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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Billy Bat 95

The Whole Story

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 3, 2013 02:20 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 95

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Okay. I gotta do this and one more.

[Billy Bat 95 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: Who's the one destroying Kevin's wall paintings?! Who is the woman in the garbo hat...?!
Guy: Hehe... Not bad.
Woman: What sort of person is it?
Guy: Huh?
It's always the same young black guy.
He carries spray paint and paint in buckets.
Woman: That's the man that drew them!! I already know that!
Guy: !!
Woman: I'm asking you what the person that destroyed this wall looked like.

Page 2:
Title: Chapter 95 The Whole Story [2/8]

Page 3:
Guy: He's a power shovel operator.
A normal worker of a wrecking company.
Woman: Regular...?
Guy: Then trucks come, load up all the rubble, and head off.
And that guy's a normal professional cleaner.
Woman: Regular?
Guy: Yep.
Woman: What exactly is normal about coming here, destroying these paintings, and then immediately carrying them off?
Guy: Well... If you think I'm lyin', just go develop that film I gave you. It's got it all on it.
It's got these last two weeks' worth of that black kid drawing paintings
up to them being demolished on it. The whole story.

Page 4:
Guy: He draws 'em, they wreck 'em, he draws 'em, they wreck 'em.
That's all there is to it.
Woman: Continue.
Continue taking pictures of the paintings that young man draws with that camera I lent you.
Guy: No sweat.
If I can get that sorta spendin' money for just taking some pics of graffiti.
Woman: Graffiti... is it?
No matter what sort of graffiti they may be, the moment someone is willing to put a price on them
they are no longer just graffiti.

Page 5:
Box: Princeton University
New Jersey
Guy: Mr. Kevin Goodman.
Kevin: Yes, siiiiir?
Guy: You've been absent from your classes a remarkable number of days.
What? After I asked those guys to answer roll call in my place so much...

Page 6:
Guy: Hm?
Kevin: Nothing.
Guy: However, this "New Keynesian" paper is truly well written.
Those I have no idea what reference books you used and whose notes you borrowed in order to write it...
Kevin: ..........
Guy: it does not change the fact that it's a well written paper.
So for this time only, I will shut my eyes to the matter of your poor attendance.
Kevin: Thank you so much professor Reynolds.
Guy: However!!
Kevin: !!

Page 7:
Rey: It is because your father is the president of the company that represents Golden Cola and has donated a large amount of money to this school
the university is willing to overlook your behavior.
Do not assume that any further absences will be forgiven!!
Kevin: Y... You don't have to worry about that! Look forward to be newly-resolved me!!
All right, if you'll excuse meeee...
Guy: Ah, one more thing.
Kevin: Huh? Something else...?
Rey: I may not be in the position to be interfering with your relationships with your acquaintance,
but you should best not associate yourself with those kinds of people.

Page 8:
Kevin: Those kinds of people?
Rey: There was a person that came here the other day to inquire about you.
Do be careful. Men like that do not have your best interests in mind.
Kevin: Men like that...?
Guy: Yo, Kevin.

Page 9:
Guy: I've been looking for you.
Kevin: Phil.
Ooh... You were the guy who's not looking out for my best interests, huh?
Guy: What're you talking about?
Whatever, you were saying some weird shit to Dill and the guys before, right?
Kevin: Huh?
Phil: Don't play dumb. You said something like our band had a song we should hurry up and record or something.
Kevin: Did I...?
Phil: I knew you were just spouting bullshit!!
Kevin: Ah... Now that you mention it, I do think I remember something like that...
Phil: They told me you said something like you had some clue about what a baseline is.

Page 10:
Guy: Like this?
Kevin: No... That's not it.
Phil: Then this?
Kevin: Ah... That's it!!
Phil: They told me you said I could sell 40 million records with a phrase like this.
Kevin: Yeah.
You can.
But I dunno if you can by your band performing it.
Ya need something more like... a dance performance to go with it or something...
Guy: Don't make me angry!!
I don't wanna be lectured on what's what by a total amateur like you!!
And... apparently you've even come up with a title for us, eh?!

Page 11:
Kevin: Yeah.
What do ya think of "Thriller"?
Guy: Just how much are you gonna screw with me?
Even the Beatles haven't sold 40 million records.
If I were to sell that many...
Kevin: Ah. Now that you mention it, he did say it'd set a world record.
Phil: He said...?
Who did?
Kevin: The bat.
Phil: ..........

Page 12:
Phil: Kevin, you've been using some bad drugs, haven't you?
Kevin: Huh?
Phil: Hahaaaah. So he's a dealer, huh?
Kevin: What?
Phil: The weird guy that's been sniffing around for you.
Kevin: ..........
Phil: Be careful, dude. You'd better off not gettin' near guys like that.
Recently, even Keith Richards has been getting clean.
Kevin: ..........

Page 13:
Phil: Thank you.
I'd like to welcome you all to the East Lodge party and I hope you enjoy yourselves.
Okay, our next song is...
Guy: Do that song!! ["That" in italics.]

Page 14:
Phil: Ah?
Guy: The song that's gonna sell 40 million!!
Phil: You think I listened to that piece of shit?!!
I'm never doing that song again!!
Let's go! One, two...
Guy: Too lo~~~~~ud!!
No matter what they do, there's no way those guys could really sell 400 million.
Smith: Excise me.
Guys: Huh?

Page 15:
Smith: Do you know this man?
Guys: Kevin...
Smith: Please tell me where I can find him.
Guys: Uh... Well...
Smith: I cannot postpone this any longer. Hurry, tell me.
Guys: Hey!! I don't care who you are, the band's music is too loud!!
Dormitory leader!!

Page 16:
Guy: Would you guys please use some common sense?!!
Guys: Who was that guy...?

Page 17:
Kevin: Sneaking photos again?

Page 18:
Kevin: I know you always take pictures while you're hidden somewhere!!
I don't know who put you up to it, but if you're gonna take pictures, just do it out in the open!!

Page 19:
Kevin: HAA
[Saves me some time. All the graffiti's in English.]

Page 20:
Kevin: Hey, for real, come out already.
I'm doing these so people can see them anyhow.
Don't be shy. Come out and take pictures up close.
Maybe I could strike a couple poses in front of the cam...

Page 21:
Kevin: Ah...

Page 22:
Kevin: AHHHHH!
Kevin: !!
Kevin: Ah... Ah... O... Officer, you'd better take a look at this!!
In there... There's a dead guy in there!!

Page 23:
Kevin: N... No!
It wasn't me!!
I didn't kill him!!

Page 24:
Kevin: Huh...?!
Smith: I've finally found you, Kevin Goodman.
Kevin: !?
Smith: My name is Smith.
Side: Why has the man that once saved the other Kevin come here?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Cahtper 85 / End Serialized next issue as well!!

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