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Toriko 212

The Contestants Appear!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 14, 2012 07:11 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 212

Only for use by HWMN.

Seriously... SOoooOOooo much text. Makes sense there's no chapter next week, because there's two weeks' worth of text in this.

I'll be getting to work on Gintama now which is like 3 times this.

[Toriko 212 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: The food festival that takes place once every four years, "Cooking Festival"----
Side: The epicenter of yet-unknown Gourmet...!!
Title: 「Toriko」
Narration: This event is seen by the majority of the world's population of 31.2 billion.
It is a mammoth of an event that yields an economic result of 4 quadrillion or even 5 quadrillion yen.
The TV channels of the world wagered their company's fortunes by investing huge sums of money to acquire the rights to broadcast it.
The average cost for the rights to run a 30 second commercial once is 1 billion yen.
Every slot for the Fest, which spans one day, are sold completely within a few minutes.
There are several legends connected with Cooking Fest...
Like that the commercial songs that air during the golden time of the Fest's finals sells 5 million copies in one day...
Side: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 22, now on sale!!

Page 2:
Narration: Or that advertised books get 1 billion copies preordered...
Book: Gourmet Club
Narration: Or that there are companies which have sold 10 million cars at once...
However, those are all nothing more than temporary economic effects.
[Those are all just Volkswagen beetles with a fore and knife on the front...]
The ones with the leading roles in the Fest are the "chefs"------!!
What that "champion" attains are incomparable to all of those things.
What the champion chef is given is not a trophy or a cup...
or a shield or a statue----
But merely the "title" of Cooking Festival Champion-----

Page 3:
Narration: But everything in this world comes with that title...
The champion of Cooking Festival is called the "Supercook".
They gain status and renown as a chef of course.
But no matter how many decades go by, so much money would pour in that they could never use it all.
In the Gourmet Age, there is no higher honor for a chef
than the title of "Supercook"...
The festival has a 200 year long history, making this festival the milestone 50th.
The chefs that gained the title of "Supercook" in the previous 49 festivals...
only totaled 5 people----

Page 4-5:
Announcer: Noooooow, finallyyyy it has beguuuuun! The 50th Cooking Festival!!
Here at Cooking Stadiuuum, the huge crowd of 100 million people is truly about to come to a boiiiil!!!
Insert Text: What shakes the ground are those roaring "appetites"!!!
Lower Insert: ☆Every Sunday at 9AM on FujiTV
the TV Anime is airing with great popularity, exploding with food!!
Title: Gourmet 212 The Contestants Appear!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 6:
Toriko: UWAHHA!
Man, this place is intense!!
Komatsu is really gonna have a chef face-off here?
I almost can't believe it!
Zebra: Heey, keep bringin' in the food, you morons!!
Sani: Can't you just pipe down and eat?
Coco: Look.
Coco: All of the members of "G7" are here.
That's something you don't often see.
Toriko: Just what you'd expect for Cooking Fest.
There are a ton of other authorities on food here, too.

Page 7:
[Oh, that's the Jigar guy.]
Zonge: Why am I in a regular seat, dammiiiit?!
Henchman: Calm down, Zonge-samaa!
Toriko: That person is...
Announcer: Now theeen, without further adoooo,
the 100 participaaaants...
Toriko: Oh.
Sani: Matsu's comin' out!!
Announcer: The first to enter iiiis...

Page 8:
Announcer: Right off the bbaaat!! The current titleholder and champion of the previous festival!! A clear number 1 in the World Chef Ranking!!
The legendary "Cooking King", "Zaus"!!!
Description: "Cooking King"
(Ranking - 1st)
Announcer: He ranks 2nd in the total number of times holding the festival championship title at 14!! As you all know, the leading man of food!!!
People: ZAUSSS!!
Chef Zauuuus!!
Toriko: Hahah, awesome!
The top guy showed up right out of the gate!!
Announcer: Appearing next is the owner chef of the restaurant of cooking from different ethnicities, "Nostalgia"!!
The "Young Ethnic King", "Klaraman"!!
12th on the Chef Ranking!! The cook they say currently has the most momentum!!
Description: "Ethnic King"
(Ranking - 12th)

