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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

Toriko 211

"Cooking Fest" Opens!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 7, 2012 07:20 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 211

Only for use by HWMN.

Now, for what we've all been waiting for...
[Toriko 211 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: That day----
people disappeared from town all over the world......
Narration: Where did the people go...?!
Title: 「Toriko」
Side: ☆Newest Jump Comics, Volume 21, now on sale with great fanfare!!
Bottom: ☆Every Sunday at 9AM on Fuji TV the TV Anime is airing with great popularity, exploding with food!!

Page 2-3:
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Narration: The food festival that happens only once in four years!!
"Cooking Festival"!!
now opens-----!!!
Insert: Take special attention for dropping things from your cheeks?!
Title: Gourmet 211 "Cooking Fest" Opens!!

Page 4:
Komatsu: IE~~~~
What is thiiis?!!
Someone: We came here to pick you up, Komatsu-sama.
Komatsu: It's so long!!
Is this a car or a train?!
Guy: It is a Gourmet Limousine, sir.
All of the participants of "Cooking Fest" are treated as VIP, you see.

Page 5:
Toriko: What're you doin'?! Get in already, Komatsu!
We're gonna be late!!
Komatsu: To...
Toriko: But ma~~~~n. This is goo~~~d!
Ain't the *"Rubeer" you get in Gourmet Limousine's the best?!!
Komatsu: I... I'm too nervous. I can't even swallow the juice.
Toriko: What're you all stiff for?
Asterisk: *Shizuoka Prefecture's 上岡純一-san's work!
It's a festival, ain't it? Let's relax and enjoy it!
Komatsu: I... I still can't believe it...
I'm actually appearing in the Fest...

Page 6:
Toriko: Well, it's the "Cooking Fest" to determine the best cooking in the world. And you can only be in it if you're in that months' Ranking Top 100!
And you got within the top 100, so of course you're in!
Komatsu: B... But... Everyone in the top 100 are well-known cooks.
Today, cooking stars will be gathering from all over the world.
Toriko: They haven't got anything you don't got.
I guarantee you.
You're in a combo with me...!!
Have confidence!!
Komatsu: To...

Page 7:
Komatsu: Now that I think of it... there are going to be a lot of people there I want to get autographs from...
Handwritten: Haaa, what do I do...? I'm so nervous...
Toriko: That's what you're nervous about?!
Guy: Komatsu-sama.
We'll be arriving at our destination momentarily.
Toriko: Ooh.
Narration: Site of the Fest, "Cooking Island"---- [quote white.]
This festival held once every four years is always held on his island. This island is also called the "cook's holy land"...
There is an average of 100 million tourists on this island each day.
And over 36 billion each year.
That's a figure that easily surpasses the world's total population of 31.2 billion.

Page 8:
Narration: On this, "opening day",
there are an incredible 1 billion spectators visiting the island.
The live broadcasts have average TV ratings of 95%.
At their moment of peak rating for the "deciding battles" and the like, which are broadcast in prime time, the ratings astoundingly reach over 99%.
On this day alone, about 29.6 billion from all over the world are glued to their TVs.
It is called a "Cooking Holiday", a "food day" (holiday) by the people...
On this day, most people are said to disappear from the streets.

Page 9:
Toriko: OAAAAH! That's *"Tutlemelon Bread", ain't it?!
Komatsu: Aaah, hold on! Toriko-san, if you get out in a place like this...
People: Huh? Toriko?
No way, for real?!
It's really him! Heavenly King Toriko!!
Sign: Turtlemelon Bread (Kameron Pan)
500 Yen Each
Asterisk: *Kanagawa Prefecture 渡部 直美 & 大和-san's work!!
Toriko: Hm?
People: Torikoooo!!
Toriko: Owuaaah! What the hell?!
People: Torikoo!
Thank you for defeating the Four Beast!!
Komatsu: A~~~h, geez... Because of that thing with the Four Beast...
He's become even more famous...
People: Our saviooor!!
Someone: Savior?
You mean... me?

Page 10:
Sani: Hmm?
Komatsu: Sa...
People: Waaa! It's Sani!
It's Sani of the Four Heavenly Kings!!
Sani: Don' get neat me! You're filthy!!
"Hair Lock"!!
People: GyaaAA I can't mooove!!
Coco: Such rough behavior isn't beautiful, Sani.
Sani: !!
People: You're here, too, Cocooooo?!!
People: KYAAA Coco-samaa! [Heart]
Coco: Ah, please stop. I am poisonous after all.
Sani: That's what's not beaut'ful!! ["That's" in italics.]

Page 11:
Zebra: Pipe the fuck down, you bastards!!
People: GyaAA it's Zebraaa!!
He's so scaryyyy!
(In Bubble): Run awaaay!
Zebra: Ya running away?!! Adapt, dammit!!
People: The Four Heavenly Kings are standing together!!
Even our saviors have come to enjoy the Feeeest!!
Toriko: We won't just...
be having fun, though...
Komatsu: Everyone!!

Page 12:
People: !!
Chef Komatsu!!!
It's Chef Komatsuuuu!!!
It's Chef Komatsu, who entered the Ranking at 88th!!!
Komatsu: Huh?
People: It's another saviooooor!!
Thank you, Chef Komatsu!!
Congrats on your rank-in, Chef Komatsu!!
Komatsu: Ah...
Thank you very much...
People: Good luck in the Fest, Chef Komatsu!!
You've definitely got a shot at the championship title!!
We're cheering you on, Chef Komatsu!!

Page 13:
Toriko: Hahah.
Now even Komatsu is a super-famous chef, looks like.
Coco: He did suddenly rank-in after the Medicinal Cooking Mochi incident, after all.
Guy: At the Century Soup event...
I never imagined he would become such a presence...
Someone: "G7" Patch-shi!!
Patch: Chef Komatsu!
Your potential is still immeasurable.
You might even pose a threat to the top ranking chefs.
Toriko: There sure are a lot of SP, ain't there?
Does a "G7" really need that many bodyguards?
Patch: They're not... for me. ["for me" in italics.]
You understand, don't you, Toriko?
Narration: The chefs are there of course----

Page 14:
Narration: From famous "Bishokuya"----
to "Saiseiya"----
all of the people that surrounded the Gourmet Age...
to see the birth of the ultimate chef
amassed in droves
from all over the world----

Page 15:
Narration: "Cooking Stadium"----
With capacity of 100 million people--- it is the main stage of "Cooking Festival".
Guy: Nooow, finallyyy, it has arriiiived!
The food festivaaal that comes just once every four yeaaars!!
Cooking Festival!!!
Now theeen, without further ado, the 100 participaaaants...
Guy: enter!!!

Page 16:
Star: Joejoe.
Is everyone ready?

Page 17:
Joejoe: Yes.
Just say the word...
Star: Okay,
[So Limon is a girl, I guess.]

Page 18-19:
Star: shall we go?
Insert: Signs of a storm...?!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 211
/ End

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