you...
It's too much for a 17 year old.
Rei: But...
Guy: You're going to go over your capacity.
What happened at the Shishi Ou Championship was too bad. I saw it online.
That Shimada 8-dan really is good.

Page 134:
Guy: I was in the same class as Souya Meijin, but he never stood out to me.
But he was truly persistent and made it up to A Class. He's the picture of "hard work", that man.
It's amazing how recently he's frequently been a contender in title matches...
Rei: You sure know a lot about him.
Guy: We're the same age.
So it interests me.
(In Bubble): Oh, yeah...
Guy: Also, Shimada 8-dan is both pervasive and passionate. He opens study groups and studies with younger players...
----That reminds me,
Have you ever done that? Join a study group?
Rei: No.
With those sorts of things, I...
Guy: Then why don't you try joining one?
Rei: ----But I
Guy: One like Shimada 8-dan's study group.
Which reminds me, I'd heard that Nikaidou 4-dan is in it.
Rei: But...
Guy: Why? It'd be such a waste not to.
They say you can learn a lot from an opponent that defeated you, right?
Rei: ......

Page 135:
All that's been coming out of your mouth is "But, but but"!!
Guy: It'd be nice if by assembling a hundred "buts" that would make a door open, but to be perfectly honest,
there are no doors like that!!
Rei: But
Guy: No buts-----
Nikaidou: Hey, Anijya.
Why can't you call Kiriyama-san directly?
You said you were gonna invite him to our study group this afternoon, didn't you?

Page 136:
Shimada: Yeaaah.
It's hard to explain,
but it really comes down to this.
All I can do is wait for him to ask himself.
Nikaidou: So it's onna those things?
Shimada: Yeah.
Onna those things.
Bottom: Chapter. 29 E N D

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