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Toriko 213

The Preliminaries Start!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 28, 2012 17:10 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 213

Only for use by HWMN.

Whew... Lots... lots more talking, again. Well, I guess this arc sorta lends itself to that. Really cool stuff though.

[Toriko 213 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1-2:
Top Insert: ☆For just before the release of Jump Comics Volume 22 and the 3DS game!! Opening color pages as thanks for popularity!!
Middle Insert: Ultra-splendorous!!
A dream
Octagons: ★Four Heavenly Kings VS Four Beast!!
The battle that the fate of humanity rides on begins!!
The newest, Jump Comics V22
goes on sale 12/4!! [Orange]
★Starting in January, the new ending theme is set to be "Niji" (Rainbow) by JUN SKY WALKER(S)!!
The start of 2013 will heat up with a rock number overflowing with courage!! [Blue/Black]
★Every Sunday at 9AM of Fuji TV
the TV Anime is airing, exploding with food!! [Teal]
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Bottom: ☆The release date is nearly here!! The 3DS Game "Toriko Gourmet Monsters!" goes on sale 12/13 (Thurs.)!! For details, check page 24!!

Page 3:
Insert: ☆A Jump Festa 2013, Sakurai Takahiro-san (the role of Coco) has been decided to appear on the Super Stage!!
Title: Gourmet 213
The Preliminaries Start!!
Insert: Are all the preparations for the opening of Cooking Fest going flawlessly?!
Narration: IGO 1st Biotope
Mansam: Heeeey, are you still not done, Rin?!!
The Fest is already starting!!
Rin: Hold on just a sec, baldy!!
It's really hard to get these guys to listen!! ["these guys" in italics.]
Mansam: This is supposed to be where you show your skill as a "Wild Beast Trainer", ain't it?!!
Those are the clones we made just for this day!! Keep them under control!!
And wait, did you just say handsome...?
Rin: No, I didn't!!
T/N: This is that same joke where he takes the "ha" in "hage" (bald) and extrapolates it to "handsome".

Page 4:
Mansam: Shige-san, we'll be able to leave soon, so...
Shigematsu: Mm. Hurry.
This year...
may be the last Fest...!!

Page 5:
Announcer: Now, now, nooooow! At this sure to be memorable 50th Cooking Festival,
all 100 chefs are now here on stage in Cooking Stadiuuuuum!!
It's so hooooot!! With all the passionate excitement in the stadium, it's truly and oven down heeeere!!
Announcer: Of course, the hundred people here represent the Gourmet Age!!
Chefs that should truly be called treasures are gathered here today!!!

Page 6:
Narrator: But I think the one we need to keep our eye on this Festival is this maaaan!!
People: Do your best, Chef Komatsuuuu!!
Che Komatsuuuu!!
What a face that Chef Komatsu's makiiiing!!
Announcer: Appearing at his first festival after entering the ranking at 88th place, it's Hotel Gourmet's Chef Komatsu!!
We're all excited to see how much of a fight he gives the top-rankers!!
Komatsu: M... My face is sh... shaking so much...
I'm frozen solid with nervousness. I'm starting to look like a really abnormal-looking character.
SFX: GATA GATA GATA GATA (Teeth chattering)
Toriko: It's okay, Komatsuuu!
Komatsu: !
Toriko: I know you can do it!! Have confidence!!
You're gonna show the world what you've got!!

Page 7:
Komatsu: To...
That's right...
I'm in a combo with him, Toriko-san...!!
So I'm not embarrassed as Toriko-san's combo partner
I've got to have confidence and take on the challenge...!!
Wabutora: So you're Chef Komatsu?
I've wanted to meet you.
Komatsu: !
Komatsu: AAAAH, the oil use master!!
Chef Wabutora!!

Page 8:
Wabutora: That "Mors Oil" you discovered is a wonderful oil.
I've been able to use it at my shop as a deep-frying oil.
I thank you for discovering it.
Komatsu: Th... Thank you so much!!
Though, I didn't discover that on my own...
But anyhow, it's an honor that you're using it!!
Komatsu: Ah... Um... I've read all of your books, Chef Wabutora.
I got a pre-order for your new book "You and I, Water and Oil" the second I got a chance.
Wabutora: Ah, thank you.
Handwriting: I've been a big fan for a long time.
They're really great!
Kama: It's favorite of mine, too~~~
The Mors Oil...
Description: "Miso Soup Granny"
----Granny Kama----
(Ranking - 54th)
Komatsu: "Miso Soup Granny" Chef "Granny Kama"!
Kama: Hihhihhi!
That's a ni~~ce oil, ya know~~~

Page 9:
Komatsu: C....
Guy: Even more so than the Mors Oil,
I was really moved by that Medicinal Cooking Mochi~~~
Komatsu: AH!
Komatsu: Cooking Speed Master!!
"Mach Cooking" Chef "Ton"!!
Description: "Mach Cooking"
(Ranking - 33rd)
Ton: If only I were there during the whole Four Beast thing, eeeh?
I might've been able to make twice the number of thoooose
Medicinal Cooking Mochi.
[This guy seems like the kind of creepy guy Togashi would design.]

Page 10:
Guy: Just twice, Ton?
If it were me, I'd have kneaded up the to four times the mochi, I'd wager.
Guys: !
Komatsu: AAAh, you're!
Komatsu: "Super Gutsy Udon"
Nerimaru: Nehhehhe
Komatsu: Chef "Nerimaru"!!
Description: "Super Gutsy Udon"
(Ranking - 56th)
Ton: You're saying with that body type, you can cook faster than me?
In your dreaaaams, Nerimaru!
Ton: Hm?
Hey wait, are you actually asleep?
Your eyes are closed.
Nerimaru: They ain't closed, they're just narrow!!
Ton: Ah, they opened.
Guy: FOHFOHFOH, cooking isn't better if it's done faster, you know.
Guys: !

