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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 86

Serialization Suspended [1/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 27, 2012 04:03 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 86

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AAaand we're back. We've got another volume of weekly chapters!

[Billy Bat 86 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Billy: Hey.
Welcome to Billy Bat theater.
Woo, there sure are a lot of eager and excited readers out there, ain't there?
But to my dismay, I have a most unfortunate message I need to give.
Side: There's a sad message this time. Too sad, what should we talk about...? Well, before that, here's a word from out sponsors!!
Bottom lest: Weekly serialization starts!!!

Page 2:
Billy: This serialized comic has ended with the previous issue.
You won't be able to see any more of it.
Hey, hey, hey!
Don't get so mad!
Okay, listen up.
There's a reason for this.
Well, ya see, the author up and died.
It's really a pity.
I wanted to do tons of other things.
And I'm sure the author wanted to draw tons more, too.

Page 3:
Billy: Huh?
You wanna know who turned out to be the bad guys and who turned out to be the good guys in the end?
Well everybody, I wish I knew.
But anyhow, the author's dead, so we ain't finding out.
There's really nothing we can do.
I told you, there's nothing we can do!
This is a part of history!
But more importantly, everyone,
are you at all interested in this story?

Page 4:
Narration: Los Angeles
TItle: Chapter 86 Serialization Suspended [1/8]
SFX: ZA...

Page 5:
Zofuu: So this is Los Angeles......?
Hmph. It's compared to Tokyo, it's tiny as hell.
On top of the fact that it's literally called Little Tokyo.
But I, Zofuu-sama, fear no part of America!

Page 6:
Zofuu: As long as I'm not hungry...
SFX: GUGUUuuuuu...
I'm out of pocket money, too...
Karama Zofuu, big star of the Japanese manga world. Is it the finally curtains for him in the land of America...?
Th... This smell...
They've got stands like this?!!
I knew Little Tokyo wouldn't let me down! The smells of the delicious foods of my motherland can be found as far as the eye can see...!!

Page 7:
Zofuu: Damn. If only I had some money...
Guy: Oden, heeeere!!
Zofuu: Hello!!
Guy: Hi.....
Zoguu: Would you listen to a proposition I have? It's not a bad deal.
Guy: What?! You stink! Get outta here!!
Zofuu: I'm a well-renowned artist named Karama Zofuu.
I'll draw a portrait of you.
Guy: Portrait...?
Zofuu: I don't mind if you pay for it in oden.

Page 8:
Guy: Get the hell outta here! You're getting in the way of my business!!
Zofuu: OWW!!
It'll be worth a lot before long! You might regret doing that!!
Guy: Oh? You're an artist, are you?
Would you mind drawing here?
Zofuu: And you are?
Guy: I'm the editor in chief of Fujiyama Publishing.
As you can see, we do everything from newspapers to magazines to ukiyoe.

Page 9:
Guy: Do you think you could draw some kind of interesting illustrated story?
Zofuu: Give me a paper and brush.
Guy: Oh, that's pretty good.
This is a bar or something, right? Looks interesting.
Hey! Oden salesman!! Let this guy have some oden! My treat!
Guy: ..........

Page 10:
Zofuu: This daikon raddish...!!
I really don't know how to thank you...
Guy: No need for thanks. That's an advanced payment for a manuscript.
Zofuu: BUHUH
Guy: I'll bet that if you do this bat thing well, it'll sell great.
[The sign says basically the same thing in English as it does in Japanese. The name of that act doesn't really equate to the boycott though.]
Paper: Sessue Hayakawa
Decided to leave L.A. to move to N.Y.
Was this caused by the boycotts against Japanese
Zofuu: Hayakawa Sessue...?
Guy: Yeah. He'as a big Hollywood star.

Page 11:
Guy: You can read the details here.
It's a magazine we publish, "Weekly Little Tokyo".
Magazine: Weekly Little Tokyo
Zofuu: Heeeeh. There are some pretty great Japanese, too, huh?
So he's a top star in the capital of movies, too?!!
Guy: But the reason he moved from LA to NY
is because of the boycott against Japanese.
Zofuu: Japanese boycott...?
Guy: Yeah, same with that news.
There's a serial killer going after Japanese Americans.
You'd better get lodging somewhere around here.
The killer's still around.
Zofuu: This can't be...

Page 12:
Zofuu: "There was a bat tattoo on the victim's chest..."
"A large man, 5 foot 10 inches tall..."
Guy: What's wrong?
Zofuu: Master...

Page 13:
Guy: Master?
Zofuu: A lie!! There's no way something like this could happen to master...
It's all a lie!!
Guy: No, that's a police report.
Zofuu: Then what happened to the culprit?!
Guy: Like I said, he's still running rampant around here...
Zofuu: Lies!
The police are telling lies!!
I came here to see Master!!
Where's Master!!
Guy: I've got know idea what you're talking about!!
Zofuu: Where's Masteeeer?!!

Page 14:
Zofuu: I came here because I heard you guys might know.
Guys: ......
What are you to that guy?
Zofuu: So you do know him?!
I'm his disciple!!
Master's one and only disciple!!

Page 15:
Guys: The boss was happy from the bottom of his heart.
Thanks to him, the g ambling den is flat outta cash.
Zofuu: Gambling den?
Guys: So we weren't the ones who killed him or anything.
Zofuu: Kill...?
Guy: The police announced it, right? He's dead.
Zofuu: Like I said, that's a lie!
There's no way Master is dead!
Guys: Well, I guess he wasn't the kinda guy to just die like that.
I'd never seen such a cheat...
Zofuu: Cheat...?

Page 16:
Guy: I can't think of any way other than cheating to know how dice are gonna land before they do.
Zofuu: I will not allow you to call Master a cheater!!
I knew Master!!
He had a power much, much stronger than me...!!
Guy: Stronger power...?
Zofuu: Nobody had the power to talk to the bat like he does!!
Somebody who knows more about the future than anyone else wouldn't die that easily!!
Guy: I'm gonna crush your nose, too!!

Page 17:
Zofuu: It can't...
Master? Die...?

Page 18:
Guy: You'd better get lodging somewhere around here.
Zofuu: Hii......

Page 19:
Cissy: Wait!
Mr. Zofuu?
The disciple,
Mr. Zofuu?

Page 20:
Cissy: You look just like the portrait Shishou drew.
Zofuu: Yeah.
I don't believe it...
You're Cissy...
Just like the character from the story Master told me about...
Where's master...?

Page 21:
Cissy: He said your orders would be coming from the future.
Zofuu: ...And
Did they...?
They didn't...
So then...
Cissy: And then so you came here this way.
Zofuu: Where's Master?
Don't tell me Master...
was killed by that serial killer...?

Page 22:
Zofuu: It's a lie.
It's a liiiiiiie!!

Page 23:
Zofuu: I...
Is it my fault?!!
Is it because I didn't send orders from the future...?!!
And because I my current self got here too late...?

Page 24:
Zofuu: The greatest Master there ever was...
The greatest cartoonist there ever is dea~~~~d!!
Cissy: There's something I want to show you...
The thing that great cartoonist left behind...
Right: That is a manga manuscript. That is Master's posthumous work. What really did happen to him?! Will Zofuu learn everything?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 86 / End
Continues next issue...!!!!

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