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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Billy Bat 101

Moon Walking [8/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 16, 2013 04:19 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 101

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Okay, there, all done. Thus concludes this group of chapters. Whew. Next one starts August 22nd. See you all then. Enjoy. I really like how things are going and stuff's developing while it still brings in new ideas.

[Billy Bat 101 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: East Village
New York-----
Side: Johnny Michaels, Hall & Oats, and Diana Ross. Despite the danger drawing towards him, Kevin he's browsing a records story...?

Page 2:
Kevin: ..........
Philip... That baseline song of yours...
was probably too late.
This guy's doing it in his next album.
It's too bad, really. It's an unprecedented hit that'll sell 40 million records.
after you get a big hit like that, things tend to not end up too well.
So in exchange, live a long life, Philip.
SFX: GI...

Page 3:
Smith: How did it go?
Kevin: There weren't really any records I wanted.
Smith: Then here's a question.
What was the band of the record sleeve on display second from the window?
Kevin: Are you saying that's got something to do with self-defense, too?
Smith: It's okay if you can't answer.
Kevin: Heh.
Smith: In exchange, your life and your drawings will simply disappear from the world.

Page 4:
Kevin: It was that creepy Pink Koalas one.
Title: Chapter 1010 Moon Walking [8/8]

Page 5:
Kevin: All right. Sharpen all five of your senses and take notice of your surroundings.
Things that are different from normal,
anything standing out from the everyday,
think of those as your targets.
Well, if you say something like that
everything's gonna look suspicious.
Smith: Everyone in my organization always goes through a heavy amount of this training.

Page 6:
Smith: I know a lot of people that, despite having very strong bodies,
lost their lives because of a split-second lapse in judgement.
Kevin: You've been in quite a terrifying world, haven't you?
Smith: No. Compared to the situation you're in now, it was never anything that extreme.
Kevin: ..........
Smith: Now, tell me the characteristics of the woman you passed on the pedestrian crossing.
So you weren't paying attention, were you?
Kevin: Lend me a notepad and a pen.

Page 7:
Kevin: Her T-Shirt was purple.
She was wearing a wedding ring.
Smith: I see...
Kevin: Did I pass?
Smith: Yes. I think I'm beginning to understand why he risked his life to protect yours.
Kevin: He?

Page 8:
[Kevin, go!]

Page 9:
Kevin: Kevin Yamagata...
I was always hearing about him from Mom and Dad...
They said how he saved me life...
Smith: That was his role.
Kevin: His role...?

Page 10:
Smith: What's yours?
Guy: Welcome!!
Akechi: The usual!

Page 11:
Guy: Okay! One Tsukimi----!!
T/N: Tsukimi means "Looking at the moon". It's also the name of Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon.
Akechi: Huuuuuuu.
Kevin: Is this place all right...?
Akechi: Well, if you don't want the one in front of me, there are plenty other seats open.
Kevin: You're the director, Coney Akechi, right?
Guy: Ready to order, sir?
Akechi: I already did. How 'bout you?

Page 12:
Kevin: What's Tsukimi?
Akechi: Huh?
Kevin: The thing you ordered...
Akechi: Yeah, like the moon. Moon watching. It has an egg.
Kevin: Then I'll have that.
Guy: Hey, one more Tsukimi!!
Akechi: Aren't the lights of the city~~ just so pretty? Yokohama~~~~
Kevin: What's that?
Akechi: It's the song that's playing right now.
It was pretty popular in Japan back in '69. "Blue Light Yokohama".
Kevin: Heeh...
The only Japanese song I know is "I Will Walk Looking Up".
Akechi: That's called "Sukiyaki" here, ya know.
Kevin: "Sukiyaki"? Why the hell would they call it that?
I'm starting to doubt Americans' sensibilities.

Page 13:
Akechi: You are an American, you know. ["are" in italics.]
Kevin: But the original title's great. The hell's with "Sukiyaki"?
Akechi: "I Will Walk Looking Up"... eh?
You the guy in charge of marking me now?
Kevin: Huh?
Akechi: No... Never mind, I'm used to it.
You're just sort of a different type from the guys that've been watching me so far.
Kevin: Watching...?
Akechi: C'mon... You guys are the ones that said it, didn't you?

Page 14:
Akechi: "We'll always be watching you".
Kevin: ............
Akechi: Ya said the NSA was watching me,
I was sure that meant NASA,
but there was an A missing.
It was the National Security Agency!!
Pretty misleading, eh?!! Kukkukkuh!
Kevin: Is that the man?
Akechi: Huh...?

Page 15:
Akechi: Ah.... Yeah, that's the usual guy.
Kevin: The guy following me is the one over there
Akechi: You're being tailed, too...?
What business do you have with me?
Kevin: I don't know too well myself. But I was told...
to go talk about the moon with you...

Page 16:
Akechi: Hey, old man!!
Turn the music up a bit, will ya?!
Yeah, that's the ticket!! This "Blue Light Yokohama" song sure is good, eh?!!
Are you an idiot?!!
Who knows if they're listening in on us with directional microphones?!!
Kevin: He's saying it's okay now.
Akechi: Huh? What does a newbie like you know?!!
I've been being watched constantly since '69!!
Every time I hear "Blue Light Yokohama" it takes me back to '69.
and I feel miserable!!

Page 17:
Kevin: What happened in '69?
By '69, you mean...
the moon landing, right?
Guy: Hey! Here's your bowl of Tsukimi!!
Akechi: !!

Page 18:
Kevin: Heh. So that's Tsukimi? It really does look like the moon.
Akechi: Hmph. This ain't a joke.
Akechi: By the way, I didn't get your name.
Kevin: Ah... It's Kevin. Kevin Goodman.
I'm majoring in economics at Prinston University...
Akechi: Prinston?!! Suddenly tons of Prinston students are comin' to see me.
Kevin: Students from my school?
Akechi: So? Who's the one who told you to come see me.
Kevin: Mister Smith.
Akechi: Huh?
Kevin: That's the only name I got... Just Smith.

Page 19:
Akechi: That's pretty shady.
Is he the one who said "It's okay now", or whatever?
Kevin: Huh?
Akechi: Before, when I said people might be listening in on us, you said "He's saying it's okay now." in a pretty weird way.
Kevin: Ah.
Well, even if I told you, I don't think you'd understand....
Akechi: I wouldn't understand what?
Kevin: I can see him.
Akechi: Huh?
Guy: One more order of Tsukimi.
Kevin: All right!! Thanks for the grub.
Akechi: Hold on a second.
What can you see?

Page 20:
Kevin: Well....
Uh, it's something like...
Akechi: Again...?

Page 21:
Akechi: This thing again...?

Page 22:
Kevin: Mr. Akechi, you know what this...
Where'd you see it...?!

Page 23:
Armstrong: That's one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind.
What's wrong?
Over here!! Come over here, quick!!

Page 24:
Armstrong: What in the world are you talking about?
Guy: This...!!
What is this...?!!
Side: This moon walk... The more readers clever might know. Check out the 9th chapter of volume 1!! Do all of the lines connect to the moon...?!
Title: "Billy Bat" Chapter 101 / End
Serialization restarts in issue 38, going on sale 8/22!! We hope you look forward to it!!

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