Page 9:
Narrator: The next appearance is the owner chef of the mysterious Ramen shop "KURAKAGE" which makes 20 billion yen yearly with only one restaurant,
"Ramen Master" Kurakage"!!
Will we see his divine techniques today?!!
T/N: The store name is in romaji, whereas the person's name is written in kanji. His name means "warehose" and "shadow".
Description: "Ramen Master"
(Ranking - 9th)
Announcer: With a 7 year wait for reservations!! Customers come from all over the world seeking that "bread", representing the bakery "Pippi"!!
The "genius bread artisan" "Pipi" appeaaars!!
With a ranking of 8th, make sure you take a good look at that skill!!
T/N: Again, the shop is written in romaji. The name is hiragana here.
Description: "Genius Bread Artisan"
(Ranking - 8th)
Announcer: He can taste future flavors!! The owner chef of "Free Taste"!!
"Shocking Original Cuisine" "CM Goron"!!
He's an imposing 7th in the ranking!! And he's here today to bring us some new tastes!!
Description: "Original Cuisine"
----CM Goron----
(Ranking - 7th)

Page 10:
Announcer: There he is!! "Young Dessert Prince" "Anyo Jr."!!
Owner chef of the sweets shop "Prince"!!
With those sweet tastes that melt not only the tongue, but the whole body, will he bring the customers to heaveeeen?!!
Description: "Dessert Prince"
---Anyo Jr.-----
(Ranking - 6th)
Announcer: And here we have the shish-kebab man!! Manager of the shish-kebab shop "Mitsu Kushi"!!
"Three Eyes Horis" appeaaars!!
With those three eyes he can grill up hundreds of shish kebabs at once. Don't miss high light-speed food techniques!!
Description: "Skewer User"
---Three Eyes Horis---
(Ranking - 13th)
T/N: Mistu Kushi = "Three Skewers"
Announcer: And you all know her!! The owner chef of the bizarre food cuisine shop "Harawata"!!
T/N: Harawata = Innards
"Bizarre Food Queen" "Kopuriko"----!! Those who haven't, make sure you relish those tastes!! She may look like that but her flavors are super first-class!! ["that" in italics.]
Description: "Bizarre Food Queen"
(Ranking - 24th)

Page 11:
Announcer: From the famous sushi restaurant "Ouki" is "Nigiri Master" Chef "Rikiya"!!
T/N: Ouki is made up of the kanji for "fish" and "draw near". "Nigiri" Means "to mold" as in sushi/rice.
Description: "Nigiri Master"
(Ranking - 30th)
Announcer: Will he unleash the secret techniques of that famous shop with 300 years of history?!!
Announcer: He... He's huuuuge!!! The owner chef of the Giant Restaurant "Jumbo Food"!!
"Giant Cuisine" "Darin"!!
Description: "Giant Cuisine"
(Ranking - 25th)
Announcer: People who want to eat to their heart's content, count on Darin----!!
He's here!! The manager of the 10-star Chinese Cuisine restaurant "Rei".
"Chinese Emperor" "Reishun"!!
T/N: Reishun is made up of "zero" and "spring". The store's name means "zero" as well.
Description: "Chinese Emperor"
(Ranking - 18th)
Announcer: There number of Gourmets that use all their savings for his Full Course are never ending!!

Page 12:
Announcer: They keep on coming!! The owner of the oden shop that gets 20 kilometer long lines, "Gen-chan"!!
Description: "Revolutionary Old Man of Stew"
(Ranking - 21st)
Announcer: "Revolutionary Old Man of Stew" "Gen-chan"----!! He's closed his shop to come here today!!
Announcer: Here, here, here he is!! He can fool any spicy food critic, owner chef of the curry shop "Damala's Curry"!!
Description: "Curry King"
---Damala Sky the 13th---
(Ranking - 4th)
Announcer: "Curry King" "Damala Sky the 13th"!!
Will the spices he makes shake this festival?!
Announcer: And here he his!! From "Space Cuisine Paionia", "Appolo"!!
Description: "Space Cuisine"
(Ranking - 27th)
Announcer: With yet-unknown space ingredients, he has built a monumental work in cooking culture, the top man of space cuisine!! With his incredible number of achievements, he's recently entered the ranking at 27th!!

Page 13:
Announcer: Now we move from "space" to the "deep sea"!! The Owner Chef of Undersea Cuisine "Ryuuguu Tower"!!
T/N: "Ryuuguu" is from the Japanese folklore meaning "Dragon Palace". A palace under the sea where the dragon god of the sea dwells.
Description: "Undersea Cuisine"
(Ranking - 29th)
Announcer: "Undersea Restaurant Pioneer" "Mami" has appeared!! This chef that rarely appears in public is here today!!
Announcer: Speaking of people you don't see in the open, here's this man!! The manager of the poison cuisine specialist shop "Doku no Su"!
T/N: Doku no Su = Poison Nest/Hive
"Poison Cooking" "Tairan"---!!
Description: "Poison Cooking"
(Ranking - 19th)
Announcer: He was also one of the saviors in the incident with the Four Beast!! Now he's appeared before us once agaiiiin!!
Announcer: This man comes from the downtown gourmet city, "Gourmet Ally"!!
Once you get a bite of his infinite hormone grilling, you can't stop!! Manager of "Mogura" "Yuuji"----!!
Description: "Hormone Master"
(Ranking - 16th)
Announcer: Will we see the true meaning of downtown gourmet?!!

