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3-gatsu no Lion 30


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 7, 2012 03:32 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 30

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Woo... More things happening. More story revealed...

[3 Gatsu no Lion 30 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 137:
Title: Chapter. 30 Moonlight
Menu: Monjya Jirou

Page 138:
Rei: Don't touch me.
----But don't leave me.

Page 139:
Rei: Kyouko was like a girl like a cracked glass.
No matter how much water you poured into her, she would never be filled.
She has a family, is blessed with good looks, and has support of those around her, and yet...
she's always riddled with loneliness like a starved beast.
the crack in that glass
was not put there by none other than......

Page 140:
and me.
Kyouko: I'm leaving home.
I'm in love with that guy.
Rei: You can't. That man
has a wife, doesn't he?
Kyouko: She's been hospitalized forever. So he's got to be
lonely, hasn't he?!
Rei: Dad won't allow it.
Kyouko: So what?
I can't allow what he did, either.
I haven't forgotten.
How he labeled his daughter who was just in her 2nd year of middle school as a failure at life.

Page 141:
Saying things he doesn't mean like
"There's life outside Shogi"...
Rei: That's true.
Shogi isn't everything.
Kyouko: Quit lying!!
Both you and dad
don't have anything in your heads besides shogi.
I've had enough of it.
Of the two of you looking at me like I'm a loser,
treating me like I'm something that needs to be handled delicately...
It pisses me off.
Just how long do I
need to feel miserable like this?!

Page 142:
Rei: I'm leaving.
Because no matter where I go, there wont' be anybody who gets worried about me.
But you're different, nee-san.
Dad doesn't think of you
as something that's not important, right ane-san?
Bars: 10 AM
A match is starting.
Rei: It's the first day of the third match of the finals for the tournament to determine who would be the challenger for the title of Shishi Ou......

Page 143:
Rei: Right now in a special room setup just for the match, those two are quietly
facing off against each other.
I wonder
what kind of fight it's turning out to be...
When I played Shimada-san, I was overcome by a strange sensation.
Like I had set foot in a sea of trees,
I felt like I was getting tangled in an overwhelming "something".
Like I was being constricted by something that made absolutely no noise...

Page 144:
Rei: I wonder what kind of game he's playing against Gotou.
I have three months' worth of absence notes...
Guy: Ooh,
Check this out.
It's incredible...
After two hours, the match looks like this.
Rei: This...
Box: Just by looking at how many moves had been played by that point
it felt like I could hear
the dull sound of heavy bones colliding with each other.
Board: ※P-(Ditto) [There's no previous move shown so I can't write it here. Just another reason why it makes no sense to be using the Western annotation system here. Make sure the color markers are all in.]

Page 145:
Guy: I was wondering how those two which had solumness as their selling point,
would play against each other...
But it's like they were pounding each other.
No, they still are.
Wanna go?
Rei: Huh?
Guy: To the shogi hall.
Rei: ----But
Guy: It's not a title match, so this blog updates at odd intervals.
It'd be a better learning experience to go there and watch it in person.
Rei: But... I've got so many absences...
Rei: Oww...
Guy: It'll be fine, just go!!

Page 146:
Guy: He..
He's got enough, right?
He's just barely... in the clear... right?
Handwritten: I couldn't have done something to disgrace myself as a teacher, right?!
SFX: DOKI DOKI DOKI... (Heartbeat)
Sign: Shogi Hall
Smith: Yo, Kiriyama.
Nikaidou: Kiriyama...
he moved.
G(left)-4c [Also, no way to use the Western system here because I don't know what space it moved from.]
Rei: You're kidding, right?!
I've never seen something like this from Shimada-san.
Nikaidou: Huh?! [Top]
Rei: Is he just gonna throw his bishop away here?!
Nikaidou: ......
I've never seen anijya do something like this either...

Page 147:
Rei: From the special match room down a dark hallway
I felt like the presence of those two
had seeped all the way into this room...
Something is... wrong, isn't it?
How did each move eventually draw them into this?
Is it because of the length of time they wagered on them?
The depth of their accumulated experience?
The weight of the exchanges they made?
Or all of it?
Bar: ---That's right. This is...

Page 148:
Bars: a battle between two humans
that trust themselves.
Rei: The match ended at 9 PM.
After 153 moves, Shimada 8-dan resigned.
The first game of the Shishi Ou Championship Finals Tournament's third match
started with a win for Gotou 9-dan.
Kyouko: Rei.
This place never changes, does it?
It's such a depressing building...

Page 149:
Kyouko: I've always hated it...
Same with this dark street
and that gloomy shrine.
Rei: Ane-san...
Gotou: Yo.
Well, well,
the stalkers are all together.
Why're you here,
Kyouko: ...
Gotou: And you, you were raring to go up against me, weren't you?
What happened? I guess Shimada was just that good, huh?

Page 150:
Gotou: Don't underestimate the A Class.
Kyouko: Hey,
are you really leaving?
Bar: I didn't want to leave.
Kyouko: Hey...
Are you running away
from me?
Bar: But we couldn't be together anymore.

Page 151:
Rei: I wanted to grow up fast.
I though that unless I could stand on my own two feet,
I couldn't protect
the people that were important to me.

Page 152:
Shimada: Aaaaaah,
dang, I lost.
Handwritten in Bubble: Because of getting a move behind on that bishop exchange.
When I'd try to take the initiative
that guy always fired back immediately.
He really is strong,
that old man.
Handwritten in bubble: And he's got such a scary face!!
And on top of being strong, he's so immature!!

Page 153:
Shimada: There's no way in hell I'll lose next time.
Nikaidou: Yeah,
of course,
Bottom: Chapter. 30 E N D

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