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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210


Assassin that Came from the South

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 6, 2013 05:55 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 7

Only for use by Vendetta Scans.

I'm gonna at least get volume 1 done today. Really I hoped to be way further than this by now.

[Kingdom 7 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 179:
Title: Chapter 7 Assassin that Came from the South

Page 180:
Diao: Huuh?
What do you mean, you don't have any money?!!
Zheng: I left it in the hut.
Diao: I told you money was my goal in the first place, didn't I?!
Zheng: Yes.
Diao: Then why didn't you say that you didn't have any?!

Page 181:
Zheng: No need to worry.When we get back to the palace, I'll ready a large sum of money for you.
When you have a chance, you can come get it.
Diao: ............
"When we get back to the palace"...............?
When the hell is that gonna be?!
Zheng: Well,
maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year.
I can't say for certain.
Diao: ............
Xin: ?

Page 182:
Diao: That's...... That's too cruel.
Wait a year?
I can't even wait a month...
Heibei Village was destroyed thanks to getting mixed up in your war!
They were all scum, but it was because of them that I was able to eat!
How the hell are you saying I'm supposed to eat on my own from now on?!!
Zheng: What's gone is gone.
Try to eke out a living somehow.
I know you can do it. Probably.
That's so mean!
How can you still call yourself a human!

Page 183:
Xin: Hey, Zheng.
How exactly do you plan to get back to the palace?
Handwritten: Zheng...?
Xin: They've got an army there.
And all we have are you and me.
Diao: Huh?!
Zheng: !

Page 184:
Diao: H-Hey, Xin! Are you telling me you're going to...
Xin: Yeah.
I'm going with him.
Zheng: .........
Xin: But don't get the wrong idea.
I haven't forgotten about Piao.
And even if you're the king, I ain't kneeling to you or anything like that.
For the sake of Piao's and my "path", I'm just using you.

Page 185:
Zheng: Hmph. The fact that you're abasing yourself after all this time is rather unpleasant.
Also, I don't think of you as my retainer or the like, either.
You're just a sword for the purpose of keeping me out of danger.
If you break, I'll throw you away.
Xin: No problem.
In Bubble: You bastard.
Diao: Keh.
So, how do we get back to the palace?!
Zheng: Our only option is to meet up with Changwenjun.
The final rendezvous point is at the edge of this forest.
Diao: ............Edge of the forest...?
Xin: ..........

Page 186:
Guy: The branching of the escape tunnels is more complicated than we'd predicted.
Send in all units!
Guy: Yes, sir!
Call Muta, the one we brought from *Nanyue.
Asterisk: *Currently an area from Southern China to part of Vietnam.
Guy: !

Page 187:
Guy: Lord Muta!
Lord Muta!
Muta: Pursuit, correct, master?
Muta's nose is a menace.
There are three brats running away.
Muta's legs are menaces.
I'm sure to reach them soon.
Muta's blowgun is a menace. With one shot they will die.
Guy: I know. Hurry, go.
So, I will kill them with poison darts
and take their three heads with this axe.
Yuh. Yuh.

Page 188:
Diao: HAH

Page 189:
Diao: KH.....!!
Zheng: ..........
Diao: HAH.
Zheng: ..........
Let's take a short break.

Page 190:
Guys: HUU~~~~~~
Diao: Xin. Taking a good look at you, you're covered in wounds.
Xin: ............Am I?
Wah! What are you doing?
Diao: Hold still! I'm just wrapping the bigger wounds.
Xin: It's fine, I don't need that!
Diao: Yes, you do!
What're you gonna do if little demons (germs) get into your wounds and your arms start rotting and fall off?
Xin: Shut up! Leave me alone!
What the hell is with you?
Diao: I'm He Liao Diao!
Handwritten: Like I said, what the hell...?

Page 191:
Xin: ......Geez.
What're you still doing, tagging along with us in the first place?
Diao: There's no way I'm leaving you empty handed!
And there might be something with some value at the rendezvous point.
Are you okay, Xin? Your complexion kinda looks really bad.
Zheng: ...
Xin: Shut up! Arguing with you's what tired me out!
Diao: Whaat?!
Zheng: ...........
Let's get going.
Diao: All right! I'll show you the leg strength of the Mountain People!

Page 192:
Diao: Xin?!!

Page 193:
Diao: What do you think?
Zheng: His pulse is still stable.
His mind and body have just most likely reached their limits of fatigue.
............I can't say I blame him...
In one night, he lost a friend, got revenge, and came all the way here without rest.
Diao: We can't leave yet.
We need to let him rest a while.
Zheng: We can't.
We don't have the time.
Diao: Huh?! But Xin is......

Page 194:
Diao: HAH
Hey, hey, Zheng.
is Changwenjun the only one we can rely on?
Zheng: That's right.
Diao: But him and his guys didn't show up at Heibei Village.
Couldn't he be already dead?
Zheng: All we can do is pray that that isn't the case.
Hey, hey, Zheng.

Page 195:
Diao: Quite a heavy sword, isn't it?
Zheng: Truly.
Sign: Xianyang Palace
Someone: What do you mean you can't find the king's corpse?!!
Guy: W-Well, it would seem that the army traveled too far and separated from the corpse. So it's taking time to confirm.
A... And also, it would seem that there were escape routes running underneath the village. We're currently using all of our forces to search them...

Page 196:
Jie: That bastard, Changwenjun!
I knew he was darting about and had something going, but to prepare even this far ahead?!
I underestimated him, thinking he was a low-rank minister.
We should have bought him off earlier.
But even if the king escaped through those tunnels, his situation is already hopeless!!
News of this rebellion will not leak outside the castle! Even if the king makes a ruckus in some country village, no one will believe him!!
The problem is Changwenjun!! We must not make light of him!!
In addition to the king, locate Changwenjun's whereabouts!
The king and Changwenjun must not meet!!
Locate Changwenjun as soon as possible and take his head!!
Wang Qi: There is no need!
Guys: !?

Page 197:
Jie: !!.............Where have you been at such a critical time,
General Wang Qi?!
Wang Qi: Wheeere? Just playing around outside a little.
In Bubble MUHUU
Wang: With that Changwenjun!
You can rest easy. I went through quiiite some trouble and killed him for you.

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