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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Billy Bat 102

Adolf and Albert

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 25, 2013 07:34 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 102

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Welcome back to the world of Billy Bat. What will happen this time? Will Hitler make it back in time to have sex with his own niece? Will mankind prevent the rise of Friend? Will Zoufuu ever have a big hit? The answers are sure to come eventually!

[Billy Bat 102 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: Two men that made history. There was a "secret" they both shared which they talked to one one about...
SFX: ZA...
Hitler: May I sit here?
Einstein: Hm...?

Page 2:
Einstein: Yes... Go ahead, please have a seat.
Title: Chapter 102 Adolf and Albert
Insert: This original tale has received a storm of praise!! Standby for more exciting history and sci-fi!!
Serialization Restarts!!
The newest volume, volume 12 goes on sale 8/23!! It contains everything up to the chapter in this issue!!

Page 3:
Narration: Berlin
Einstein: Autumn really has arrived, hasn't it?
Hitler: Yes.
Einstein: This is a nice spot, isn't it?
Hitler: Yes, a magnificent view.

Page 4:
Einstein: What, in particular, are you saying is a magnificent view?
Hitler: That factory. It has a wonderful design, don't you think?
Einstein: Ah... I see.
Hitler: Do you think there is anything else one should look at here?
Einstein: All of it.
Hitler: All of it...?

Page 5:
Einstein: Yes, all of this scenery.
Hitler: I see... You mean you're turning all of the scenery into a mathematical formula?
Einstein: .........
Yes, exactly.
You guessed right.
Ever since I was a child, whenever I've been in this sort of natural environment, my mind just...

Page 6:
Einstein: Like how time moves slower in places with stronger gravitational fields than it does in weaker gravitational fields.
Or because the space-time around massive object is warped, light does not move in a straight line and things like the flow of time is affected...
But, you know, that's just how the world is
so what can you do?
So, what does the party leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party want with me?
You're intending to run in next year's presidential election and drive all of the Jews out of this country, yes?

Page 7:
Einstein: I'm Jewish, you know.
Hitler: I'm thinking...
of quitting politics.
Einstein: Oh? That's a statement I didn't expect from someone as ambitious as yourself.
What brought this on?
Hitler: Geli died.

Page 8:
Hitler: She was the woman I loved more than any other.
Hitler: I read about that in the papers. I heard it was suicide.
But she's your niece, isn't she.
Hitler: I want to redo it.
Einstein: Huh?
Hitler: I want to turn back time and try again.

Page 9:
Einstein: Let's say that you are one of two twin brothers.
One brother gets a normal job, but you, the other brother, became an astronaut.
You get in a rocket and went off deep into space.
The rocket then flies extremely close to the speed of light...
and then you return to Earth
and meet your twin brother for the first time in quite a while.
What do you think would have happened?
You would be as you were, but your brother would have become a tottering old man.

Page 10:
Einstein: That is what theoretical time travel is.
Hitler: I want to know a way to turn back time.
Einstein: As I said...
Hitler: I was told to go meet you.
Einstein: Huh?
Hitler: I was told that if I met you, that is what I would be told.
Einstein: By whom?
Hitler: The bat.

Page 11:
Hitler: You know what I'm talking about, don't you?
You can see it... can't you?
Einstein: ..........
Hitler: That should prove that I am not insane.
Because you can see it, too.
Ein: No... Perhaps it is just that both of us are insane.
Hitler: Give me a real answer!!

Page 12:
Hitler: What did you talk about with it?
How does one turn back time?
What in the world is the scroll?!
Ein: Scroll...?
Hitler: You know of it, yes?
If one has the scroll, they can freely control time... isn't that right?
Ein: Again...?
Hitler: Again?
Ein: Nothing... It's just that there was a man that approached me about this once before.

Page 13:
Hitler: What? There's another person that can talk with the bat?
Ein: No... We only look with it and talk with it, but...
he draws it.
Hitler: Draws?
Ein: A Japanese cartoonist.

Page 14:
Hitler: A Japanese...
Ein: He gave me that picture
and said this to me.
Someday, this cartoon will change the world...
One could take that as him expressing his will as a cartoonist, but...
one could also take it as something completely different.
Ever since then, I've always carried this drawing with me.

Page 15:
Hitler: So that man is in Japan?
Japan is a rising world power.
I'll join forces with Japan and bring that man under my control...
Ein: Don't you want to quit politics?
Hitler: Yes...
The only woman that excited my heart...
was... Geli.

Page 16:
Ein: If you're going to quit, now's the time.
Is the bat you talk with
black or white?
You had best not be tempted by what the white one says.

Page 17:
Hitler: This is what the bat said to me.
Do you want to become the world's hero...?
Ein: When you gaze at natural landscapes, you come across many different answers.

Page 18:
Ein: That is what understanding divine providence is.
But not only are you trying to understand that,
you are trying to distort it.
Your beloved Geli will not come back.

Page 19:
Hitler: If I use the scroll...!!
If I borrow the cartoonist's power...!!
Hitler: It won't work.
There are things you must not do, even if they are theoretically possible.
So most likely, you will push onward as a politician.
And then the ones who will want to change things using the scroll will not be you, but the people of the world.
And our last hope
will lie in whether that cartoonist can change the world or not...

Page 20:
Ein: If your bat is white...
the whole world is going to see hell.
But in the end...
you, too, will be betrayed by the white.

Page 21:
Ein: It's faint right now, but there is an answer that I think can be reached.
Yes, faint...
It's daytime at the moment, so you can only barely see it, but it's in the sky even now...
The answer is on that moon.
I would like to show you that answer.

Page 22:
[I'll bet that popcorn really IS good.]

Page 23:
Narration: On July 20th, 1969, I was at the Kennedy Space Center...
Someone: Success! Success!
Someone: Humanity has finally successfully landed on the moon!!
Side: At the end of the mysteries... is the moon. What in the world is on the face of the moon...? Director Akechi has started to tell!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 102 / End
Now in weekly serialization, look forward to the chapter next issue!!

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