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Billy Bat 88

Wish to the Bat

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 12, 2012 04:01 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 88

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans

The look on Finny's face when he sings that...

[Billy Bat 88 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Cissy: Save me~~~~!!
Gary: Hehhehhe!
Cissy: KYAAA!!
Gary: Nobody's comin' ta save ya! Escape with me on this rope!
Cissy: No! Let me go!
Billy will come save me!!
I'm sure he will!!
Gary: Hey, don't don't be so cold!!
Cissy: KYAAAA!!
That's right! At when you're in trouble, just say those words...
Side: While Cissy was in a pinch, the villain Gary showed up, making it a big, big, big pinch!! Now, everyone, shout out those words together!!

Page 2:
Cissy: Billy Bat, Billy Bat, Billy, Billy Bat! [Music Note]
Grant my wish, Billy Bat [Note]
Cissy: Ah!!
Billy: Cissyyyy!!
Cissyyy! Jump down from there!!
Cissy: Huh?! I can't do that!!
Billy: It's okay, trust me!!
Cissy: B... But...

Page 3:
Gary: UHEHE!!
Cissy: KYAAAA!!
Billy: Cissy! Hurry!
Gary: Ah...
Billy: Cissyyyy!!
Are you okay, Cissy?
Cissy: Billyyyy!!

Page 4:
Disney: To everyone out there in TV land, that's it for this week's Billy Bat!
And in case you're ever in trouble, just recite these words!!
Billy Bat, Billy Bat, Billy, Billy Bat [Note]
Grant my wish, Billy Bat [Note]
Title: Chapter 88 Wish to the Bat [3/8]

Page 5:
Disney: Well, see you next week. Same time, same channel,
we'll have an adventure together with Billy Bat!!
Disney: How was that?
Director: It was an amazing take!!
Disney: Up the lights coming from below. Make the screen brighter.
Director: Okay!! From the next one, make the lighting brighter!!

Page 6:
Disney: They're not lights to hide my wrinkles.
You need to make the TV screen much, much brighter.
The brighter it is, the more kids will be glued to the TV.
Like bugs to a bug zapper.
Director: Y... Yes, sir.
Finny: Mister Culkin.
Could I have a word...?

Page 7;
Disney: I thought I told you not to come to the studio.
Finny: Aren't you the one who's been ignoring rules?
Why did you send a man like that into Japan?

Page 8:
Disney: A man like that...?
Finny: I'd prefer if you didn't play dumb with me.
Henry Charles Devivie.
Disney: Ah. He's just one of our men from the estate department.
Finny: Just...?
Disney: Yes.
He's a highly qualified man who's flying around the world, purchasing land for Billy Lands.
Finny: Don't you think he's performed a few too many actions that a simple real estate agent would not do?

Page 9:
Disney: Because he's been settling matters relating to getting the rights to the land, right?
Finny: He's a hitman, isn't he?
Using a two-faced man?
What are you thinking?
Disney: Did he do something, then?
Finny: There was an unknown, but talented cartoonist in Italy.
He was drawing a comic with a bat for a protagonist.
We'd been marking that man for a long time, and

Page 10:
Finny: one day, he was killed.
It was the work of that man, wasn't it?
And now that man is in Japan.
Also, he's close to a man we've left at large for a long time now, Kevin Yamagata...
What exactly is he intending to do?
Disney: He did get close to Kevin Yamagata by chance...
but his essential goal is buying the land...
Finny: That's a lie.

Page 11:
Finny: When did you
obtain intel on the scroll?
Disney: ..........
Finny: That scroll isn't the kind of item a person like you can meddle with.
You'll build Billy Lands all over the world
and become the most rich and the most famous man on the planet.
And in exchange for our cooperation in that,
you were supposed to be entrusting us to deal with things like Kevin Yamagata and the scroll.

