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3-gatsu no Lion 32

Run Through the Night

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 20, 2012 05:27 | Go to 3-gatsu no Lion

-> RTS Page for 3-gatsu no Lion 32

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Aaand there's the last chapter of V3. Finally. Feels like I've been working on one volume for 4 months...
I've still got the omake to do, though. I'll try to do that soon.

[3 Gatsu no Lion 32 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 171:
Title: Chapter. 32
Run Through the Night

Page 172:
Guy: Huuuh?!
You've never done an "experiment"?
They all landed on your "absent days"?!
(In Bubble): Seriously?!
Paper: Sasaki / Subject (Chemistry)
Please put together a report on your impressions of the experiment we performed in class. (800 characters) ["impressions of the experiment" underlined with a squiggly line.]
Guy: Aw, geez. I can't get a hold of Sasaki-sensei.
Shit. And we just had one more to get the reports done with.
Handwritten: AAGH. Geezzz!
Rei: Sensei...
Um, that's enough for... today... We can't do anything about it.
Sensei: No! We're better off getting this done sooner!
Let's go!! We'll do the experiment now!!
Rei: Huh?! How?
The hou-ka Bu!!
(IN Bubble): We'll jusk ask those guys!!
Rei: Arson club?!
T/N: Houka can also be read as "arson". The "bu" at the end mean club in both.
Sign: After school cooking club
T/N: In Japanese the first, middle, and last kanji/kana are circled to create the abbreviation "hou-ka Bu" from "houkago ryouri kurabu"
Sensei: Heeey,
Is Noguchi here?
Guys: Huh?
What's going on, sensei?
What is it you want?
Handwritten: Noguchi
*2nd year high school student

Page 173:
Sensei: Hm? What're ya makin', Noguchi?
Noguchi: It's "soap". I bought it at a bazaar.
I thought I'd top off the club budget with this...
Rei: Huh? You're making soap?
Noguchi: We are! Look, as you can see...
You prepare some olive oil, some sodium hydroxide, and some pure water. And while making sure that the club room has ample ventilation, you mix the sodium hydroxide and the pure water until they're well blended together. Then you take that solution and heat it while adding the olive oil to make the "seeds of the soap". Then you let it rest one day to take shape. Then you cut it into shape from the lump using a kitchen knife.
And this is our club's new spring project!!
It's mugwort choco-banana☆!!
SenseI: It stinks!!
(Handwritten): Man, it stinks.
Sensei: Whaa? Noguchi. You can't sell this, can you?
Noguchi: How rude!
The germ-killing components of the mugwort and the cocolate and banana to up the likability factor for kids, this has 3 things you really need in it, doesn't it?!
(Hadnwritten): Aaah, excuse meeee
Noguchi: Ah, hey, yoou! What'd you just spill?!
How could you spill our precious mugwort oil into the grapefruit!!
Bottle: Mugwort
Guy: Hm? Wait.
This smell... It's so refreshing, isn't it?!

Page 174:
Handwritten: Hey, do you smell that? Smells g ood.
For real! ☆ What's that the smell of?
Asterisk: *Natural perm
Noguchi: You, good☆job.
You're a nice guy.
Handwritten: Welcome ☆
To the Hou-ka Bu!!
Guy: By the way, Hayashida-sensei, why're you here?!
Hayashida: Ah.
Ow, man. I forgot the reason we came for.
Handwritten: He seems to have been moved by seeing Kiriyama getting familiar with (?) other students.
Hayashida: We just need you to show us a little experiment so we can do a report.
Uh, for a certain reason, this boy has to work while going to school, so he's short on days of attendance.
Right now it looks like he's gonna have to repeat a grade. So lend us a hand, will ya? [First sentence is big and bold.]
Rei: What a great expalanation...
Please, could you help me out?
Guys: While working? That sounds tough!
You're a laboring young man, huh?
All right, if it's for science, then we, the Hou-ka Bu will gladly lend a hand!!
Hayashida: Thank you, Noguchi!!
Asterisk: *2nd Year of High School
Hayashida: I knew you were a good guy! ☆
Though you've aged quite a lot.
Rei: Senseiii
Naguchi: Hahaha. As have you, sensei.
As long as you don't reform that manner of speaking, you can never wish for a successful career!

Page 175:
Rei: They sure were nice people, those guys from the Hou-ka Bu.
Hayashida: Right? ☆
Maybe you should try joining that club?
Handwritten: Apparently, he was given a souvenir. (Soap & Hand cream)
Handmade by the Hou-ka Bu
Hayashida: ...But,
I really am glad.
Rei: Huh?
Hayashida: Seeing you talk and laugh with other students back there,
It had a "Clara stood up!!" sorta feeling to it.
T/N: This is a famous/dramatic line from the 1974 anime "Heidi, Girl of the Alps".
Hayashida: But like what you did today,
a lot of the time when you have a problem you've got no way of doing on your own
if you work hard with someone else, then you can overcome the problem.
Handwritten: *2nd Year of High School
Mmhm. Mmhm.
I see.
Hayashida: If you borrow someone else's strength like that,
then you just need to give them your strength in return, next time they have a problem.
That's the way the world works.

