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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 99

One of the Three Great Urban Legends [6/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 15, 2013 01:23 | Go to Billy Bat

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Okay, I'm gonna get these last three done now. In this chapter, we learn that Disney and Hitler were in it together. Just as I thought.

[Billy Bat 99 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Audrey: I know an amazing artist.
I'm sure you'll love him.
It might the the biggest discovery in 10 years... no, maybe even all of history.
DIsney: Don't you think your skirt's a little short, Audrey?
Side: Her father is the most famous man in the world. A good American that makes the whole world smile with that bat character?!

Page 2:
Audrey: Do you not like the length of your daughter's skirt, Daddy?
Title: Chapter 99 One of the Three Great Urban Legends [6/8]

Page 3:
Audrey: It seems the more a playboy a man is, the more he sees all other men as being just like him and so the more he worries about his own daughter.
Your new girlfriend is even younger than me, isn't she?
Audrey: His work.

Page 4:
Disney: What are these?

Page 5:
Audrey: Are you gonna kill him?
Disney: ..........
Audrey: Whenever somebody copies Billy Bat, one of Culkin Enterprises' people goes and kills them......
Ahaha!! That's one of the three great urban legends of modern America!!
The others are "Elvis is still alive" and uhh...
"Humans never went to the moon."
Such an honor, isn't it? To be included in one of those three great legends?
Disney: ..........

Page 6:
Audrey: ...So, what do you think? Isn't he good?
Looks like somebody that'll sell, doesn't he?
Disney: I suppose.
Audrey: I'll introduce a bodyguard to him.
Disney: Huh?
Audrey: That artist is being targeted for some reason.
Disney: Targeted?
Audrey: Yes. The art he draws on walls always gets torn off by someone in one night.
And now they're even after his life.
Disney: WHy?
Audrey: Who knows?
Maybe his pictures are magical?

Page 7:
Disney: Magical...?
Audrey: Yes.
What else would drive someone to kill another person just for drawing pictures?
Pictures sure are incredible things, aren't they?
You made all this with just Billy Bat, after all.
It's practically like you've taken over the world.
Disney: Let's get him...
a bodyguard.
Audrey: Thank you, Daddy.
We'd better hurry or his art will start being destroyed just as soon as he's done drawing it.

Page 8:
Audrey: At worst, he could even be shot while he's drawing.
His wonderful wall paintings would be...
stained with blood.
Disney: ..........

Page 9:
Nazis: Richt euch!! (Take aim!!)
Somebody: Stooooop!!

Page 10:
Fuy: AAAAA!!

Page 11:
Guy: Execution for 8 out of 9 soldiers for the crime of desertion of the Stalag Luft III prisoner-of-war camp, complete!!
Disney: !!

Page 12:
Adolf: Do you know the reason you were spared?
Earlier, I had each of you choose which picture you liked most from a selection of them.
Adolf: And only you chose this one.
Disney: .........
Adolf: That is why you were spared.

Page 13:
Adolf: So, what do you say, leutnant (lieutenant)?
Would you like to become the richest man in the world?
Disney: Hi...

Page 14:
Disney: Hitler...
Narration: New Jersey

Page 15:
Smith: What would you do in these situation?
For example, if I...
Kevin: .........!!
Smith: came like this, what would you do?

Page 16:
Smith: Incorrect.
Right now, your neck would be split wide open.
The correct answer would be to take the thing closest to you, the ashtray,
throw it as hard as you can,
and run away at a full sprint.

Page 17:
Smith: That's the nature of self defense.
Especially for a person like you.
If a person can't harm another person, no matter how much you teach them to shoot,
they won't be able to pull the trigger when the critical moment comes.
Kevin: I'm not a cowar...
Smith: I've seen a great many such people.
Kevin: ......
Smith: Before you start acting tough, work on your split-second decision making.
Keeping you alive is the top priority.
Because you're the artist.
No... the cartoonist, isn't that right?

Page 18:
Smith: Doing wall paintings isn't the only thing you want to do, is it?
Why did you stop drawing comics?
Kevin: If Billy's the protagonist,
I could keep writing them forever.
But... When I draw Billy comics, people call them imitations...
Even though mine is the real one...

Page 19:
Smith: Yes, I know.
Your Billy is the genuine article.
Let's go.
Kevin: Huh...? Where?
Smith: To meet a certain man.
Kevin: Certain man...?
Smith: You'll be talking about the moon with him.

Page 20:
Guy: Yeah. A night with a moon just like the one tonight.
Spirits of departed souls rise one after another out of the ground
and lurk around in the darkness like zombies.
And there...
Akechi: is where your band's performance starts!!

Page 21:
Akechi: This'll be the intro to your music video.
Guys: Ooh!! It's actually pretty damn awesome!!
But... isn't it kinda long for an intro?
There's about 10 minutes until we actually appear.
Akechi: You morons.
That's why you guys are the amateurs and I'm the pro!!
Didn't I tell you that the age of music videos having quality on the level of short films is coming?!
Phil: But man~~~~
Guy: Unfortunately, we don't really have that kinda budget, so...
Akechi: HAAAAAAH. Geez, I'm really not a fan of the fact that everybody that comes here is in the poor house.

Page 22:
Akechi: In order to make the vision that I, Coney Akechi, have in my head a reality,
I need a generous budget on the level that Culkin Enterprises would put out.
Guy: There's a way.
In that video we saw this afternoon... The movie of the moon you shot, director...
Phil: Yeah... what about it?
Guy: We threaten the country with it.
Guy: Threaten the country:
Guy: We that the urban legend
that "Humans didn't go to the moon." is true.

Page 23:
Guy: And if they don't want that fact to get out,
they need to give Coney Akechi have to pay movie production costs on the level of a national budget.
Phil: I geeeeet it.
We can really use this director!!~
Akechi: America went to the moon.

Page 24:
Phil: Eh...?
Akechi: But...
Akechi: What aired on TV was my movie.

Page 25:
Phil: Huh...?
Akechi: If this moon story gets out,
you guys will die.
Side: 1969, two astronauts walked on the moon. That was real... But for some reason, the video was a fake?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 99 / End
Next issue has color pages commemorating the 100th chapter!!

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