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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Toriko 217

Signal for the Outbreak of War

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Dec 27, 2012 23:51 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 217

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And he's back...

So now we've got two weeks of breaks. I'm gonna sleeep, probably.

[Toriko 217 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: A mass migration of rats...
Birds suddenly flying in huge flocks...
It is sometimes said that animals display abnormal behavior before an earthquake,
but regardless to the validity of that claim, it is certain that animals have a keener ability for sensing danger than humans do.
Title: 「Toriko」
Side: An SOS told by the wildness!! Before the earliest roar echoes...
Narrator: The Giraffebirds' intuition sensed a clear abnormality.
A cry, notifying others of that, echoed throughout the area.
That moment-----
Bottom: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 22, now on sale with great fanfare!!
☆Every Sunday at 9AM on FujITV
the TV Anime is airing with great popularity, exploding with food!!!

Page 2:
Title: Gourmet 217 Signal for the Outbreak of War!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Komatsu: ......
Ume: It's been a long time,
Side: A reunion with a friend that ate food out of the same pan!!! Komatsu, what are you feeling now...?

Page 3:
Komatsu: Ume-chan, Ume-chan, Ume-cha~~~~n!!
Why didn't you tell me you were coming~~~?!
Ume: Sorry. I never had a chance...
But you sure have been busy, haven't you, Komacchan?!
Congratulations on getting into the championship tournament!!
Komatsu: Thank you, Ume-chan!
I really can't believe someone like me is standing on such a huge stage!!
Ume: It's all based on merit.
You have no shortcomings when it comes to achievements. You should aim for the championship!
At some point, you became a chef out of reach from someone like me...
I'm so proud of you, Komacchan!!
Komatsu: ............

Page 4:
Ume: ...?
Komatsu: Ah... No... Sorry...
Ah... What is it...?
It's like......
up until now...... I've been desperately trying to get better at this...
Every day's been so hectic...
Seeing your face, Ume-chan...
I suddenly feel so relieved...
Ume: Komacchan...
You really do need some extraordinary achievements in order to get into the ranking, don't you...?
I can only imagine how hard those days must have been...
Speaking of ranking...
Ta... Take-chan...!!
That's right. I'm sure just a little while ago, Take-chan...
Komatsu: !
Ume: Got into the ranking, too, right?!

Page 5:
Ume: What do you think happened to Take-chan...?
Komatsu: ..........
Ume: I... was on a half-year long Gourmet Space Trip, so I haven't heard any details about it...
D... Do you think...
in those incidents... ["those" in italics.]
Komatsu: ......
Take-chan is...
Toriko: Komatsuuuu!!
Komatsu: !
Toriko: You did it!
Congrats on getting into the tournament!
Komatsu: To... Toriko-san!!
Ume: Huh? Toriko?

Page 6:
Ume: Huuuuh?!
Y... You formed a combo with Heavenly King Toriko?!
Komatsu: Y... Yes... It's also thanks to Toriko that I've made it as far as I have.
Sani: No it ain't, Matsu! Joining with Toriko has only been about 1% benefit, I'd think.
Coco: 1% is too harsh, Sani.
It's more like 20%...
Toriko: Still only 20%?!
Ume: A... Amazing... Even Heavenly Kings Sani and Coco are here...
Toriko: So, who's this guy, Komatsu?
Komatsu: Ah.
This is a comrade from my training days, Ume-chan!
Ume: M... My name is Nakaume.
It... It's nice to meet you.
Komatsu: Ume-chan is the heir to the famous "Nakaume" cooking school!!
He's incredible at cooking, too!!
Ume: N... Naw...
Toriko: Heeh. A chef, huh?
Coco: Nakaume, huh? That's the school Chef Sumire is at, isn't it?
Ume; Yes! I've known Granny Sumire ever since I was little.
Coco: So, where are you now, Ume-chan?
Ume: I... I'm...
Right now, I'm...

