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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 93

A New Journey

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 21, 2012 03:44 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 93

Only for use by Red Hawk Scans.

Now that's a twist. Still much more to come, then. See ya'll in March.

[Billy Bat 93 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Xavier: Hmmm.
What a suspicious looking cave.
Truly a cave worthy of being called a demon cave!!
But I must set foot inside it.
Because there is something waiting for me in here.
And its true identity is...
Side: A boy explores a cave. The time is the middle ages. The demon the boy seems is... And in Kevin's mind, ideas flood out like a fountain?!

Page 2:
Xavier: And its true identity is...

Page 3:
Caveman: God...
Kevin: HA!!
Billy: Yo.

Page 4:
Billy: Yeah, that's the ticket.
TItle: Chapter 93
A New Journey
Billy: While you're reading me loud and clear, let's go straight from here to a trip.

Page 5:
Kevin: Trip...?
BIlly: I don't wanna sound hash, but ya gotta go right away.
Jackie: Kevin-san?
Kevin: !!
Jackie: Don't tell me you stayed up all night?
Kevin: Ah... Yeah. I kinsa just kept getting ideas for manga one after another...
You're up pretty early yourself, aren't you?
Jackie: I noticed something.
Kevin: ?

Page 6:
Jackie: I've been carrying around my college research notes, and uh...
There was that heart shaped map looking thing written drawn in the scroll, right?
Kevin: Yeah...
Jackie: Here.
Kevin: This is...
exactly the same shape as the one written in the scroll!!
Jackie: It's a region of Spain called Basque.

Page 7:
Jackie: That's the hometown of the missionary Francisco Xavier.
Kevin: Xavier...
Jackie: This place on the map marked with an X, here...
He was the son of a noble. That's right where the Xavier Castle he grew up in is!!
Kevin: Son of a noble...
Jackie: Does that ring any bells?
Kevin: There's probably...
a cave there.
And there's something incredibly important in that cave...

Page 8:
Jackie: Anyhow, we've gotta go.
Kevin: Huh...?
Jackie: Today's the last day of our Golden Cola Tour. We've gotta get back to Haneda Airport by this evening.
Kevin: I see... But...
I'm worried about where Zofuu-sensei is as well...
Jackie: You're a special invitee, so maybe you can get an extension.
But our fight back to America is today. But after that, we've gotta hurry to Spain...
Kevin: Jackie.
I don't think I could ever thank you enough.

Page 9:
Kevin: Thanks to you, I've felt like I wanted to go back to being a mangaka.
Jackie: Something like that? Thanks to me...?
Kevin: I've been wandering a complicated path, but...
I'm going to draw.
The real Billy Bat.
I may not have much of a chance against the fake BIlly Bat now that's gotten so popular, but...
When I get my BIlly Bat quietly published somewhere, please read it.
Jackie: ..........

Page 10:
Jackie: Um... Hey...
Why're you talking like we're saying goodbye for? We're going to Spain together...
Kevin: I can't put you and your father in any more danger.
I'll be all right going it alone from here.
And I don't think that Billy will be appearing before you again.
I'm going back to the village to say goodbye to your dad.
Jackie: H... Hold on!!
Hold on a second, Kevin-san!!

Page 11:
Officer: Good morning!
Guys: Oh, good morning officer-han!
It's the first nice morning we've had an a while, eh?
Officer: Sure is.
Officer: But we've gotta do somethin' about these holes soon.
Even if the whole villages works together to fill them in, it'll probably take days...

Page 12:
Officer: But before that, the guys from headquarters are gonna come and inspect the situation...
Guy: Officer-san.
Officer: Oh, good morning.
Guy: Um, Officer-san.
Officer: Officer-san...? ["san" in italics.]
Guy: Where'd ya put it?
Officer: Where'd I
put what?
Guy: The scroll...

Page 13:
Suit 1: As I expected, that man...
Suit 2: He's not one of the members of this village.
Someone who is not a villager has trespassed in the village.
We can only confirm one at this point, but there is a possibility there are several such people.
I believe he is likely to be one of Kurusu's group.
If we don't do something this could turn into the worst case scenario.
Both the scroll and Kevin Yamagata will fall into Kurusu's hands.

Page 14:
Finny: That's not all. They should be in possession of the "Black Bat Manuscript Copy".
Given that, it would go beyond the worst case scenario.
There's no choice. This is a reset.
Suit 2: Did you say reset?
Finny: I'm telling you to return it to the starting point.
Suit 2: Roger.

Page 15:
Randy: Huh?
You're going to Spain alone?
Jackie: You've got to stop him, Dad!
Randy: I really think you'd better not.
It's in the newspapers a lot, too. That place is under Franco's rule of terror!!
Jackie: Not that,
I'm saying to stop him from leaving me behind and going alone!
Randy: What're you talking about? There's no way in hell you're going. That Basque region is especially dangerous!! ["you're " in italics.]
Jackie: .........!!
We can't let Kevin-san go alone!!
Randy: Nobody's going alone or with somebody else!!
Kevin: Anyhow, you two need to hurry to Haneda Airport.
Both: ..........

Page 16:
Kevin: I'm truly indebted to you.
Randy-san, thank you for loving my manga for so long.
It's okay. Don't worry.
There are many adventures of your favorite Billy Bat still to come.
Now, you need to hurry and get ready, then go to Haneda.
Guy: Hey...
SFX: ZA...

Page 17:
Guy: I'm, uh, looking for the scroll.
Do ya know where it is?
Don'cha remember? It's me, dude.
You've got a secret you don't want to get out, right?
Then hand over that scroll peacefully.

Page 18:
Kevin: The yakitori seller...
Guy: Hold onto it tight!!
Guys: HAA
Guy: Okay, that should be good...!!
Okay, let's go!!
If anybody sees us, we're done for!!

Page 19:
Guy: Okay, then. I won't say anything unpleasant.
Just hand over that scroll.

Page 20:
Kevin: Huh...?

Page 21:
Jackie: Kevin-san!!
Somebody: Our pride is now passing through high in the skies above us.

Page 22:
Somebody: You can see it with the naked eye, can't you?!!
The gallant figure of the Space Shuttle Colombia!!
Guys: Can you see it?
Is that it?
That spot over there just sparkled.
Kid: Where?
Where's the space shuttle?

Page 23:
Boy: .........
Kevin: Are you okay?
Kid: Woah...
It was like you were flying through the sky to come save me...

Page 24:
Boy: Just like Billy!
Like the guy I watch on TV every week, Billy Bat!!
Kevin: No... I'm not Billy or anyone like that.
I'm Kevin.
Narration: America 1981
Side: The story of Billy Bat connecting continuously from ancient times has been guided to a new age. Could this young man calling himself Kevin be... him...?!
Insert: The super-exciting new series of chapters
starts next March!!
Please look forward to it!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 93 / End
The new stage is 1981?! What story will begin there?!

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