Page 11:
Komatsu: "Soba Hermit" "Kamizaru" Roushi!!
T/N: His name is made up of the kanji for "God" and "strainer". A kind of bamboo strainer a kind of Soba is served in. "Roushi" means a sage or a zen teacher.
Kamizaru: If you seek speed
Description: "Soba Hermit"
(Raking - 34th)
Kamizaru: richness...
comes out less easily.
Guys: He... He sure...
has a thick, rich looking face...
Komatsu: That's a really convincing face.
Ah... Um--- Anyhow...
If you wouldn't mind, could I get all of your autographs?
Wabutora: That's a lot of autograph papers!!
Setsuno: Huhhuhhu. It sure is niiiice to be young.
...Isn't it?

Page 12:
Setsuno: Zau-chan?
Zaus: They're the people of the next generation...
Do you think it's finally time for us to pass the baton, Setsu-san?
Setsuno: You mean retire...?
Huhhuhhu. That word isn't in a chef's vocabulary.
Like how people never retire from eating.

Page 13:
Setsuno: I heard in Chef God Frohze-sama's last moments
he was facing a cutting board with a kitchen knife in hand.
The time we chefs "retire" is when we die.
As long as people keep eating...
Zaus: Then we still cannot surrender it to these young ones, eh?
The title of "Super Cook"...!!
Setsuno: Huhu. I have no intention of handing it over to you, either.
The years you won, Zau-chan, were mostly years when I couldn't come due to being busy with work...
Zaus: Then shall we settle this, Setsu-san?
Setsuno: As you wish.
SFX: BACHI BACHI (Electricity)
Announcer: Ooooh, the sparks of high flames are already flying between the chefs!!
Has the preparation for this battle already beguuun?!!
Setsuno: Hm?
Guy: There sure are a lot of newcomers
this year.

Page 14:
Nomarch: Because of those events... ["those events" in italics]
the faces of the top 100 have changed considerably...
Description: GOURMET 7
(Taste Master)
Toppo: But the favorites have not changed...
Description: GOURMET 7
(Taste Master)
Toppo: Do you think National Treasure Setsuno or Cooking King Zaus will win...?
Oh, is Chef "Bura" absent this year?
Ahmon: Patch-shi, you love unexpected wins.
Who's your prediction for the winner?
Description: GOURMET 7
(Taste Master)
Patch: Huhu...
Unexpected winners, eh...?
Patch: Of course I have a prediction...
Among the newcomers.

Page 15:
Announcer: Nooow, just what sort of battle will unfold at this year's festivaaal?!!
What kinds of recipes will we seeee?!!
And what kind of drama is awaiting uuuus?!!
This, the 50th Cooking Fest!!
Will now get underway!!!
Announcer: By the way, I'm your host "Munageh", bringing you every second!! I've ranked number 1 in favorability ratings for Gourmet MCs 15 years running!!
Munageh: I may have almost been overtaken by "Udegeh-shi" last year, but somehow I was able to get some stuff going behind the scenes and stopped it!! I'll defend my pay for the Fest to the bitter end!!
Guys: That's pretty dark, Munageeeh!!
Munageh: I hope you all have a great time today!!!
Munageh: Without further ado, let's get started!!
Komatsu: Huh? Already?
We start with the 1st battle, the preliminaries!!

Page 16:
Munageh: A food endurance race made up of swimming, biking, and running!!
We call, "Triathlon Cooking"!!!!
Komatsu: Huuuuuh?! Triathlon------?!
Munageh: In this rigorous Gourmet Age, stamina is indispensable even for Chefs!!
Guys: All riiiight! You got iiiiit!!
Okay, let's do iiiit!! [Bottom]
Munageh: Now all the chefs can show us that stamina they've honed like mad on a daily basiiis!!
Komatsu: Uh, I haven't honed a single thiiiing!
Munageh: Here!!
50 of our 100 chefs will drop out!
Komatsu: It's getting cut in haaalf?!!

Page 17:
Munage: Though it's called a triathalon, the battle is really all about "cooking"!!
So chefs with little endurance, have no fear!!
First you swim to obtain "ingredients" which you "transport" by bike and you run to obtain cooking utensils...
Once you've reached to goal kitchen at the end, the cooking begins!!
The chefs that create the top 50 tastiest dishes pass the preliminaries!!
Of course, those with faster times will be able to get more tasty ingredients.
And the slower ones will have to compensate with their cooking skill!!
Now then, we move the stage
to the location for battle 1, the preliminaries, "Triathlon Cookiiiing"!!

Page 18-19:
Sign: 50th Cooking Festival Triathlon cooking
Munage: Nooow, now, now! We're here at "Cooking Island's" famous sandy beach made of uncooked rice. "Rice Beach"!!
Here, "Triathalon Cooking" will begin!!
Insert: A huge free-for-all...!!!
Komatsu: It's no use...
I'm definitely gonna drop out in the preliminaries...
Please lend me your strength~~
Narration: Meanwhile, in Cooking Stadium----
Zebra: Hey, keep hauling out booze, dammit!!
Toriko: This is sooo goood!!
Another portion! Another!!
Narration: The Four Heavenly Kings are having a party----
Handwritten: These guys...
Sani: ......
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 213
/ End
Next issue, the hot battle finally begins!!
What will be Komatsu's fate...?!

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