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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Toriko 209

Chef Komatsu!!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 24, 2012 04:25 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 209

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Everything is A-Okay.

[Toriko 209 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: Deep crimson wine is poured...
Title: 『Toriko』
Bottom: ☆Airing every Sunday on Fuji TV, the TV Anime is airing with great popularity!!
☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 21, now on sale with rave reviews!!

Page 2:
Title: Gourmet 209 Chef Komatsu!!
Insert: Shudder...!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Teppei: Haaa
Woman: So you're finally awake, huh?
[He's okay folks. You can return from the edge of your seats.]

Page 4:
Pukin: You were asleep for three days and three nights.
Sign: Pukin
Teppei: Pukin-san...
Where am I?
Pukin: My laboratory.
It's right nearby the Country of Healing, "Life".
Teppei: What the hell...
happened to me...?
Pukin: Don't you remember?
The Saiseiya network saved you, Teppei-kun.

Page 5:
Teppei: ......
That's right...
was about to start fighting...
then I felt an odd sensation.
And the next moment-----
I was...
on top of a cutting board...
It was the first time I'd felt it in my whole life...
The resignation that I was
really going to be "cooked"...

Page 6:
Pukin: Some Saiseiya of the many alert networks immediately came running.
Including me.
Teppei: Coming when you did really saved me, Pukin-san.
He was probably wary of getting exposed to a large group, so he disappeared without killing me...
Who in the world was it...?
He had this bizarre aura I'd never felt before......
Pukin: C'mon, drunk up.
Recover your strength.
Teppei: Thank you, Pukin-san.
Teppei: .....
Teppei: Huu

Page 7:
Teppei: *"Butter Walnuts" and
*"Calorie Bananas", huh?
Asterisk: "Butter Walnut" is Saitama Prefecture's Penname Miyashii-san's work!
Bottom Asterisk: "Calorie Banana" is Aichi Prefecture's 松岡隆龍生-san's work!!
Teppei: All ingredients that are hard to revive...
You really are something, Pukin-san...
Those are skills only someone with a legendary Saiseiya for a master would have... ["legendary Saiseiya" in italics.]
Pukin: ......
Are you...
worried, too? Teppei-kun?
Teppei: ......
Pukin: My master, Saiseiya "Mohyan Shaishai".
The Saiseiya with the greatest skills and technique in the world.
And one of the "Gourmet Human National Treasures".

Page 8:
Pukin: I don't think that anyone besides Master...
can revive wild beasts at the class of the Four Beast!!
Teppei: Where is...
the sensei right now...?
Pukin: I don't know...
He disappeared a few days ago...
Teppei: There's a likely possibility that sensei knows something about "him"...
I need to learn that sensei's location as soon as possible...
"They are dangerous"...!!
That's what my intuition as a Saiseiya is saying...!!
Pukin: Teppei-kun...?

Page 9:
Pukin: The scar on your face...
Teppei: Huh?
Pukin: Maybe it's my imagination...
But Teppei-kun,
has the scar on your face grown?
Teppei: The scar on my face?
Do you think so?
Pukin: No...
It's probably just my imagination...
There were no abnormalities with your body...
Teppei: .....
Narration: Three days had passed...
when Toriko and the others defeated the Four Beast...

Page 10:
Narrator: And the people were still----
were still drunk with joy.
The victory party from the overwhelming despair
that the human race would be wiped out...
didn't end for many days.
The people gave thanks to life,
thanks to food,
extolled the four Bishokuya.
Toriko: Ya know, I'm thinkin' that last attack...
was thanks to my gluttony, don'cha think~~?!

Page 11:
Sani: Like hell, Toriko.
It's because everyone's beaut'ful appetites matched united!
Especially mine!
Coco: But it took quite some gumption to match Toriko and Zebra's appetites.
I'm not sure if we could pull off that secret technique a second time...
Zebra: Hmph. I'll be able to use techniques like that on my own soon. ["On my own" in italics.]
Well, you guys' appetites
have still got a long way to go, though.
Sani: And hey, couldn't you have beaten the Four Beast with that giant horse you brought, Zebra?!
Coco: He has a point... That horse looked strong...
Zebra: Hell if I know... I told it not to interfere.
Anyhow, we ain't got enough food!
Hey, Kid!!
Komatsu: Ah, okay!!
It'll be right there!!
Setsuno: !
I seeee.
So that's what he did.
Yuda: Hohoh.
The method for simplifying the Medicinal Cooking Mochi?

Page 12:
Setsuno: Now that I think about it, it was quite simple.
You do this, here... and like this...
Yuda: I see...
So it was an idea that would come to mind if we'd relaxed our minds just one millimeter, was it...?
My, oh my...
But to have realized that method in the moment, I must say that Komatsu-kun truly is something, yes?
Quite commendable...
Setsuno: It wasn't skill or technique... He heard the "voice of the mochi", did he...?
Was that the first cooking idea that came to mind
from being liked by ingredients...?
Perhaps even I should recommend him...
to "G7"...
Yuda: Setsuno-sama.
There is not one millimeter of need for that.
As Komatsu is now,
his rank-in is already certain.

Page 13:
Narration: IGO Headquarters-----
Mansam: Yes...
The four of them managed, somehow.
Uumen: I~ told~ you~
didn't I?
That we would be all right with Toriko-chan and the others on the job!
Mansam: ......
You're right, it's just as you said.
Director General Uumen.
Uumen: It will be all right in those boys hands, don't you think, Cheif?
Mansam: I almost interfered in an important bit of training for those four.
SFX: SU...
Uumen: If you had gone wild there,
those four would never have gotten their chance, eh? Uhuh ["uhu" bold]

Page 14:
Narration: Gourmet World----
"Dunce Rain Hills"

Page 15:
Atashino: It would seem that Human World has settled down for the moment, huh, President?
Ichiryuu: Well,
I'd be worried if they couldn't easily take down somethin' like the Four Beast.
The true enemy is probably still ahead of them.......
But we probably aren't there either...
This is quite a good kitchen knife...
You did a good job on it.
Now I think I can really
get Acacia's Salad, "Air".

Page 16-17:
Ichiryuu: The others should be in place about now, right?
Okay, let's get goin'!!
And if the enemy, the Bishokukai appear, that'll mean...
the battle will begin!!!
Atashino: Yes, sir!

Page 18:
Narration: A few days later---
Hotel Gourmet
Smith: Th... Th-This is biiig!!
Chef Komatsu!!
Komatsu: Huh?
A guest?
Smith: M... M-Members of "G7"!!
Two of them...!!!
Komatsu: NOEEEEEEH?!!

Page 19:
Kit: It's nice to meet you. I am "Kitt" of G7.
Painomi: And I am "Painomi".
Sign: Gourmet 7
[Taste Master]
Gourmet 7
[Taste Master]
Side: Congratulations Komatsu!!! What will be the delightful, new developments next week?!
Kitt: We are here to tell you that Chef Komatsu
has ranked-in at "88th place" in the "World Chef Ranking".
Komatsu: Huh...?
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 209
/ End
Next issue, now that he's ranked-in, has Komatsu's big chance arrived?!

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