Page 12:
Disney: It's just as you say.
I'm nothing more than a top member of the entertainment industry.
I have no intentions at all of defying someone like you that has loaned me such enormous authority.
Sorry, but I've got to be going to my next meeting.
Our win-win relationship hasn't change.
There's absolutely no reason to worry.
Finny: You must think about it a lot, huh?
How dangerous the scroll is.

Page 13:
Finny: When people meet with misfortune
they end up thinking "what if", "maybe", "in such a case"...
If the parent had lived another three days...
If you hadn't taken your eyes off those kids at that time...
If you hadn't broken up with your lover...
That scroll could rewrite those things to be the way you want.
They may be trivial things compared to the scope of world history, but a rewrite is a rewrite.

Page 14:
Finny: That little rewrite could even end up overturning all of world history.
Disney: I told you, there's no need to worry.
Even if I did get my hands on the scroll,
I wouldn't even know how to use it.
Finny: I would like it if you didn't play dumb with me.
Then why do you know those words?
Disney: Words?

Page 15:
Finny: The password to making your dreams come true.
Disney: ?
Finny: Billy Bat, Billy Bat, [Note]
Billy Billy Bat [Note]
Grant my wish, Billy Bat [Note]
That's the password to using the scroll?
That's just too ridiculous, even for a joke!!

Page 16:
Disney: Who the hell would spread such a stupid rumor?
Finny: I'm asking you where you heard those words from.
Disney: No, I'm saying, I... HAHHAHHAH
No... That's enough.
I don't have time to be listening to such ludicrous things anymore.
Finny: Shall I say who it is?
The one that told me those words...?

Page 17:
Finny: It was Professor Albert Einstein.
Einstein: Billy Bat, Billy Bat [Note]
Billy, Billy, Bat [Note]

Page 18:
Einstein: Grant my wish, Billy Bat. [Note]

Page 19: [This page is taken from chapter 81]
Devivie: Mayor, where's the scroll?
Mayor: No, no no. I cannot tell you that.
Devivie: If you tell me, I'll give you this flower necklace.
Mayor: Well, well.
Devivie: It looks good on you, Mayor.
Mayor: It's so beautiful.
Devivie: That's because my mother was a flower salesman.
Next, I've got a surprise present for you.
Mayor: A surprise present, eh?
Devivie: Please just stay still, okay?
Mayor: GYAH!!

Page 20:
Devivie: Kyakyakya, does it hurt, mayor?
Mayor: Guguh.
Devivie: W-What?
Cissy: The owl and the hare are all dreaming~~~~ [Music notes around it]
Devivie: Eh?!!
Cissy: Lullaby, lullaby, dreaming~~~~ [Note]
Devivie: M... Mom?!!
Cissy: Lullaby, lullaby, dreaming~~~~ [Note]
Devivie: Why're you here, Mom?!

Page 21:
Cissy: Henry.
Mommy doesn't remember giving birth to a child like you.
Devivie: Shut up! Go away!!
Go away! I don't want you here, Mom!!
Cissy: Henry, listen closely.
Devivie: Shut up! I don't care if you are my mom. If you get any closer...
Cissy: Henry.
Devivie: Go away!!
Cissy: Mommy doesn't want you to have a future like that.
Mommy doesn't want a child that kills people.

Page 22:
Cissy: You're being tricked by the bat.
Devivie: Huh...?
Cissy: You think the bat that you like will save the world, right?
The bat you like is a fake.

Page 23:
Devivie: Useless!!
What do you hope to do by making me read a comic like this?
I don't know where you got that information, but do you think just guessing the lullaby my mother sang to me...
is going to agitate me or something?!!
Kevin: Could you please be quiet?

Page 24:
All: ..........
Kevin: I had forgotten for a long time.
Kevin: It's been quite a while...
I remembered it for the first time in so long.
Kevin: I am a mangaka...!!
Side: Yes, he is a cartoonist. With the power of drawings and story, he can impact someone's heart. The super popular cartoonist that once captivated all of America, Kevin Yamagata!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 88 / The End
Next issue, with Devivie angered, what will he do to Kevin...?!!!!

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