Page 14:
Announcer: And here he iiiiiis!! A man that needs no introduction, "Authority on Medicinal Cooking" and Owner Chef of "Zen Ou"!! "1-Millimeter Yuda"----!!!
Yuda: I won't let the championship escape my one millimeter.
Description: "Medicinal Cooking Authority"
(Ranking - 5th)
Announcer: He held the championship title twice in the past. So of course he ranks as a potential champion for this festival!!
When you think of oil, you think of him!! Chef of Deep Frying Cuisine "Oil King"!!
"Oil User" "Wabutora" appeaaaars!!
What flows in his veins is not blood, but oil!!
Description: "Oil User"
(Ranking - 14th)
Wabutora: Actually it's blood, as of now.
Narrator: With his face like that, the cakes he makes are excelleeent!! From the cake store "Majic Honey"
the "Sweets Magician" "Mitsurou"!!
Narration: "Sweets Magician"
(Ranking - 11th)
Announcer: Take a look at his taste magic that's just like a conjuring trick!!

Page 15:
Announcer: Former 'Underground Cooking World Boss" "Livebearer" has arriiiived!!
With the wealth of knowledge he took from others, he can make any and all kinds of cooking!!
Will this charismatic man of Underground Gourmet go wiiild?!!
Live: No need to say anything unnecessary.
Description: "Underground Cooking World Boss"
(Ranking - 17th)
Announcer: He has no fans as a "singer" but as a "chef" he has fans in the hundreds of millions!!
Koyubi: Listen to my songs, too.
Announcer: "Singer Chef" "Koyubi" appeaaars!!
We're looking forward to his cooking more than his singing today, tooooo!!
Description: "Singer Chef"
(Ranking - 26th)
T/N: Koyubi means "pinky finger".
Announcer: Now, he's here!! Head chef from "Disappearance Cuisine"
"Delicate Cooking" "Chiru" enteeers!!
Description: "Delicate Cooking"
(Ranking - 15th)
Announcer: Will we see the true meaning of beautiful Food Honooor?!!
Announcer: And, aaaaand...
that woman is finally here!!

Page 16:
Narrator: The decisive 1st place in number of championships held at 29!! An outstanding 2nd in World Chef Ranking!!
The big favorite in our grand festival!! It may not be going too far to call her the central player of Gourmet Festival!!!
"Gourmet Human National Treasure" "Setsuno-saaaan!!!!"
Setsuno: Uhhuhhu
Description: "Gourmet Human National Treasure"
(Ranking - 2nd)
Sani: There she is, Granny Setsu!!
Toriko: Granny Setsuuuuu!! Go easy on 'em!!
If you go all out, this festival will be over in no time!
Komatsu: That sure is a lot of cheering.
I guess I've got to expect that for Setsuno-san.

Page 17:
Announcer: Oooh! Here we have Chef "Lulubhu" from traditional Japanese restaurant "Guts" and "Tsurara" Mama from Snack "Tsurara"!!
And there's "Nakaume Cooking School's" lunch lady Chef 'Sumire"!!
Our World Rankers keep entering one after another!!
Ume: Old Lady Sumire!!
Announcer: And now he makes his appeaaaance!!!
Toriko: !!
Toriko: Here he iiiiis!!!

Page 18-19:
Announcer: He has many remarkable achievements starting with the "Century Soup", then the discovery of the "Mors Oil", and the simplification method for the "Medicinal Cooking Mochi".
He's entered the Chef Ranking at a splendid 88th place!!!
Head Chef of the "Hotel Gourmet Restaurant"! Chef "Komatsu" takes center staaaage!!!
People: Komatsuuu!!
Chef Komatsuuu!!
Give it your all, Chef Komatsuuu!!
Koamtsu: Th...
Thank you...
Description: "Hotel Gourmet Chef"
(Ranking - 88th)
Komatsu: A... Am I really...
going to be up against all these people...?
Handwritten: Haha...
Toriko: Komatsuuuuu!
Show 'em!
Komatsu: !
Toriko: Show your strength
to the whole world!!!
Insert Text: Questioned true value...!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 212
/ End
Next issue this manga is on hiatus.
It will reappear in issue 1 of the new year with the opening color!!

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