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Billy Bat 87

Posthumous Work of the Future

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 6, 2012 03:31 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 87

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Aw, that was fuckin' beautiful...

[Billy Bat 87 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: In the slums of LA, in a room of that dark hideout, he drew manuscripts. Did that man who saw the future leave everything behind in his drawings...?!
Zofuu: Here......

Page 2:
Zofuu: Here is where Shishou...
drew manga...?
Title: Chapter 87 Posthumous Work of the Future

Page 3:
Zofuu: What drawings are these?
Cissy: Unfinished sketches... But they still came out as such wonderful artwork.
Zofuu: My master really was a genius.
Cissy: So the first time you met him, Shishou had already made Gary and me into cartoon characters?
Zofuu: Yes. On a wall, he drew Cissy... He drew you and Gary meeting, getting married, and having a child...
TL Note: When Zofuu says "master" (pronounced shishou) it's written in kanji, as in he means "master". Whereas Cissy says the same thing, but in katakana, so it's like a name. Though they're actually saying the same thing.

Page 4:
Zofuu: It had an intensity like it was one big picture scroll...
Zofuu: ..........?
Cissy: The continuation of that is in here.
Zofuu: This is...

Page 5:
Zofuu: This is Master's final work...?!
Billy: Sorry, this is my job.
Cissy: B... But Mr. Bar.
Billy: I'll be okay. You have to flee.
Cissy: Mr. Bat!
Guy: Huhuhu.
Billy: Hyah!!
[The text in the original comic is readable, and the translation is correct, but a lot of it sounds awkward so I'm changing it a little.]

Page 6:
Gary: This is the end for you, Bat.
Billy: I won't let you get past here.
Gary: So cheeky.
Billy: I won't allow you to do any more acts of evil!
Gary: Hmph. Sounds like a line from a movie or something.

Page 7:
Shishou: AUGH!!

Page 8:
Shishou: C...... Cissy!!
Gary: ?!
Shishou: NUOO!!

Page 9:
Cissy: Shishou!!
Shishou: GUOOOO!!

Page 10:
Cissy: Shishoooou!!

Page 11:
Police: Good gracious. I suppose they finished each other off.
And if we'd gotten here a bit earlier, we may have been able to get this business over with without this bat losing his life...
But I don't believe it. The culprit in the Japanese American serial killings was Gary...
This Japanese bat boy sacrificed his own life. He did well.
Let's have a memorial service for him as a brave Japanese hero.
We'll announce this as the bat being the final victim.

Page 12:
Police: We'll say the detective died in the line of duty fighting the killer
and the killer got away.
Do you mean...?
Yes. We'll hide the truth.
Because if the police force announces that he was the killer
the dignity of the police will be lost.
What about Gary's wife?
Yes. She knows everything, and on top of all this, she's pregnant, so...
All the more reason, then.
It's obviously better for a child to be born the son of a hero.

Page 13:
Zofuu: This is unbelievable...
Shishou drew a comic of what came after his own death...
Cissy: The police told me they're doing just what happens in the plot of that manga.
Zofuu: Shishou even predicted...
that he couldn't even be a hero in his own death...
Cissy: Yes... But the truth is just as it's written there.
SFX: Zuzu...

Page 14:
Cissy: However...
there's also something not written in there...
When Shishou died, he said this...
No... you can't die!
Shishou: Yeah... you're right... I shouldn't....
have died here...
From the beginning... in order to protect Zofuu...
I was going to... kill your child...
When did it... turn into this plot...?

Page 15:
Shishou: The bat...
The bat said...
to save... the world...
For somebody like me... a murderer cartoonist...
that doesn't make any sense...
But he said... if I backed out...
something terrible would happen to the world...
I... wasn't gonna do something that bat said...
that's what I had thought... but...

Page 16:
Shsihou: The bat... was counting the dots on the dice...
and... they were always winning numbers...
In exchange for telling me them, I said I'd save the world...
Cissy: That's enough... The bleeding won't stop. Please, don't talk anymore...!!
Protecting Zofuu...
that would save the world...
But... orders from Zofuu never came...
Is it black...
or white...?
Cissy: Black or white?
Shishou: The bay... is it black or white...?
Don't be fooled... Which is the real one...?

Page 17:
Cissy: Shishoooou!
Shishou: I drew... a comic... of...
Of the future son... you want...
I'll... die...
just like... my manga said...
My manga...
will predict the real... future...

Page 18:
Shishou: Bat...
How about that...? Both Cissy and the baby in her belly are okay.
I didn't... do anything that... you said...
Cissy: ?
Shishou: Huh...?
That's fine...?
This also...
follows your... plot...?

Page 19:
Shishou: You damn... bat...
Cissy: Shishooou...

Page 20:
Zofuu: Shishou... you...
were that confrontational with the bat...
Cissy: And the manuscript there...
Is the one Shishou drew for me.
The story of the future son I want...
Zofuu: Th... This is...!!

Page 21:
Narration: 1964---
Kevin: The only one qualified to draw "Billy Bat" is the one who succeeded him from Zofuu-sensei...
Devivie: Die.
Kevin: If I die...

Page 22:
Kevin: the real Billy Bat you seem to want to know about so much will disappear forever!!
Jackie: UUUUU!!
Randy: ...........
Kevin: Now that you've burned all the manuscripts...
it's all only still left in my head!!
Devivie: What do you mean...?
Kevin: Let me draw the manga!!

Page 23:
Kevin: This story has been in my head for a long, long time.
The story of Gary and Cissy's
Side: With Cissy's manuscript gone, will it be revived by Kevin?! Or in the end, will Billy arrive?!
Bottom: Billy Bat Chapter 87 / End
Next issue, that man makes a new maneuver...!!!!

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