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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Billy Bat 98

Second Hand Goods [5/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 22, 2013 01:53 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 98

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I've got the group's name right now, right?

[Billy Bat 98 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: As good as new, signed, sampled, damaged, written-in B-class goods... Quality and rare products from all ages and countries.
Sign: East Village
New York

Page 2:
Guy: Is that item in? ["that" in italics.]
Yes, this is it!! "Captain Unknown"! The October '69 number 32!!

Page 3:
Guy: This is the one where the protagonist, Captain Unknown, defeats the enemy alien Boobyhead.
It's a legendary issue that got instantly recalled because the way he defeats him was too brutal!!
I mean, they gave such touching development to Boobyhead in the previous issue, but then this issue came out and it was messy as hell!!
Is it okay for me to open the vinyl and take a look?
Guy: If you're buyin' it.
Guy: Eh... H... How much is it?
Guy: 2,000 dollers.
Guy: T... Two thousand?!!
No... For real, no matter how good it is...
Guy: No sunfade, no bends, you're not gonna find another one in mint condition like that too easily.

Page 4:
Guy: Well, yeah... You don't need to tell me, I know better than anyone how much this thing's worth.
But man, if I only had this, my collection of "Captain Unknown" would be complete...
Yeah. This book had to come to my place.
I'll buy it,
but I can't right now.
Guy: No layaways. The merchandise goes to the first buyer.
Guy: Then I'll go get 2,000 dollars together in a flash!!
Wash your face and wait for me, Baby!!
Do you know it? That's Captain Unknown's catchphrase...

Page 5:
Guy: Hey, you. That "Captain Unknown" belongs to me, so don't lay a finger on it.
SFX: GI...
Title: Chapter 98 Second Hand Goods [5/8]

Page 6:
Kevin: Ummm...
Guy: Buyin' or sellin'?
Oh, you must be selling.
Kevin: Uh... No...
Do you have one that's not like this?

Page 7:
Guy: Eh...? Buyin'?
My intuition honed over many years couldn't be off, could it...?
Kevin: Ah... No.
I'm not buying or selling, actually...
I'm asking if you have a "Billy Bat" that's different from this one...
Kevin: ..........

Page 8:
[What a claustrophobic room.]

Page 9:
Kevin: Mr. Smith...
Smith: Well done finding the place.
Did Billy tell you?
Kevin: Hehe...
From what you told me, I just knew it had to be this shop.
But that's incredible. Are all of these...?
Smith: Yeah. Billy Bat books from all over the world are gathered here.

Page 10:
Smith: But basically, they're all parody books...
Kevin: They're all fakes, huh...?
Smith: That's by an Italian artist named Allegrini.
In '61, he had already written about the mysterious death of a roman pope that died in '78.
And 20 years ago, that author died a mysterious death himself.

Page 11:
Smith: Once in a while, one like that gets mixed into a mountain of fakes.
Kevin: ..........
I know this one.
The Kevin Yamagata edition...
Dad loved these. We have every one of them in our den.
Smith: Ever read them?
Kevin: Of course. Every one.
Smith: Which one's your favorite?

Page 12:
Kevin: Billy Bat and the Pharaoh's Curse.
I love that scene with the dancer girl, Lionette.
Smtih: Hmph. Despite your young age,
you've got some good taste.
Now then,
the reason you're here
is because it seems you've started the grasp the seriousness of the situation, yes?
Kevin: I'm not really getting serious or anything.
All I wanna do is draw the pictures I want
uninterrupted by anyone.

Page 13:
Smith: Do you know how exceedingly difficult doing that would be right now?
For you, this is a considerably serious situation.
Kevin: ..........
Guy: Was there anything valuable in the new arrivals?
Smith: No...
Guy: Recently, there haven't been many secondhand "Billy Bats". Looks like the publishers are really clamping down on them.
Smith: Yeah... We'll see you later.
Guy: Good to have ya.

Page 14:
Smith: Don't look around.
Kevin: Huh?
Smith: I said keep your eyes up front...
Well, anyhow, it seems that guy was tailing you.
Kevin: Tailing me?!
This should be perfect for learning how to defend yourself.
You, try tailing him. ["you" and "him" in italics.]
Kevin: Huh?

Page 15:
Smith: A tail won't notice that he's being tailed.
Kevin: Uh, okay...
Smith: Listen, these are the basics of the basics of tailing.
When walking, you must match your target's gait perfectly.
And erase any sound of footsteps.
Kevin: ..........
Smith: Next, memorize your target's shoes.
Keep your eyes down and look at your target's feet as you walk.
Never pick your head up.
That way, even if you get mixed into a crowd, you won't lose track of your target based on his shoes.
Now, go.

Page 16:
[He's got great shoes, that guy.]

Page 17:

Page 18:

Page 19:
Smith: Here, eh?
Kevin: !!
Smith: Pears World WIde Protection...
It seems some big-wigs have their eyes on you.
Kevin: These guys are interested in Billy Bat, too...?
Smith: That would be nice. But if not...
We may be erased in an instant.
Kevin: ..........

Page 20:
Sign: Los Angeles
Guys: Is that all right?
The one who wrote that seems to be a very good prospect...
Disney: What did you say?
Guy: Sir, he has a good character and he's a very pleasant man...

Page 21:
Disney: Even if the guy is pleasant, not a single one of his comics has anything pleasant about them!
Guys: Y... Yes, sir!!
Disney: All you do is stand there glassy-eyed and put dozens of comic books on my desk...
What exactly are we going to do if not one of them is usable?!!
Chuck Culkin Enterprises just expects to rely on the comics I draw forever, doesn't it?!

Page 22:
Disney: What are you trying to turn the unrivaled largest company in the world into?!!
Do you people have no vision for the future?
"Billy Bat" must be the most popular character in the world forever into the future!!
Isn't that right?!
Billy Bat must continue to captivate people in the 80's, 90's, and into the 21st century!!
Start looking again from square one. There must be a better artist out there somewhere.
Guys: Yes, sir!!

Page 23:
Disney: I thought so...
He's the only one who can draw it, eh...?
Woman: Who is he? ["he" in italics.]
Disney: !!
Woman: Huhuhu. No need to be so nervous.

Page 24:
Woman: I won't tell anyone who's really been drawing Billy Bat.
Disney: At least knock before coming in. What do you want, Audrey?
Audrey: There was just a little something I wanted to ask you, Daddy.
Side: The daddy of the art dealer is the world famous Chuck Culkin?!! Will Kevin be a new target as a "fake" and a "simpleton"?!
Bottom: Billy Bat Chapter 98 / End Appearing next issue, too!!

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