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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 96

Partner [3/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 4, 2013 03:39 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 96

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Okay, this is out of the way for a bit now. All caught up.

[Billy Bat 96 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Guy: Escaped, have you?
In the old days, you'd have gotten away.
But having entered a bamboo grove, you've lost the big advantage of your speed.
Got you!!
Running is meaningless!
It's a simple matter of the difference of our skills with the sword!
And in this grove, you're like a newborn babe!
Side: A sudden assailant. An old man that shot him to death. And the target was this other Kevin...?!

Page 2:
Tony: This is incredible!!
Have you seen this? It was in the letter Kevin sent from boarding school.
A Billy Bat comic.
Diane: Yes.
Tony: He's getting better and better. It's almost like he's the actual author.

Page 3:
Diane: But from what he wrote in the letter
our boy seems to be going through some frustration.
Tony: Frustration?
Diane: He wrote "The Billy I'm drawing is my Billy, but"...
Kevin: Give me back my comic!!

Page 4:
Guys: Your comic?
Any idiot can tell that this is Billy Bat.
Yeah. Your comic that everybody's been saying is so great is just a rip off of Chuck Culkin's.
Kevin: My Billy is my Billy!!
Guy: Heh. Don't be such a stupid copycat.
Kevin: Gu...
Guy: If it upsets you that much, then just draw a comic besides Billy Bat!!

Page 5:
Guys: Though I doubt a kid that does nothing but copy could do that.

Page 6:
Woman: Why would you do a thing like this?
Kevin: Everyone said all the comics I drew were just rip offs...
Kevin: But ideas kept just appearing in my head...
Woman: Please clean it until it's spotless.

Page 7:
Title: Chapter 96 Partner [3/8]

Page 8:
Sign: New Jersey

Page 9:
Smith: Want some ketchup?
You should really eat something.
Kevin: I really don't have the appetite.
Just a minute ago, I saw two men die before my eyes.

Page 10:
Kevin: And the person that killed one of them... the one that killed a police officer
is sitting in front of me gorging himself of a rib-eye steak!!
Smith: But that fake police officer pointed a gun at you.
Kevin: ..........
Smith: If I hadn't shot him, you'd already be dead.
Understand? Your life is being targeted.
Kevin: Why me...?!!

Page 11:
Kevin: The paintings I did.
Were you the one that hired that cameraman that got shot?
Smith: A different person hired that man.
These are photos I took.
To be honest, I'm greatly interested in them.
However, I don't know a thing about modern art.
What I'm interested in are things like this.

Page 12:
Smith: It says" Matsukawa" and "Mitaka"...
Did you know what these things meant when you wrote them?
Kevin: ..........
Smith: The one you painted tonight, too.
It would seem that this image is one of your favorites, eh?
The one that says "Shimoyama".
As an American...
No, anyone it's a wonder anyone in the world could know about this...

Page 13:
Devivie: A human being shot in an open convertible.
With the word "Dallas" written on it.
There are many others, but this also seems to be a favorite.
A picture of a ninja running
and the word "Kanbei" is written on it.
Kevin: ...........
Smith: And this.
You drew it so many times it seems like a trademark...
A heart shape with the word "Xavier" written next to it.

Page 14:
Smith: Were you asked to do this by the bat?
You can see it, can't you?
The bat...
Kevin: What if I can...?
Smith: As long as you can see the bat, your life will be in danger.
Events like the ones that transpired tonight will continue.

Page 15:
Smith: I cannot always protect you.
You need to learn to defend yourself in your own ways.
And to do that, you'll need to do exactly as I say.
Kevin: Yeah, right.
I'm not getting tied down by anybody.
I'm free from all things.
Smith: Hmph. You get that strong will from your mother.
Kevin: !!
You know...
my mother?!
Don't you dare go near my bother!!
Smith: Let me tell you why your life is being targeted.

Page 16:
Smith: History is something written by winners.
Most of recorded history is false.
The true history forgotten by the general populace.
People that know it are a hindrance to them.
You must survive.
It has to end with you.

Page 17:
Smith: If you fail, it will truly be the end.
You won't survive long on an empty stomach.
Smith: Not bound by anyone... free from all things... eh?

Page 18:
Smith: Such youthful words.
I was like that, too, once.
But the sad truth is humans are always bound and have their freedom taken by something.
Especially for a human like you that can see the bat.
The bat never stops talking to you, he uses you, and...
Kevin: What are you talking about?
Smith: Nothing. I just knew a human like that once.
Kevin: I don't get nagged
or used by Billy.
He comes flying whenever I call him.

Page 19:
Kevin: He's my partner that understands me.
Smith: Incredible...
Kevin Goodman...
Since when have you had such high intelligence...?
Kevin: I guess...
since I was a kid.

Page 20:
Phil: Hey, is this really the place?
Guy: Yeah... KASFX... This is the place all right.
Phil: H... Hello?
Phil: Hello? Anybody home?

Page 21:
Guys: KYAAAA!!
Akechi: Those are some nice screams...
Guys: HIIH!
Akechi: Hearing screams like this is why I'm in this business.
Akechi: So, what do you guys want?
Phil: Ah... Um... We saw this poster at the video store and...

Page 22:
Phil: "A video effects expert."
"Weddings, parties, any commemorative event..."
Akechi: Yep.
I do it all. You guys having a birthday party or something?
Phil: N... No. You know this last part...
where it says "MV's or any sort of orders accepted."
Can you really record these?
Akechi: MV...
Phil: Yeah, music videos!!
The future's looking like you need videos to make your music sell.
Especially for a good lookin' band like ours.

Page 23:
Akechi: A music video, eh?
Like making some girls dancing by a pool...
Guys: That sounds good!!
Akechi: It's shit.
Guys: ......!!
Akechi: Listen up. These days, any more music videos with showy bullshit like that are never gonna get popular!!
Phil: Huh...?
Akechi: If we're gonna do this, we're gonna hit 'em with the length and quality level of a short film.
But even so, we're gonna use tons of special effects.

Page 24:
Phil: Special effects...?
Akechi: Yeah. As far as those go, nobody can compete with me.
The era of the master director Akechi Kotarou will come again!!
Side: Akechi, the man that worked on that mysterious project 17 years earlier and self-proclaimed greatest treasure of the Japanese special effects world?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 96 / End

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