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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

3-gatsu no Lion 31

Mass of Ego

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 20, 2012 01:52 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

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Whew... Okay, I finished this somehow.

[3 Gatsu no Lion 31 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 155:
Title: Chapter 31
Mass of Ego
Hinata: Thank you, Rei-chan...

Page 156:
Guy: I seeee...
Sign: Mikazuki Dou (New Moon Hall)
In that case,
I can't go.
Guy: You can bluster out sharp language like that in front of most girls, but in front of your favorite, you get shut down, right?
Guy 2: Well, that... As a man, that'ssss....
(Handwritten): Seems to be remembering quite a few things from his younger days
Guy 2: If it were me, I'd slice my belly open.
Top: Revolving lantern (*imagined)
Guy 1: I'd shave one eyebrow and go live alone in the mountains.
SFX: KURUUURI KURUUURI (Spinnging) MOJI MOJI (wriggling) AAA... KAAAH SOWA SOWA (fidgeting)
T/N: Seeing a revolving lantern is an idiom for seeing your life flash before your eyes. The shaving of an eyebrow has to do with a Buddhist legend.

Page 156:
Hinata: Man...
Isn't that kinda lame...?
There isn't even anything to be worried about.
When Rei-chan says out loud "I'll keep doing my best" I think he really means "I did my best"...
That way even if things end up not going well, nobody'll laugh at him, but...
Guy: Exactly.
What's the use in being embarrassed?
"I failed" just means "I took on a challenge".
That's worlds more upright way of living than doin' nothin' yer whole life and just laughin' at others.
...But, the boy's still young. And serious as all hell...
Akari: It was with an opponent he really wanted to win against, right?
I'd never seen Rei-kun show that kind of fighting spirit before.
he may have gotten too wrapped up in it, though.

Page 157:
Hinata: He's probably eating nothing but sweetened buns and ramen again.
What do we do at times like this?
Guy: There's nothin' ya can do but leave 'im alone.
Embarrassment ya got at work can only be redeemed at work.
Until the boy thinking "I've redeemed myself!!"
the only thing he can do is try his best on his own.
Well, eventually he's gonna be an adult. And he'll realize it whether he likes it or not.
That no matter who it is, among humans with an active working life
there ain't nobody who hasn't felt some amount of embarrassment.

Page 158:
Gotou: .........
Shimada, ya know, recently...
you're looking like you're older than me, don't you think?
SFX: JIII... (Stare)
Handwritten: Where are you looking?
Shimada: What about you, with that chest?
That must be hard to maintain, huh?
Do you secretly go to the gym a lot?
Must be tough, being such a narcissist.
Gotou: Now... then.
Shimada: ......
Shall we get going?

Page 159:
Issa: So awesome!
What is with that adultish style they've got?!
(In Bubble): I wonder what they're talkin' about☆?!
Handwritten: Anijya...... You're so cool☆
Is that Class A?!
Will that just naturally be brought about if we become Class A?!
Guy: Thaaat's weird. I still don't smell it one bit...
(The personality style) [Left side of bubble]
I'm in B1 right now. Do you think when I'm A-Class I'll suddenly start smelling like that?!
Issa: Don'cha smell it? It's gotta be startin' to brew, right?
Smith: Um...
I think it's a safe bet to say you guys do smell.
As long as you're peeping from behind some bushes.
Nikaidou (Handwritten): C'mon, let's go. The game is starting!!
SFX: KUN KUN (Sniffing)
Rei: 10 o'clock...
The game is starting.
The third match to determine the challenger for the Shishi Ou Championship.
The first game went to Gotou 9-dan.
---This is Shimada-san's last chance.

