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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Billy Bat 90


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 25, 2012 02:54 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 90

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans.

Wooah. That was pretty cool.

[Billy Bat 90 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Cissy: How many people did you kill?
Devivie: Lots of them.
Cissy: How many people did you kill?
Devivie: I told you. Lots of them.
Cissy: Try to remember, Henry. How many human lives did you take?
Devivie: Like I told you, it's so many that I don't remember!!
Cissy: Each and every human life is precious. They're not something can by counted with "lots".
Devivie: WAAAAAHN!!
Mommy, you idiot!!
Side: This is the story of invisible bonds. A story of a mother's deep love. And a story that will change the future?!

Page 2:
Devivie: Everybody's supposed to believe in my Billy!!
Cissy: Like I said, taking a human life is unforgivable.
Devivie: WAAAHN! You don't like me anymore, Mommy!!
You hate me!!
Cissy: I could never hate you.
No matter what you do,
I'll never hate you.
That's because I'm your Mommy.

Page 3:
[The comic has the same stuff in the corner as on the last page]

Page 4:
Title: Chapter 90

Page 5:
Sign: Koumori Village Community Center
Guys: U~~~~

Page 6:
Guy: What're you moanin' about, morons?!
Guy 2: Yeah, why don' ya go wash yerself in tha well.
Guy 3: I'm too tired. All I can say are moans.
Guy 4: And if we wash ourselves in mud, we'll just get muddy again.
Guy 5: If we just fall asleep now, we'll all really turn inta clay dolls and die, won' we...?
Guy 6: 'Re you a moron?
Do you know what'll happen if we die here?
Guy 7: Yeah! 'N anyhow, we've gotta get movin' and find that scroll!

Page 7:
Guy 5: It ain't gonna happen.
Guy 7: Whaaat?!
Guy 5: We're never gonna find no scroll.
Even after diggin' the town fulla holes like this...
Guy: What'd you say?! Do ya not care what'll happen to our wives that got taken hostage?!!
Guys: ..........
Guy 7: Didja not get what that foreigner said?!
If we don't do what he says and somethin' happens to our wives and kids...
Guys: Uh...
Guy: By tha way. Wha happened to those other folks...?

Page 8:
Guy 1: Probably already killed by the foreigner.
Guy 2: Yeah, those guys that came in tha taxi...
Guy 3: Probably hanged to death like the mayor and the others...
Guy 4: C'mon! We've gotta hurry 'n find the scroll or we're all dead meat!!
Guy 5: Yer right! This ain't the time to be restin'!!
Officer: Hey, everyone...
Guy 6: What is it, officer?
Officer: The truth is...
I've been keepin' quiet from you guys about this, but the thing is...
Guys: What?
I can't hear ya! Speak up!!

Page 9:
Officer: Um...
Guy: HAA
Officer, big trouble!!
Officer: Wh... What happened?!
Guy: Foreigners!!
New foreigners have showed up!!
Officer: New officers...?

Page 10:
Guy: They've gotta be in league with that other guy!!
I'll bet there here to pick him up and kill us all!!
Suit 1: The whole village is empty.
Suit 2: It couldn't be that Devivie have killed them all...?

Page 11:
Suit 1: Do you think Devivie got his hands on the scroll?
Suit 2: I dunno... But if he has...
Suit 2: First, let's contact Mister Finny.
Suit 1: Yeah.
Help me, Mommy!
I don't know what to do!
Cissy: Say this incantation.

Page 12:
Devivie: Incantation?
Cissy: Billy Bat, Billy Bat. Billy, Billy Bat [Note]
Grant my wish, Billy Bat [Note]
Devivie: If I say those words,
will the things I did disappear?
That's amazing!! So they're magic words that can change the past?
Cissy: They can't change the past.
They'll correct the future.
In the past, you believed in a fake Billy.
In the future, you can't make that sort of mistake.

Page 13:
Devivie: I wasn't wrong!
Mommy, what I did was right!
Here, listen!
My Billy is wonderful!
My Billy spreads happiness all over the world!!
Devivie: I'll create happiness for children all over the world!!
It'll even create world peace!!

Page 14:
Devivie: I'll spread Billy all over the world.
I'll make Billy Lands all over the world
and they'll be lands of dreams for adults and children alike.
Everyone will smile.
And there won't be a single child with a sad look in there eyes there.
Everyone will even wear shirts with Billy Bat printed on them, right?

Page 15:
Devivie: Great daddies and nice mommies
will walk together hand in hand.
Devivie: There'll be the smell of delicious popcorn in one direction
and a parade in the other.
Doesn't that sound fun, Daddy?
Doesn't that sound fun, Mommy?
Doesn't that sound fun....?

Page 16:
Devivie: Mommy...

Page 17:
Devivie: Help me, Mommy.
I don't know what to do...
Billy Bat, Billy Bat. Billy, Billy Bat [Note]
Grant my wish, Billy Bat [Note]
Devivie: !!

Page 18:
Billy: Yo!

Page 19:
Billy: So we finally meet, eg?
I'll give you a mission.
Devivie: HAA

Page 20:
Devivie: WAA!!
Kevin: Ah...
Devivie: Stop!!
Go away!!

Page 21:
Devivie: HAA
Devivie: What...
are you...?

Page 22:
[The name is Friend.]

Page 23:
Whoever: If I fail, it's all over.

Page 24:
Devivie: WAAAAAAAH!!
Side: Devivie sees a mysterious vision and falls. In the story next time, will the mysteries of the past and the new mysteries unfold?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 90 / End
Continues next issue!!

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