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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Billy Bat 97

Top Secret [4/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 12, 2013 04:09 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 97

Only for use by Mangaholics

K, that's half. Apparently Mangaholics is scanlating this now... I hope that works out and it actually gets done.

[Billy Bat 97 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Woman: No......
Woman: No!!
Side: A mutation? Or a virus from outer space?! A cruel scene so gruesome you can't look straight at it!! A super-scary splatter film!!

Page 2:
Title: Chapter 87 Top Secret [4/8]
Woman: Oh my God!!
Oh my God!!

Page 3:
Guys: This sucks.
It's hopeless.
Paul: "Attack of the Stuffed Bell Pepper Man"...?
So they had the meat come frothing out of his pepper head?
The story's the same as that "The Dreaded Killer Anchovy" one we saw before.
Paul: What do you think of him?
That Coney Akechi director guy...
He did say we could look at his past works in here all we want, but, like...

Page 4:
Guy: These are all B-Grade... No, C-Grade horror flicks.
Paul: He did say that quality depends on budget, but...
If we let a director like this shoot our music video, we'll end up as C-Grade, too...
Guy: Hey, what's this?
The title is "Top Secret".
If my intuition is correct, then this video contains...
hardcore porn! [Heart]
For real?!!
You betcha!!

Page 5:
Hm......? Is this a studio...?
Ah. That's director Coney Akechi!
A beach set?
Do you think that next we're gonna see...
a busty chick in a bikini...?
Oh, I can see a person back there...

Page 6:
Guys: Hm?
This thing is...

Page 7:
Guys: Ah...
Akechi: That's what's called a moon walk.
Guys: Huh?
Akechi: That style of walking. It makes it look like you're actually walking on the surface of the moon.
I named it that.
But that's all you get to see.
I need you guys to forget what you just saw.
Never say a word to anyone about it.

Page 8:
Akechi: And for the set for the music video...
it can't be set on the moon.
Paul: Huh...?
Akechi: All talk of the moon is out.

Page 9:
Woman: I'm impressed you're able to sleep at a place like this.
It's not so much reckless as it is stupid.
You understand that you're in considerable danger, don't you?

Page 10:
Woman: Even while knowing that, you can still just sleep out in the open like this?
Anyhow, the cameraman I hired...
I had his body disposed of so there's no trace left to prove he was killed.
Kevin: You're the one that hired that cameraman?

Page 11:
Woman: One policeman and one homeless man were killed...
Didn't you think it was odd you didn't hear about it on the news?
Well, I guess someone that sleeps outdoors like that doesn't watch TV or read newspapers, huh?
I witnessed it.

Page 12:
Woman: That night...
You were painting on the walls, same as usual...
But then you heard something and looked towards the building...
It was then that you found the murdered cameraman...
Then the policeman appeared and even though you cried for help...
that policeman was shot to death, too.
The shooter was the man in the black coat with the walking stick.

Page 13:
Woman: Then that man led you away.
What I'm talking about is what happened afterwards.
A great number of men cleaned that scene up.
Kevin: A great number of men...?
Woman: What looked like military vehicles appeared and everyone acted completely in control.
They carried the two corpses off in in the blink of an eye and...
they destroyed the wall with the drawing you did.

Page 14:
Kevin: ..........
Woman: I took a photo of them
and had our staff investigate them.
Kevin: Did you figure out who these guys are...?
Woman: Yes?
Kevin: Who are they?
Woman: Well first, the men shown in that photo are
members of the National Guard.

Page 15:
Kevin: Th... The National Guard? Why would they do something like that...?
Woman: Haven't you heard about the man that governs the National Guard in New Jersey from behind the scenes?
He's an ex-serviceman and a big-shot in this state, Bernard Pierce.
By the way, even the security at your college is an affiliate company of his.
Anyhow, our opponent is powerful.
If you try to take them on, someone like you wouldn't stand a chance.
SFX: Koto...
Woman: So,
why don't you let me handle it?
Kevin: Let you handle what?
Woman: Your life. Protecting everything about you.
If you let me, you'll...

Page 16:
Woman: be able to do all the paintings you want.
Kevin: Are you asking me to sign a contract?
Woman: I don't think it's a bad deal for you.
My father is a certain kind of major player.
I think we can be a great strength for you.
Don't you want to become the second Andy Warhol?
Levin: From my perspective, you're plenty suspicious yourself.

Page 17:
Woman: You're still a child.
That's how the art world is. All the famous artists have patrons.
You just need to do the paintings.
I'll just be turning them into merchandise. I'm not going to be doing anything complicated or troublesome.
We'll even provide a studio for you.
Then you'll be free to...
Kevin: Quit kidding around.
Woman: .......?
I'm completely serious.
Kevin: If you do that, I'll end up in another shitty situation.

Page 18:
Woman: What are you talking about?
Kevin: I told you it was dangerous.
Woman: Kevin...? What's wrong? You're...

Page 19:
Billy: Geez.
Well anyhow, this is turning out to be a way more dangerous situation than you think.
Kevin: Looks like it.
Woman: ..........
Billy: But having said that, there's a lot going on with that woman. I can't really recommend her.
Kevin: Yeah, seems so.
Billy: But if something happens to you, that'd be really bad.
Kevin: I'll be okay.
Billy: Listen close now.

Page 20:
Billy: You're the last person, understand?
All the other ones ended up bad.
Well, this is still sorta pretty much going according to my calculations, but...
how bad you guys were was way over what I'd calculated!!
Kevin: Hey, don't start insulting people.
Billy: Whatever, now we've got to go to where that old man with the walking stick is.
Kevin: Why do I have to listen to a guy like that?
Billy: Because there's no other way to keep you safe.
Kevin: I can protect myself on my own.

Page 21:
Billy: I told you. You're in a much worse situation than you realize, young master.
Kevin: Don't call me young master!!
Woman: Kevin...?
Kevin: I told you not to mess around with me!!
If you don't cut it out...
Woman: Kevin. Can you...

Page 22:
Woman: see something?
Billy: I thought so. It's him...
I hate that guy.
Whenever that guy shows up, something bad happens.

Page 23:
[Old man Kurusu is back to his old ways.]

Page 24:
Billy: He's the only guy I don't get. I don't know if he can see me or not.
Kevin: Who the hell is he...?
Billy: Anyhow, the fact that he's come here and finally started to make a move
means that he probably
has no time left, either.
Side: That shadow always appears wherever Billy goes... Post war Tokyo, the Kennedy Assasination... The man shrouded in darkness, Kurusu. What is his goal?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 97 / End Appearing in next issue, too!!

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