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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Billy Bat 100

Unfulfilled Dream [7/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 15, 2013 03:53 | Go to Billy Bat

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Okay, here's big giant 'ol chapter 100.
I've got one left. I dunno if I can finish it today. I'll get it done soon, the raw just came out.

[Billy Bat 100 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Billy: Yo. I'll bet you were pretty surprised by that important guy that showed up last time, right? This chapter's a continuation of that story.
The time period is 1944... Uh, do I look three-dimensional? Is somethin' weird goin' on?
Title: Chapter 100 Unfulfilled Dream [7/8]

Page 2:
Narration: Germany
Disney: This is...
Side: This year in which there was a series of losses on the Eastern front, an evacuation from Northern Africa, and Germany itself had become a battlefield, he was within a dream that he couldn't give up un.

Page 3:
Disney: These sure are some stately paintings.
Adolf: They're all my work.
Disney: Huh...?

Page 4:
Adolf: This is my, Adolf Hitler's, private art gallery.
Disney: I... I never knew you were such a skilled artist, my Fuehrer...
Adolf: I took the entrance exam to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
Disney: He~~~h.

Page 5:
Adolf: I reached the final selection, but I did not pass.
Disney: ...........
Adolf: Egon Schiele passed in my place.
Disney: Ah... I see...
Adolf: Apparently one of the examining professors said
that he could feel no human empathy in this painting...
Disney: ..........
[Poor Hitler.]

Page 6:
Disney: H....
How could they say that?
Honestly... How could they say that about such a well done picture...?
Ah... Honestly! That's what I think, from the bottom of my heart!!

Page 7:
Adolf: Go to America and spread this picture.
Disney: Spread it...?
Umm... My fuehrer, I'm not sure I understand what you...
Adolf: Comics...
And in the coming age, animation would do fine, as well.
Disney: Comics...?
Adolf: I guarantee you, it will make you a rich man.

Page 8:
Disney: Rich...?
WIth this...?
B... But I don't have the artistic talent to popularize this drawing.
Adolf: Search.
Disney: Huh...?
Adolf: Look on the table.
Disney: .........
Adolf: It's your identification tag.
You can use that to become an American.

Page 9:
Adolf: All of them men that man knew are dead. No one in America knows him.
Then, search for a man that can draw that picture well there.
Disney: I see...
Um... Excuse me, my fuehrer?
Adolf: What is it? Speak up!
Adolf: Um... I think this bat would be more popular if it were made a little cuter...
Ah... I... I'm terribly sorry. I was out of line.
Adolf: Do what you want.

Page 10:
Adolf: It will be all right. It should be well within your ability.
Disney: Okay...
Adolf: After seeing so many Jewish financiers, I've become aware.
Your heads are empty, but you have talent as businessmen.
Adolf: But you must oversee it thoroughly.
Disney: Oversee...?
Adolf: I mean that when you find someone who can draw that same sort of picture, you need to manage him.
Disney: I see...
Adolf: It's an extermination.

Page 11:
Disney: ..........
Adolf: One more thing...
Men seeking the scroll will appear, but...
you must not win them over. Don't antagonize them.
Disney: Scroll...?
Adolf: Yes, the scroll. I've been having my men search the world for it,
but I still don't even know if it truly even exists.
Disney: What is it exactly...?
Adolf: It seems that if you possess it, you can control history.
Disney: Huh...?
Adolf: It's said that you can rewrite history with it and such things... Absurd tales.
But since long, long ago, there's been innumerable people searching for it.

Page 12:
Adolf: If I were to get my hands on it, the would would be mine...
No matter the era, people like me will always appear.
Go spread that picture. That is more than enough.
That is all. No go promptly to America.
Disney: Um, my fuehrer?
There is one thing I'd like to ask...
If I were to acquire that scroll...
how should I alter the past?

Page 13:
Adolf: I'd like you to make it so...
I am accepted to the art academy.

Page 14:
Adolf: After that, kill the white one.
Disney: White...?
Adolf: So Professor Von Braun can quickly develop the rocket
and even go to the moon.
Disney: Huh...?
Adolf: Dismissed.

