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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Billy Bat 94

Golden Bat (1/8)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 26, 2013 01:20 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 94

Only for use by Red Hawk Scanaltions

Welcome back to the Billy Bat show! Staring no one familiar! What will happen now? Will we finally learn the secrets of the secrets of the secrets? I guess some stuff's gonna happen now.

[Billy Bat 94 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: The year 1981!! [big]
Space shuttle [faded]
Pop music [Yellow]
President ragan [Thin white]
And Street Art!! [Big yellow. "and" is small.]

Page 2:
Top: 8 Weeks of Serialization now begins!!
Insert: And so, our story meets its true protagonist!!
Title: Chapter 94 Golden Bat (1/8)

Page 3:
Woman: 500,000...
Perhaps I could make it 5 million dollars...

Page 4 :
[Big things.]

Page 5:

Page 6:
Kevin: Nho...
Guy: Did you find that vandalizing bastard?
Vandalizing bastard?
Box: Princeton University
New Jersey----

Page 7:
Guys: I'm talking about Kevin! Kevin Goodman!!
Ah. That spray paint man.
He barely ever comes back to these dormitories.
He never even goes to lectures, either... I thought he would at least show up once in a while.
He's always asking to borrow my notes so I figure I'll just lend them to him, but that's all I hear from him.
That sucks. Wait, were those notes...?
Yeah. That was my "New Keynesian" lecture notebook and my due date for my thesis is coming up!!
Does that guy thing he can just not show up for that demon professor's class and get his degree by just borrowing notes?
By the way...

Page 8:
Guys: Up till now, that guy's used that technique to get pretty good grades.
There must be something happening behind the scenes.
I know, right?
He's gotta be using the power of money to manage that, hasn't he?
Ah, you're right!
He is the heir to the Golden Cola company after all!
Every time I drink onna these things
when I think how I'm putting money in that guy's pockets...
it makes me never want to drink a bottle of it ever again...
I'm gonna catch that jerk and take my notebook back. Where is he now?
Well, this just just a rumor, but...

Page 9:
Guys: Have you ever heard the name Golden Bat?
Golden Bat?
It's a mysterious artist that drew an these incredible paintings all over the city in one night.
I heard they're so incredible that tonight, they're selling the walls themselves for enormous amounts of money.
What about them?
You heard how that Kevin guy drew graffiti on campus walls
and almost got thrown out of the university?
Naw, couldn't be!! There's no way his drawings could fetch that much!
Those are just graffiti...
What's wrong?

Page 10:
Guys: Kevin!!
You want us to go to the next room?

Page 11:
Kevin: Sorry.
I'd be in big trouble if the dormitory leader saw me.
Man, how'd you get to the third floor...? Did you fly here or something...?
Well, I actually did do some flying...

Page 12:
Kevin: Here ya go. The notebook I borrowed.
Thanks. You're a life saver.
Guy: Ah... Right...
Kevin: See ya.
Guy: Ah... H-Hold on!
Kevin: Ah, oh yeah.
Who's the live band that's playing in that upcoming party?
You mean Philip and those guys' band?
Kevin: I heard them rehearsing before.
You should tell them to hurry up and record that baseline song.

Page 13:
Guy: Which song?
Kevin: Bububu bun bun [Note]
It goes somethin' like that.
I think it'll sell a hundred million records!! [Did they have records in the early 80's? Whatever they had. 8 track cassettes...]
Guys: Huh?
Kevin: Tell Phillip I had a great idea for a title...
"Thriller", I thought that sounded good!!
Guys: Hahaha! What a weird title!!
You seriously think something like that would sell?
Kevin: See ya.
Guy: Ah... Hey, Kevin!
Unless you get down to some serious studying, especially with "New Keynesian Economics" thesis, you're in big trouble!
Kevin: I'll be fine, seriously.

Page 14:
Kevin: I've already memorized your entire notebook.
Guy: M... Memorized...?
Kevin: Anyhow, I've gotta get going on a night like tonight.
I could make my masterpiece on a night like this.
Guys: Aah!!

Page 15:
Guys: He disappeared into the dark...
Like a bat...
Do you think he really is...
Golden Bat...?

Page 16:
Guy: U~~~~~...

Page 17:
Guy: Hmph.

Page 20:
Guy: TH...
Guy: That's...

Page 21:
Kevin: HAA
Guy: What the hell is that drawing...?!!
Kevin: HAA
Guy: !!

Page 22:
Woman: What's the title?

Page 23:
Kevin: I dunno.
Woman: "Headbutting Asian"...
...How about that?
It's so unique. Anger and knowledge are in such harmony.
This may even surpass Basquiat.
It's Warhol class.
How much will you sell it for?
Kevin: So it was you...
The one who's been detaching off all my drawings?

Page 24:
Kevin: How much will I sell it for? Don't insult me!!
I don't draw for investors or collectors!!
I drew these picture so everyone can see them!!

Page 25:
Woman: I know that. Most artists want their work to be seen by lots of people.
Kevin: That's not what I mean!!
That wasn't what I was trying to say!!
I was chosen to draw these drawings!!
Woman: Well...
Are you saying you're a chosen genius?
Kevin: Ah... Yeah, I guess.
Woman: You know I really
like that about you.

Page 26:
Woman: But let me ask one thing.
The one who broke off the walls with the drawings attached to them...
was not me.
Kevin: Huh...? Then it was a different art dealer...?
Woman: Art dealer...
It may be a much more fearsome lot.
Side: Kevin Goodman. A clearheaded boy and heir to a huge cola corporation. An air on unrest has started to float into his free and uninhibited life...!!
Bottom: Billy Bat Chapter 94 / End
8 weeks of serialization begins!! So of course, the series will run next issue!!

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