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Billy Bat 92

The Scroll's Code

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 8, 2012 06:05 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 92

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Ooook. We're down to one more after this.

[Billy Bat 92 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
All: ............
Side: A great many people searched and lost their lives to try to find it. The "Bat's Scroll". What code is hidden inside it?!
People: !!

Page 2:
Kevin: Ha...... Hahahah.
All: ?
Kevin: This scroll may...
not be something I need.
Title: Chapter 92
The Scroll's Code

Page 3:
Xavier: What is it...?
What are these rows of strange markings...?

Page 4:
Xavier: When and why would someone write these here...?
What was their goal...?
If they even are characters...
It's not Latin, nor Spanish,
nor Basque, nor French...

Page 5:
Xavier: GYA!!
Xavier: Owww...
Upside down?!!

Page 6:
Xavier: That means this is...
Like this?!!
And this part...
Goes like this...
Xavier: And here!!
Xavier: Done!!
What of that?!! There is nothing that I, Francisco Xavier, cannot solve!!

Page 7:
Xavier: I have exposed
the mysterious bat that dwells in the demon's cave!!
What wicked eyes it has.
I'm so thrilled!!
But Bat, none of your heresy will make me yield!!

Page 8:
Xavier: I am Francisco Xavier...
Billy: Yo!

Page 9:
Billy: Are you the carrier?
Woah there! If you faint, we can't chat!

Page 10:
Xavier: What..
are you...?
Billy: What do I look like?
Xavier: A bat...
Billy: Then go with that.
Xavier: Go with that...?
Billy: Anyhow, it took quite some time for that picture to get put together.
And it's all thanks to you.
Xavier: Did I
accidentally call you?
Billy: Well, as far as being just as planned can go, it was just as planned.
Xavier: Just as planned...?
Billy: And you're gonna need you to do one more thing that's just as planned.

Page 11:
Xavier: I have to do one more thing...?
Billy: Yeah, I have a little something I want you to go do for me.
It's pretty urgent, so ya can't be too lax about this.
Xavier: Go? Where?
Billy: East.
Xavier: East?
Do you mean for me to go somewhere around Turkey?
Billy: Don't be stupid! Way, way further!
Xavier: M... Might you mean to around India...?
Billy: Quick talkin' like you're asleep!
Way, way further. Aaaaall the way East!! The Eastern tip!!

Page 12:
Billy: Either way, you're going on a trip.
Across a far, far, far away sea even beyond China!
Xavier: Amazing...!! So it will be a truly amazing adventure?!!
Billy: Oh, so you've finally come around, huh?
Xavier: But... I can't.
I'm still a child...
Billy: I ain't sayin' to go right now.
You'd be in time if you got there 500 years from now for this thing.
Xavier: F... Five hundred years?!!
Did you not say this was urgent?!!
Billy: 500 years ain't that long.
If your mind wanders a bit, it'll be over before ya know it.

Page 13:
Billy: I've got something you need to deliver to a certain man.
Xavier: Certain man...?
Billy: Yeah. The man who's gonna save the world.
Okay, now let me tell you what you need to carry.
You listenin'?
Xavier: Y... Yes. But... Um...
Billy: What is it?
Xavier: Um...
Are you God?
Billy: Hmmmm.
Which one was older again~~~~?

Page 14:
Billy: ......Well!! That stuff doesn' really matter.
I'm gonna tell you the important thing you've gotta carry. Ready?
Xavier: Y... Yes.
Guys: Master Franciscooooo!!

Page 15:
Guys: You're all right!!
Master Francisco!!
Xavier: A huge shadow floated out of this rock wall!!
And he asked me something!!
Guys: ?
Xavier: Are you the carrier? He asked...
And so I answered.
Of course! I, Francisco Xavier will carry it!

Page 16:
Jackie: What is this...?
Kevin: It's like a drawing guide song.
Jackie: Drawing guide song...?
Kevin: If you draw following along with what it says, anyone can draw Billy Bat.
T/N: A drawing guide song is something they have in Japan where you sing a song that goes along with specific parts of a drawing in order to draw a specific picture.

Page 17:
Jackie: Huh... Really?
Yamashita: So you draw this, and that...
And then this...
Kevin: Anyhow, let's see what's written past there...
Jackie: ?
A heart shape? Is this a map...?
And a picture of a rocky mountain...?
Yamashita: There's something drawn over here, too.
Jackie: Hm?

Page 18:
Randy: It looks like some sorta machine, doesn' it?
Yamashita: And this, next to it...
Jackie: What's this supposed to be?
It's just a circle...
Kevin: Somehow, I know what that circle means.
I've drawn it in manga many times...

Page 19:
Kevin: It's the moon.

Page 20:
[And here's some stuff...]

Page 21:

Page 22:
Guys: Incredible!!
Guys: Wonderful!! It's a perfect moon world!!
There was one thing.
The way the flag seemed like it was waving...
Guy: Now that you mention it, there's no air on the moon, so there wouldn't be any wind, would there?
Akechi: It's a vacuum, so it's fine like that.

Page 23:
Akechi: And it'd look bad if your country's flag drooped, right?
Guy: I see!!
He's right. Otherwise the stars and stripes would look shabby!!
Just what I'd expect from the director!!
Chuck Culkin Enterprises' Japanese master special effects director, Akechi!!
With to greats of the entertainment world working together,
you put together one incredible film!!
Akechi: Hmph. I'm stuck on one thing.
Guy: ..........

Page 24:
Akechi: The last scene where it pans from the flag.
Guy: What about it?
Akechi: There's the footprints of the effects staff or somebody in the shot.
Guy: Huh? I didn't notice that at all...
Don't you think it could've been one of the astronaut's footprints?
Akechi: Do astronauts wear leather shoes?
Guy: H... Huh?
Akechi: Gather the staff!!
We're doin' a reshoot!!
Side: Was the most famous movie in the world made five years before humanity reached the moon?! What does Billy seek on the moon...?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 92 / End
Next issue, the climax of the 8 weeks of serialization!!

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