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Toriko 246

One More Deciding Battle!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 22, 2013 02:23 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 246

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And so, we finally learn what the sunglasses guy's name is. I've wanted to know that ever since he did that cool bubblegum thing.

[Toriko 246 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: It... [Italics]
poured down upon the whole of Human World...
Side: Despair engulfs the sky...
Narration: That light which utterly annihilated all forms of life
was a bombing raid of spice that fluttered down like a meteor shower----
Title: 「Toriko」

Page 2-3:
Midora: "Meteor Spice"----!!
Insert: Human World in an unprecedented crisis!!!
Title: Gourmet 246 One More Deciding Battle!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
☆The "Toriko Theatrical Movie - The Bishokushin's Special Menu" is now out with rave reviews!!
If you haven't seen it yet, bring a friend and hurry to the movie theater!!
☆Two new volumes two months in a row!! The newest Jump Comics Volume, Volume 26, is now voraciously on sale with great fanfare!!
The "Toriko Mini Manuscript Reproduction Book!!" commemorating the movie and the 5th anniversary is on sale with great fanfare as well!! You, too, can get this exquisite and limited-edition book!!

Page 4:
Narration: We will now turn back time a bit
to before that tragic event...
"Gourmet World"----
"Slow Rain Hills"
Ichi: Everyone should be in their designated places about now.
And we'll capture Acacia's "Salad" "Air"...!!! [quotes white]

Page 5:
Melk: Yes, sir
Atashino: Yes, sir!
Someone: In Sector B
at the "Birth Cry Tree "----
Gourmet Gang Leader Guemon and Seitai Master Malee
are capturing Acacia's "Soup", "Pair"----!! [quotes white]
Guemon: !

Page 6:
Dores: Huhu... Guemon and Malee, eh...?
It is pitiful the personnel of the 0th is this shorthanded...
Description: Bishokukai Executive Chef
Who's this guy again?!
Malee: The Executive Chef of the Bishokukai
Guemon: Hmm...
Looks like there's a shortage...
of decent opponents.

Page 7:
Someon: In Sector C, "Stardust Road"---- [quote white]
are Honey Prison Warden Love, Warrior Tack, and Gourmet Astronomer Rala!!
Going after Acacaia's "Fish Dish", "Another"!! [Everything past "after" is white.]
Love: What a pretty river----
This my be my first time seeing such beautiful scenery...
Rala: M...
The movements of the celestial bodies are...
Kuro: And your last, I expect...
Guys: !
Kuro: Well, soon
you'll be gazing at the Sanzu River...
Description: Bishokukai Head Chef
T/N: In case you forgot, the Sanzu River is the river you need to cross in Buddhism to reach the afterlife.

Page 8:
Someone: In Sector D, "Food Region Forest", is Assassin Megarodras and Mountain Bandit Goblin Ramon
going after Acacia's "Meat Dish", "News"!!
Ramon: Kekkekke. Hey, Megarodras,
how 'bout we have a contest to see who can kill the most?
Megaro: Hmph. Ridiculous...
Here they come...

Page 9:
Alfaro: So there are the likes of criminals in the staff of the 0th as well...?
Huhu... I'm sorry to say
both of your records
will be zero kills...
Description: Bishokukai
Someone: In Sector G, "Gourmet Garden", are Saiseiya Yosaku and Magician Manan
going after Acacia's "Dessert", "Earth"!!

Page 10:
Yosaku: Gahhahha. It'll be tough to revive Earth,
but man, this day's finally here, eh?!!
Manan: Huhu...
Your revitalizing techniques are almost like magic...
I admire you as much as ever, Yosaku-san.
Kaitora: Though you will not be able
Guys: !
Kaitora: to revives the lives...
you are about to lose, eh...?

Page 11:
Description: Bishokukai Private Saiseiya
Yosaku: It's been a while, Kaitora.
Perfect, there just happens to be somethin' I wanna ask you.
Someone: Nearby Section H, "Developmental Fever Bridge",
are Literary Master Melisman and Martial artists Sakura!!
Going for Acacia's "Drink", "Atom"!!

Page 12:
Melisman: I never would've dreamt that my last job would be...
a "battle" rather than "writing"...
Sakura: You've satisfied the stomachs of people all over the world with your "compositions"...
Miss, your last work truly will be writing.
We must convey the taste of
Acacia's Full Course to the people... mustn't we?
Melisman: Thank you, Sakura-chan.
Would you like me to write you a special thanks, too?

Page 13:
Guys: No way that book's ever gonna get published~~
You're not even gonna make it to the Full Course...
But if you want people to know about your death rattles...
we'll let them know how they were...
Right: Descriptions: Bishokukai Head Chef
Left: Bishokukai Head Chef
Malisman: Oh... As book characters...
these opponents would lack charm...
Someone: Sector E

Page 14:
At "The Continent of Beginnings", Former Gourmet Yakuza Boss Ryuu and Combatant Rapp
are waiting for everyone's return!!
Rapp: With this place entrusted to us, our mission is
to survive. [Survive in italics.]
No matter who returns... and who doesn't...
we must live and wait for that time to come.

Page 15:
Ryuu: Did no one...
from the top of the Bishokukai come here...?
Nice: !
Oh... And we were sure...
that Ichiruu-shi would be here...
Nice: To only find Ryuu... ["Ryuu" in italics.]
is quite a disappointment...
Description: Bishokukai Aide to the Executive Chef
Narration: Once again, "Slow Rain Hills"----

Page 16:
Ichiryuu: So here's arrived...?

Page 17:
[Uh, ok. Sure. Why not.]

Page 18:
Ichi: How about we have a nice, relaxing, chat,

Page 19:
Midora: Only with fists...
old man...
Insert: The Dragon and the Tiger clash!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 246
/ End

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