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Billy Bat 89

I am a Mangaka [4/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 18, 2012 03:56 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 89

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans.

Whew. Could we be heading for the climax?! No, probably not yet.

[Billy Bat 89 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Dad: I'm ba~~ck.
Wha the hell? I break my back 'll day workin' and I don't get 'ny food when I get home?
Side: He was born in Niigata. Kevin's dad is a serious, obstinate first-generation immigrant. He's an old-style Japanese man, so he's worried about what his son is putting all his effort into......

Page 2:
Dad: Hey, Kinji!!
When ya were pesterin' me ta getcha pencils 'n paper, I thought ya'd be studyin'!!
Bat all yer doin' is drawin' these dang ponchi-e!!
Kevin: They're not ponchi-e, ya know.
This is manga.
Dad: Manga...?
T/N: Kevin's dad uses an old term for manga here, ponchi-e. Generally it was used before manga magazines started in the 50's.

Page 3:
Kevin: I'm gonna become a mangaka, ya know!!
Dad: What crap're ya spoutin' now?!! I ain't sendin' ya ta school ta learn that stuff!!
Kevin: Someday, people all over the world will get excited
to read about what my manga's hero does!
Dad: Don't go startin' on about stuff I don't got any idea about...!!
Kevin: Please be quiet! I'm at an important part here!!
Dad: ..........
Haaaaah. Disgraceful...
I work myself ta the bone and whadda I...

Page 4:
Dad: .........
Pages 3, 4, 5...
Where's page 6?
Oh, over 'ere...
Hm. Hmm.
And page 7 and 8...
Oye, Kinji!! Where about's the next page?!!

Page 5:
Kevin: Hold on a sec!!
Title: Chapter 89
I am a Mangaka
Kevin: I'm drawing an important part!!

Page 6:
Devivie: Enough!! The manga you're drawing is a fake!!
I've been traveling around the world
to spread Chuck Culkin's "Billy Bat", the real Billy Bat!
And to get rid of fakes like yours!!

Page 7:
Devivie: Yes.
That's quite enough.
Devivie: A comic my mother entrusted to you, you say...?
I carelessly let myself get taken in by the word "mother".
But that's it.
I must exterminate the fake as I always do.
Jackie: PUHAH
I finally got it off!!
You keep blabbering on about fake this and fake that, but you're the one who's the fake!!

Page 8:
The "Billy Bat" Kevin-san draws is the real one!!
It's totally different from your fake bat!!
The Billy Bat Kevin-san draws is incredible!
I don't think you'll believe me just because I say so, but...
it comes out of the page and talks to us!!
Randy: Jackie...
Devivie: What an odd thing to say.
Jackie: I don't think there's anything odd about it!!

Page 9:
Devivie: No, no. I mean just a little while ago, your father said...
he was able to talk with this.
This Chuck Culkin design... real Billy Bat.
Your father spoke with this.
Jackie: .........
Devivie: The child is telling a far different story from the parent.
Jackie: Th... That's...

Page 10:
Devivie: If the one that talks is the real Billy Bat, then this one is real, too, right Dad?
Randy: Hehhehheh.
Devivie: ?
Randy: You're from the "Billy Bat" company, right?
Devivie: And if I am...?
Randy: Don't you know your own company's merchandise?
Has your company ever sold shabby felt dolls like that?
Plus, where's the huge "・Culkin" tag you always stick on everything?

Page 11:
Randy: A long time ago, my wife used to work at a sock factory, ya see. She could sew any sorta complicated little thing.
Jackie: Ah... Mom did make a lot of stuff.
A... Are you saying that Mom...
Randy: Yes. Knowing how much I liked Billy Bat, she made that mascot for me.
Devivie: ..........
Randy: By the way, when my daughter here was little, she liked the Chuck Culkin "Billy Bat".
One time she cried "This thing isn't Billyyy".
So my wife rushed to paste some felt on to remake it.
Take a gooood look at the face section.

Page 12:
Randy: Gently try peeling that off with your nails.
If you're too rough with it, you'll be sorry.
Devivie: ..........!!

Page 13:
Randy: You guys' fake Billy doesn't talk at all!!
Only the real one talks!!
Jackie: Dad!!
Randy: Don't worry, Jackie. The reason you can talk with the bat isn't because you're odd.
Well, maybe just our whole family is kinda odd.
Jackie: Dad...

Page 14:
Devivie: HAA
Randy: What is it they call people that've gotten like you?
Oh, yeah. "Brainwashed".
Devivie: Brain...washed...?
Randy: To the point where you think that you're right to be killing people in order to sell fake bats all over the world!!
If you think something like that, you'd call it being "brainwashed", wouldn't ya?
But no matter how much you've been crammed with lies, one thing is the plain truth!!

Page 15:
Randy: I've been a big fan of Kevin Yamagata's "Billy Bat" going way back,
and I don't recognize your fake bat by the width of one of by ass hairs!!
Jackie: Dad, that's disgusting!!
Devivie: Shut uuuuuup!!
You have no right to talk about "Billy Bat"!! For the sake of spreading Billy Bat around the world...

Page 16:
Devivie: AGAH?!
Jackie: Yamashita!!
Yamashita: Sorry. I dozed off under those cliffs for a while.
Devivie: AGAAH!!
Yamashita: Settle down!
The mangaka sensei is at an important part.

Page 17:
Billy: Yo.
So you finally came around, eh?
Man, you sure are difficult, ain'cha?

Page 18:
Billy: Well, we're okay now.
You're the full-fledged "Billy Bat" artist.
So then, that finally brings us to the big question.
Do ya wanna know my true identity?
Kevin: I don't have the time for that right now.
Billy: EEH?!

Page 19:
Billy: Are you an idiot?!
Kevin: I'm drawing manga right now.
Billy: No, hold the phone.
Don'cha wanna know what the hell I am?
Ain't that the major concern here?!!
Kevin: Shut up!!
Billy: !!
Kevin: I'm making Cissy's story in my head into a manga!!
Please, be quiet.
Billy: Hey, don't you think there are more important things to be doing than...

Page 20:
Kevin: !?
People: It can't be...
Is that right? [Bottom right]
Is that how it was...?
I don't believe it...

Page 21:
Kanbei: How can that be...!!
This Guy: Bat, you are...
Xerxes: Your
is something like that...?!

Page 22:
Einstein: That was it?!!
Kevin: Shut up!!
Please, quiet down.

Page 23:

Page 24:
Kevin: Done...
Your mother's story.
Give it a read.
Side: That was Cissy's wish. Shishou drew it, Zofuu protected it... the burnt manuscript. Will the "manga" move Devivie's heart...?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 89 / End
Next issue the tear-inducing story comes to light...!!!!

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