Page 15:
Somebody: Chairman.
Disney: !!
Guy: That's all there is to say regarding the imitation Billy Bats in China.
But the situation is actually more serious.
Narration: 1981------
Guy: Unless we act quickly, the copies will outnumber the legitimate merchandise.
Guy: What if we gave kickbacks to the high-ranking officials in Beijing?
Guy: If we do that, they'll just take advantage of it!
Guy: Chairman, we need to pressure Asia to be stricter on copyright laws!!
Guy: Anyhow, it seems that Japan's Billy Land is near completion, isn't it?

Page 16:
Guy: Ooh! Finally, eh? Billy Land Wakayama?!!
Guy: So our long years of planning have finally materialized?!!
Guy: This will really open up a new market in Asia, Chairman!
Guy: So we must take strict measures against imitation merchandise.
Disney: It's an extermination.
Guy: Huh...?
Disney: I'm saying to exterminate them.
That is all.
Guys: Yes, sir!!

Page 17:
Woman: Chairman, your meal with President Reagan...
Disney: Yeah. Tell him I'm not feeling well so we'll have to do it some other time.
Woman: B... But, sir...
Disney: When he was a deadbeat actor, I got him work on the "Billy Bat Hour".
He's in no position to complain about last-minute cancellations.
Tell him I'm a bit concerned that a bad actor rose to the presidency. I don't care one bit about his Reaganomics...
Woman: ..........
Finny: It's rare to hear a call from you.

Page 18:
Finny: You're saying to guard this artist?
Disney: Yes.
Finny: All right.
We need to take close care of the artist.
Though previously, I had to dispose of an artist. Though it broke my heart to do so.

Page 19:
Finny: Since then, quite a few troublesome things have occurred.
Disney: That was when you got your hands on the scroll, wasn't it?
Finny: You promised not to get involved with the scroll...
Disney: Yes, I know.
I understand, but...
you all need my business talent, don't you?

Page 20:
Disney: Couldn't you let me get in on that scroll, too?
Narration: Prinston University
New Jersey
Someone: ...As you can see above, our United States army organization has an exceedingly complex structure...
Guy: Hey, that's weird for you, Phillip.
You're were saying how this special lecture would be a credit.

Page 21:
Guy: Did you hear? About Kevin?
Phil: What?
Guy: When Bonney was setting up his drums in his dorm, suddenly he showed up.
And he said that song needs dancing.
Phil: Huh?
Guy: Hey, he did say that song you wrote the base line for would sell tens of millions of records.
Phil: Yeah. The one he decided on his own would be called "Thriller" or whatever...
Guy: Yeah. He said if that song's a hit, it's gotta have dancing.
Phil: Don't be an idiot!
We're a band! The hell's he mean, dance?!!
Phil: ..........

Page 22:
Guy: I dunno... But some guys besides Kevin said some weird things.
Phil: Don't piss me off anymore.
Guy: He asked if Bonney had heard of a movie studio called "KASFX".
Phil: Isn't that Director Coney Akechi's place?
Guy: He said he didn't know much about that warehouse town, so he wanted Bonney to tell him where it was.
Why do ya think Kevin wants with that place?
Bonney asked the same thing, and Kevin said...
To "talk about the moon".
Akechi: If this moon story gets out, you guys will die.
Phil: The moon...!!

Page 23:
Guy: Hey, you up there, what about the moon?
Phil: ..........
If your special lecture, given by me, Bernard Pierce, is so boring, then why don't I end it here?
Anyone that wants to hear more of what I have to say, you can get a job with the international police.
Bernard: It sounded like the two of you were getting excited about the moon.
I love stories about the moon.
Lots of people talk about America's Thee Great Urban Legends...
The first one, that "Those that imitate Billy Bat will be killed by Chuck Culkin men."
And the second that "Elvis is alive".

Page 24:
Bernard: Interestingly, these two have to do with idols of the American people.
But the last one...
"Humans didn't go to the moon."
Bernard: I think it's natural that as a ex-serviceman, even I would be under suspicion.
Why haven't we gone to the moon since the Apollo Project?
Bernard: Mankind should go to the world of the moon once again.
This concludes today's lecture.
Side: Bernard Pierce. The man who moves the National Guard to his will and the boss of the organization that attacked Kevin. What is his objective...?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 100 / End
Next issue is the last chapter of the series and includes a special article!!

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