Page 176:
Hayashida: So uh,
this is important, okay?
You got that?
When you've got no way to do it on your own,
rely on someone else.
----If you don't, the truth is
no one
will rely on you
Bars: At that moment, Akari-san and the others suddenly appeared in my head.
Even though I'd been focusing on nothing but reserving myself, the truth is
I'd relied on them.

Page 177:
Bars: Just once
-----Yes... Just once...
Hayashida: Okay.
That's the end of the lecture from someone older than you.
Rei: Huh?
Hayashida: Think about what comes next on the train.
It's the last game of Gotou VS Shimada!!
Ain'cha gonna go see it?!

Page 178:
Rei: When I got to the hall
It was a little
past 8 o'clock.
Sign: Shogi Hall
Rei: ----Huh?!
No way...
it's over?!
Which one?
Which one won?

Page 179:
Sign: Special Game Room
Rei: -----I see......

Page 180:
Rei: Shimada 8-dan had won......
----How many times had I seen it...
this scene right after a game.
The side that had realized defeat
arranges their thoughts to say those final words, and leaves. But
the side that won,
like they hadn't misread anything up to the last instant
keeps straining themselves.
----So in that regard
right after games
the winning side often gets severely exhausted.
and because of that
they can't easily get their voice to come out......

Page 181:
Nikaidou: Congratulations,
Shimada: What...?
Don't cry, Bou.
Nikaidou: I'm not crying.
I'm happy.
Snot's just
dropping from my eyes, is all.
Shimada: Man, that's gross.
Guy: Um, Shimada-san.
Would you care to make a few comments?
Handwritten: Here, wipe it...
Nikaidou: Sorry...
Reporter: Well then, tell us about your aspirations and enthusiasm for playing Souya Meijin
in the Shishi Ou Championship!!
Shimada: ..........
I'm not enthusiastic......
Handwritten: Honest ☆
Nikaidou: Huhh?!
SFX: BOROBORO... (Worn out) FURAFURA... (Uneasy)
Shimada: No, I mean, just getting the ticket to being the challenger has gotten me in this state, hasn't it?
When I try to consider what comes next... Or rather
When I think about it, I can't even believe there is a "coming next", sorta...
I mean, Souya is even more of a monster than Gotou was, right?
Handwritten: Ahahah... Uhuhu...
Guy: Shimada 8-dan, you're being a little too honest...
(In Bubble): By Reporter

Page 182:
Reporter: Shimada 8-dan
Shimada: Ah... You're from the Touhoku Journal...
This is... really far...
Izumida: My name's Izumida. I came as promised for an interview.\
Get yourself together, now.
The old men and old ladies in your hometown's fan club have their hopes riding on you.
Reporter: Yeah, yeah.
And you're a lecturer slash hero at our kids shogi club, Shimada-san.
Shimada: Really...?
I guess you're right.
That's right.
Bars: As if the word "hopes" was pushing at his back
Shimada-san slowly
started talking.
Shimada: Just as I expected, this preliminary game was a fierce battle.
I'm delighted that I've become the challenger.
The Shishi Ou Championship match makes for my 7th match, and----

Page 183:
Bars: Like he was squeezing out
each word......
Rei: Have I...
----ever throw myself into something like this
in order to get a "win" before?
I get it...
The place Shimada-san is now is a distant place from where I am.

Page 184:
Rei: A world that I
could never get reach unscathed.
If I'm
saying things like "I've got no reason to win"
"Then why is it so frustrating to lose?" then
I've averted my eyes from that world.
----And at the edge of it, he
Nikaidou: Kiriyama!

Page 185:
Shimada: Yo,
Rei: alone
stands firm with both feet on the ground
living there.
-----at that moment,
the inside of my chest suddenly got mushy
and a heat welled up in the back of my throat.
Shimada: ...Oh, yeah.
Sorry, Bou.
Could you go get me something cold to drink?
Nikaidou: Okay.
Handwritten: Hmmm...
Rei: I may still have absolutely nothing to trade for in return, but...
Nikaidou: Is green tea okay?
Shimada: Yeah, thanks.

Page 186:
Shimada: Now
Rei: I have
I have something
I really have to ask you.
Um... [Bubble]
The study group,
want to join it? [Shimada]
please let me join it. [Rei]

Page 187:
Both: ........................
Shimada: ...
Handwritten: Ha...
Rei: Eh?
Handwritten: H...
Nikaidou: Sorry I took so long, Anijya!!
Nikaidou: Huh?
What's going on?! Are you guys excited about something?!
(In Bubble): C'mon, let me in on it too!
Bottles: Water
Bottom: Chapter. 32 E N D

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