Page 160:
Rei: Last time was surprisingly a real slugfest.
But I wonder what sort of game it'll be this time...
I wanna see...
I wanna see it so bad.
Guy: ----Yessss, I can hereby confirm that you can't catch any more colds or get appendicitis. ☆
Now, then!! Would you like to know the results of my calculating how many total attendance days you have?
Well, you've already got two days set to take off for ranking matches. So I can't help that.
And if by some chance I progress even one round in a tournament, I'll be at the precipice.
And if anything bad happens, do try your best to get above-average scores on your end-of-year tests, okay? ☆
Rei: Um, about the scope of the tests.
"Ask your friends" is what I'd say. But because the tests might be over while you're still looking for friends.
So I went and asked all your teachers in your place for yoooou!
Handwritten: Okay. [Top, bold.]
Get it togetherrrr [Far right]
Redoing school years is ha~~~~rd
You might even end up being called "old man" by your classmates, ya knooow?!
Rei (Handwritten): You're exactly right...... You're really...... a life saver... ...But...What is... this feeling..................
Hair...... [Bottom center]

Page 162:
Narration: ------Meanwhile, in the special game room......
All: ................
Smith: It's a slugfest... And what's more
they're even more locked together.
---Actually, are they relying on power even more than last time?
Narration: For some reason, everyone was sitting on their heekls...

Page 163:
Narration: ---And 8 hours later...
Someone: What's more... Ahhh and both are in nyuu gyoku of all things?!
Geez, just quit already!! There's not maturity here!
What the hell kind of situation is it where you think "Well, if I nyuu gyoku here then I'll win, won't I?" What's with that?!
T/N: Nyuu gyoku is when both kinds are in the opponent's enemy territory.
Somebody: Is that lightning striking?!
It's not light coming from the pieces, right?!
Narration: ---And 3 hours later......
SFX: FURA~~~ FURA~~... (Tottering)

Page 164:
Shimada: I won.
Handwritten: In...... In just one game?!
Narration: *The young ones realizing just what a huge thing they lost.
Nikaidou: Yeahhh!
You were great, Anijya!
What's wrong, Bou?
Nikaidou: Ah, nothing. I just haven't got a reply from Kiriyama...
Shimada: Is that right...?
Maybe I knocked his brains out a little too hard...
Handwritten: Back then...
Nikaidou: Hmm...

Page 165:
Nikaidou: .........
Shimada: .........
Hey, Bou.
How do we get Kiriyama to cheer up with him like that?
Nikaidou: ......Kiriyama...
It was him...
who got me out from being stuck in the mud
when I'd had my brains knocked out, I think.
I spent a lot of time in the hospital ever since I was little.
All I had to support my heart was to get stronger on the board.

Page 166:
Nikaidou: ---While I saw the other kids in my grade were all running around outside having fun through the corner of my eyes,
I just continued to immerse myself in shogi...
----But the stronger I got
the more weaker opponents would lose their nerve and resign, and I'd think they were cowards.
I got so frustrated, and I got pissed off and really annoyed......
----It was at that time, when I was a mass of ego.
Rei: Um...
SFX: MIIIN MIIIN... (Cicadas chirping)
Rei: Water..
Nikaidou: Then I
met Kiriyama
and my brains got knocked out.
Nikaidou: and was saved.

Page 167:
Nikaidou: Yeah. There was someone stronger than me.
A human with more ambition than me.
"Then I'm not alone", ----I thought......
Shimada: I see.
Somehow or other, I understand
Sign: Shogi Hall

Page 168:
Kyouko: Hey,
wait a sec!
Shimada: Hm?
Kyouko: Wait, I said!
Kyouko: Heyyy!
Kyouko: What's with you!
Gotou, you idiooooot!
I don't even care anymore, okay!
Handwritten: Ho... A se... Gotou...
Doesn't he have a wife...?
Who is that beauti...ful girl?
And... she's so young...
Shimada: ..............................
Nikaidou: Yeah, I wonde.r
Are they fighting?
Shimada: ..............................
Nikaidou: ?

Page 169:
Shimada: What is this... feeling like I lost...?
Shimada: Noooo.
That was nothin'!
I'm definitely---- gonna win the next one, too!
C'mon, Bou!
Let's get home and work on our next plan against him!
Nikaidou: Yaay! I knew you were up for this! ☆
That's why you're my Anijya!!
Narration: Meanwhile... What Kiriyama was doing at that time
Sensei discovered a regrettable calculation mistake.
Guy: Sorry...... You were already 2 days short.
Made up for his mistake with a ton of reports.
Rei: Um... Sensei... I'm kinda really... sorry...
Bottom: Chapter. 31 E N D

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