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Billy Bat 91


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 1, 2012 20:25 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 91

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans.

Okay, managed to get this done somehow.

[Billy Bat 91 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Guy: What happened to those two foreigners?
Guy 2: I dunno. They're probably still wandering around over there.
Guy 3: We keep getting attacked by foreigners one after another...!!
Guy 3: Pretty soon this village is gonna get taken over by foreigners.
Guy 4: No way, moron... We ain't in a war.
Guy 5: What'd that first foreigner come here fer anyway?
Guy 6: He said it was to make an amusement park...
Side: Everyone has worked hard together to dig holes. And the villages now have a meeting while keeping their voices down. Will they dig again tonight, or be killed...?

Page 2:
Guy: How the hell many people does he need to kill ta make a friggin' amusement park?!!
Guy 2: Yeah!! If that's what it, what's he doin' kidnapping the girls?!!
Guy 3: I can't take it anymore!! I'm gonna go look for Yoshiko and Takatarou!!
Guy 4: Umekoooo!! Sanaeee!! I'm coming to save you!!
Guy 5: W... Wait! If we leave now, they'll be killed!!
Guy 6: Aaaau~~~gh. When that foreigner said that if we did anything like this he'd spring traps that would hang them,
I wish I'd hanged him and killed him myself~~~!!
Guy 7: You moron. That foreigner's crazy strong.
Guy 8: We ain't no match for him.
Guy 9: Anyhow, we can't let anythin' happen to the girls.
Guy 10: Yeah... We've just gotta do what we were told and find that scroll as soon as we can...

Page 3:
Officer: About that...
There's been something I've been unsure about tellin' ya for a while now...
Guy: Huh? What're ya talkin' about, officer?
Officer: Well... The truth is...

Page 4:
Jackie: So... Did you find him?
Randy: No... But if he fell off that cliff, his corpse should drift over here...
But it's getting so dark now...
maybe he got stuck over there?
Jackie: HIIIH!!
Kevin: How's it going on your end?
Jackie: Hiih!
We haven't found him!! The guy's dead, everything's okay now!!
Yamashita: With that guy, this might be an act, like when he pretended to hang himself. So he might not be dead...

Page 5:
Kevin: ...So, which way, Yamashita-kun?
Yamashita: This way.
When my eyes were closed at the bottom of the cliffs before, I'm sure I heard it.
The sound of kids crying...
Kevin: ..........
Yamashita: Mangaka-sensei! Over here, over here!
SFX: ZA...
SFX: ZA...

Page 6:
Kevin: ..........
Yamashia: What's the matter?
Kevin: This cave... It's been in my head for a long time in manga form.
Yamashita: Zofuu-sensei said the same thing.
Sounds like an interesting manga.

Page 7:
Guys: H... Hey, officer-san...
Wh... What is this?!
Officer: Yes...
It's the scroll...
Title: Chapter 91
Side: After a long, long journey, finally--- It has appeared. The "Bat Scroll"!!

Page 8:
Guy 1: What the hell? You had it?!!
Why didn' ya say so sooner?!!
Officer: No!!
I... I can't hand this over to anybody!!
Guy 2: What're ya talkin' about?! With this we can get the kidnapped girls back, right?!
Hurry, give it to the foreigner!!
Officer: I can't!!
I was told not to hand it over, no matter what!
Guy 3: By whom?!
Officer: Zofuu-sensei.

Page 9:
Guys: That weirdo mangaka that lives off on his own?!!
Why'd that mangaka have the scroll?!
Officer: I dunno.
The night everyone was digging holes, that sensei appeared...
I vowed on my pride as an officer of the law to keep this scroll safe.
And he told me absolutely not to tell anyone I had it...
Guys: Yer tellin' people right now, ain'cha?!
Officer: I just couldn't keep it up anymore~~~!!
Despite what I said, I'm not that strong.
And that foreigner took my gun, so now I'm unarmed...
To guard this scroll...
Guys: What're you mumbling about?

Page 10:
Officer: Zofuu-sensei told me.
There was once this great ninja.
And he risked his life to guard this scroll...
So you guys need to do all you can to protect it, too...!!
Guys: Ninja...?
Don'cha think that's just a story from a ninja manga that mangaka thought up?
Officer: No!
He also said that this scorll originally belonged to a great foreign monk...
Guys: Foreign...

Page 11:
Guys: So... What happened to Zofuu-sensei?
Officer: He fled.
Guys: You moron!! We don't have time for your tall tales!!
Hand over that scroll!!
Officer: I can't!!
Guys: Just give it to us!!
Officer: I said I can't!!
Guys: Ah...

Page 12:
Guys: Umeko...
Sanpei... Hanae...
Woman: Daddy...
Guys: UOOO!!
You guys are all okay!!

Page 13:
Yamashita: They were locked behind a bolted door inside the cave under the cliffs.
Kevin: Officer,
that foreigner is dead.
That scroll you were just showing everyone,
would you show it to me as well?
Zofuu-sensei said something like this to you, right?

Page 14:
Kevin: Give that scroll to my disciple, Kinji.
Officer: ..........
Kevin: I'm Zofuu-sensei's disciple, Kevin "Kinji" Kamagata.
Guys: We're in your debt! I'm so glad these people saved the women and children!
We're truly in your debt!!
Officer: ..........

Page 15:
Jackie: "When you meet Kevin Yamagata"
"Eventually, go with him to Japan"
"and find Kanbei's scroll."

Page 16:
Jackie: Is this what that meant...?
Kevin: Yes, most likely...
This is it...
Suit 1: Yes... It would seem that all of the villagers have been rescued.

Page 17:
Suit 2: There's no sign of Devivie.
It appears that the villagers were saved by Kevin Yamagata and his group.
Suit 1: The scroll... you ask?
I don't know, but if it passes into Kevin Yamagata's hands...

Page 18:
Jackie: I wonder what's written inside it...?
Yamashita: Wanna look?
Randy: M... Maybe we'd better not...

Page 19:
Kevin: This is...

Page 20:
Xavier: Amazing!!
This is truly a demon's cave...
An evil den of heresy!!
If I were a demon, I would come here to worship!!

Page 21:
Xavier: Ooh!!
That hole looks like the perfect place for an altar...!!
That looks like a great place for demons to dwell!!

Page 22:
SFX: ZA...
SFX: ZA...
SFX: ZA...
Xavier: ?
Th... This is...

Page 23:
Guys: Young master, where are you?!
Master Fransisco!
Master Fransisco Xavier!!
Wh... What shall we do? He's nowhere to be found!!
Master Xavier----!!
Xavier: What is this...?
What does it mean?

Page 24:
Xavier: Letters...?
Or a drawing...?
Is it a message from a demon...?
Side: What is the meaning of this pattern engraved on the wall?! This place is Basque. Later in life, this boy will be Saint Francisco Xavier, the man to transport the scroll to the far East.
Bottom: Billy Bat Chapter 91 / End
What connection does the drawing on the wall have with the scroll?!

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