Page 7:
Guy: So this is where you were, Chef Nakaume?
Guys: !
Guy: President Moi has been looking for you.
We need you to prepare a meal right away.
Ume: S... S... Sorry!
I'll be right there!
Sorry, Komacchan. I've got to go.
Komatsu: Huh?
Ume: Good luck in the tournament! I'll be cheering for you!!
Komatsu: Ah, Ume-chan!
Ume: I'm sorry!
Guys: ..........
Sani: Those are guys from "Gourmet Tourist", ain't they?
Coco: Gourmet Tourist? That's a worldwide company, isn't it...?
Speaking of which, I heard even the "Nakaume Cooking School" invested in it.
Toriko: So, Moi, that's the name of their president, huh?
I wonder if he's working there as a private chef...?
Komatsu: Ume-chan......
Toriko: Hm?

Page 8:
Munageh: Huuuuh?!
We have an announcement!
Would all chefs appearing in the tournament
please gather at the grounds!!
The 1st match!!
Guys: !!
Munageh: Chef Komatsu VS
Chef Zaus is going to begin!!
Komatsu: Ah!
Melk: Komatsu-san!!
It's finally time!!
Taki: Keep a steady head!!
Coco: We're pulling for you!
Sani: Do your bet, Matsu!! You'd better not lose in your first match!!
In face, you can't lose until you beat that moron Buranchi!!
Komatsu: A... Anyhow,
I'll definitely give it everything I've got!!
[I just noticed. Did Takimaru get promoted? He has 2 marks on his cheek here.]

Page 9:
Komatsu: Toriko-san,
please watch me, too, okay?!!
Toriko: Hm...?
Oh, yeah... Finally time, huh?
This ain't a joke or anything like that.
If I were you, I'd seriously set my sights on winning the championship...
The talent you have as a chef won't lose out to Zaus or Granny Setsu.
Or Buranchi, either!
Komatsu: ..........
Toriko: So become
the "Supercook", okay?!!
Komatsu: .....

Page 10:
Komatsu: Okay!!
Toriko: I...
Will be keeping a sharp lookout...
to make sure you can have a safe match...
I just heard from Zebra.
Sani/Coco: !
Toriko: They're here.

Page 11:
Munageh: Nooow, it finallyl begins!! The Cooking Fest Deciding Tournament!!
People: Good luck, Chef Komatsu!!
Zaus, show him how you're in a different class than him!!
Keep it up to the championship!!
Munageh: The first match is Chef Komatsu VS Chef Zaus!!
In what could only be called a brave fight, the newcomer Chef Komatsu has suddenly risen to challenge the top!!
Zaus: I'm glad my first match...
is with you...
Komatsu: !
Zaus: It looks like I'll be able to go all out for the last time...
Anyhow, let's enjoy this as much as we can!
As much as time allows...
Komatsu: ......
Huh...? ...Last time?

Page 12:
Buranchi: MMMMMM!
Buranchi: Hm?
Wha's that...?
This presence...

Page 13:
Munageh: Now, now, now! The first match of the tournament, "Dark Cooking Duel"!!
Chef Komatsu and Chef Zaus will be in total and complete darkness
relying only on their sense of smell and intuition as well as experience to find and cook the ingredients scattered about!!
In the darkness there are violently bad tasting ingredients as well as special preparation ingredients, so one mistake could mean your life!!
Now then, let's get the show on the road!!
Let the 1st match, the Dark Cooking Duel begiiiin!! ["begin!!" is big.]
Komatsu: Uwawa...
I really can't see anything...

Page 14:
Komatsu: I... I'm supposed to cook here...?!
I can't even tell where the cooking station is...
Th... This is...
This is a battle in Cooking Fest...?!!
Komatsu: Chef Zaus
is already cooking...?!
Komatsu: I... I've gotta hurry, too!
First I need to find ingredients!!
S... Smell and... sound...
And with touch... I've got to figure out what kind of ingredients they are.

Page 15:
Komatsu: Nn... What is this...?
It's warm...
It's warm like a person's skin...
No... Warm's not the right word...
Komatsu: Huh?

Page 16-17:
Mansam: Ah?
Rin: Huh?
Giraffes: Ka......

Page 18-19:
Komatsu: UWAaAaAAA
Insert: The Bishokukai attacks!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 217
/ End

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