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Toriko 210

Nail Gun!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 31, 2012 18:16 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 210

Only for use by HWMN.

Okay, my workplace still has power and internet so I'm gonna try to stay late and get this done. Maybe I won't fall horribly behind.

[Toriko 210 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Kitt: We are here to tell you that Chef Komatsu
has ranked-in at "88th place" in the "World Chef Ranking".
Side: Komatsu, now, you go to the stage of your dreams!!!
Komatsu: Huh...?
Kitt: As well, you have earned the right to appear in this year's "Cooking Fast",
so we came to issue you an invitation.
Komatsu: Eh...?
Cooking Fe~~~~st?!!
Side Insert: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 21, now on sale with great fanfare!!
☆Every Sunday at 9AM on FujiTV
the TV Anime is airing, exploding with food!!

Page 2:
Insert: This in-season pair make a top-quality combo!!
Title: Gourmet 210 Nail Gun!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Narration: "International Gourmet Towers Space Airport"----
Someone: Gourmet Space Ship #07
has just made a safe landing from its journey in space!!

Page 4:
Guy: Gahhahha!
Isn't food eaten in a space ship with a view of the Earth just something else?
Woman: Mmmmm! It's just the greatest!
This six month trip was unbelievably enjoyable!!
I didn't even want to come back to Earth!
Hey, take me up there again, won't you, President? [Heart]
Guy: Again... eh...?
I'll probably go again real soon...
Description: "Gourmet Tourist" President
Mahmai Moi
----Gourmet Billionaire----
T/N: Like with Mokkoi, the title literally just means "wealthy person" and doesn't specify exactly how many millions/billions/trillions he has.)
Narration: "Public Company Gourmet Tourist" Market Value, 812 trillion yen. (3rd in the world.)
Mahmoi: But it won't be with you.
Woman: Huuuh? Why~~? Is it another woman?
Mahmoi: Kakkakka! Just kidding, just kidding!
Narration: It is the only travel company the world over that allows customers to enjoy Gourmet Space Journeys.
Tablet: Gourmet News
■Gourmet Four Heavenly Kings have crushed the Four Beast in spectacular fashion, saving humanity!!
■Chef Komatsu of Hotel Gourmet, whom successfully simplified the cooking of the "Medicinal Cooking Mochi", has ranked-in to the Chef Ranking at 88th Place!!

Page 5:
Tablet: Chef Komatsu of Hotel Gourmet, whom successfully simplified the cooking of the "Medicinal Cooking Mochi", has ranked-in to the Chef Ranking at 88th Place!!
Ume: ..........

Page 6-7:
Toriko: -----In the past
I broke apart a freakin' huge boulder of iron ore with my Kugi Punch, but...
This is like 10 times that... It's practically a mountain...
Toriko: I think it'd probably break if I hit it with around 50 Ren, but...
I don't think that'll work...

Page 8:
Toriko: It takes time for the damage of each individual attack of the Kugi Punch to pierce inside.
And the Four Beast warded off that damage.
I'll bet that even stronger opponents will be able to take that damage while counterattacking.
If I shoot "50 Ren"...
as "one attack"...
it'll be an even more
and strong "attack" than a "kugi"...

Page 9:
Toriko: 50 Ren!!
"Nail Gun"!!!
T/N: Here, he says "nail" in English, to differentiate it from "Kugi Punch". Though they both mean the same thing.

Page 10:

Page 11:
Toriko: AGU... Kuh...
What crazy power...
But of course, the toll it takes on my arm from doing it in "one attack" is really something...
Right now I can't do that in rapid succession...

Page 12:
"Nail Gun"!!
At least for now, I've completed a new technique.
I think I can use this.
Wanna go eat, Terry?!
Rin: Hey, hey, Torikooo!
When these "Measure Tongs" weren't completed yet,
you remember I tested them out by measuring Terry's Capture Level, right?
Toriko: HM? Yeah, I guess I remember that.
Rin: What number do you think I got then?
Toriko: I dunno. Around 100?
Rin: No! The answer is "E" for "Error"!!
Toriko: Error?
Rin: The truth is, these Measure Tongs can only measure up to a maximum level of 999!!
Isn't that amazing? Terry might be over 1000!
It wasn't completed yet, so that wouldn't be exact, but still..
Toriko: No...

Page 13:
Toriko: Terry inherited DNA from the "Ancient King".
I think the Measure Tongs were probably just reading Terry's potential ability.
the day that talent blooms...
may not be that far away.
Tomu: Toriko!!
Toriko: !
Oh, Tomu!!
Tomu: I just got a hold of some rare ingredients, want some?
Toriko: Oh, that sounds good!
I was just thinking of getting something to eat!!

Page 14:
Toriko: Uoooooh! These are *"Matsutakeccoli" and
*"Choco Wakame"!! Those are some rare ingredients!!
Asterisk: *"Matsutakeccoli" is Emi Prefecture's 榊原一考-san's work!! (Matsutake is a kind of mushroom. This is a portmanteau of that and broccoli.)
*"Choco Wakame" is Hiroshima Prefecture's 吉本晴美-san's work!! (Wakame is a kind of edible brown seaweed.)
Toriko: That's awesome, Tomu! You've gotten a pretty good haul for your shop, haven't ya?!!
Tomu: Despite how I look, I know a lot of people.
Toriko: Oh.
Toriko: Mm. Yuuum!!
Toriko: I heard the World Kitchen wholesale market was really working hard to get the ingredients together for Komatsu and those guys when they were making the mochi.
Tomu: What? What we did wasn't any sorta big deal.
But anyhow, Komatsu.
Toriko: Yeah.

Page 15:
Toriko: He got in the ranking!!
And now apparently he's gonna be in the next Cooking Fest!!
Tomu: He's seriously incredible, that guy...
And back when I first met him he was just a pretty inexperienced little chef.
Toriko: And now Komatsu's a world-ranker chef.
Tomu: You've got a damn good combo, don't ya, Toriko?
I'm looking forward to the Fest.
Toriko: ......
That seems like
something really fun, but
Tomu: Hm?
Toriko: I'm also worried about something...
Star: We'll meet at the festival...

Page 16:
Toriko: Are you coming...?
Teppei: There's a mastermind behind it.
Be careful.
Ichiryuu: The one that really needs to be defeated
is that mastermind.
Toriko: Who the hell..
is that mastermind...?

Page 17:
Narration: Gourmet Pyramid----

Page 18:
[Somebody else must've checked out that book I wanted. This library sucks.]

Page 19:
Narration: And a few weeks later----
Narrator: "Cooking Festival" opened----!! [quote big/bold]
Side: Get hungry and wait for next issue!!!
Bottom: ...Gourmet 210
/ End
What will happen at the now finally open Cooking Festival...?!

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