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Billy Bat 103

103 Spotlight [2/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 30, 2013 03:13 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 103

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Okay, so, some neat shit being explained.
I wonder if maybe this will be the last volume of Billy Bat? It's certainly possible plot-wise. Urasawa's never been one for quick wrap-ups though. I'm sure some big conclusion with Finny and Kurusu would take a while. We'll see I guess. This is a series of 8 chapters, too.

[Billy Bat 103 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: "Going to the moon by the end of the 60's. In this sea we have begun to row on, there is new knowledge to be gained and new rights to be won." J.F. Kennedy [I can't find the actual quote this is from. I spent a while trying to find it. It's supposed to be from the May 25th '61 speech. But I can't figure out which line this is supposed to be, so I think it's paraphrasing. Like, shitty translators from the 60's couldn't capture the idiosyncrasies of phrases like "We'll do that and do the other thing."]
Guy: Hmmmmm
I'm not sure about this...
I can't help but see this as just something shot on a set and then played back in slow motion.
At any rate, what about these shadows on the moon... do they look all right to you?

Page 2:
Guy: If the light is coming from the sun, then the shadows should be parallel. But the shadows of these rocks aren't parallel.
It's obvious the light source is manmade.
Guys: And here. This footprint.
Yes, I found that odd as well.
There's no moisture on the moon, so the sand should be loose.
You shouldn't be able to make firm footprints like this, right?

Page 3:
Guy: And the pilot in the shadow of this space ship.
Yes, yes. He's all too bright for being in the shadow.
This looks like a movie where they're using a fill light.
Akechi: This is too thaaat, that's too thiiis! Geez, would you stop nitpicking over every little thing?!
Guys: !!
It's like that because we've calculated for the reflectance of the moon's topsoil.
As for the shadows, the shadows just don't look parallel because the surface of the moon is fulla bumps!!
And with the sand, there's no abrasion with the sand due to wind or rain on the moon, so the particles become sharp.
That's why they leave such bold footprints!!

Page 4:
Akechi: Don't act like you know what you're talking about, you buncha amateurs!!
This scene is my, Akechi Kotarou's, greatest work!!
Title: Chapter 103 Spotlight [2/8]

Page 5:
Guy: Hmph... If we show this film to the American people, I'll bet you 20% of them don't believe it.
I've heard that 40% of the people don't believe that Oswald was really the one that assassinated Kennedy.
Akechi: Ah?!
Guys: !!
Guys: Ah... Haha... B... Bravo...
Akechi: Oookay! Now for a the wrap party!! Bring me some high-priced booze!!

Page 6:
Akechi: What's with this thick-ass document?
Guy: I know this is after the fact, but it's a contract.
Akechi: Whaaa? If you want me to read this, you've gotta be outta your mind.
Guy: Ah... It's nothing. It just has some customs of the American film world written in it.
Akechi: So... What's the contract fee...?
H... Hey... This...
Guy: We at Chuck Culkin Enterprises thought that was a reasonable amount...
Are you unsatisfied with it?

Page 7:
Akechi: ...Hundred mil?!
Guy: Please let me know anything you're not happy with.
Akechi: Ah... N... No...
Guy: Splendid.
Well then, for until the day comes where we walk on the moon, we'll be using it as teaching material for simulations.
AKechi: Teaching material, huh...?
I getcha...
Guy: Something the matter?
Akechi: Wha's this?
Guy: Hm?
"Stay within the United States until the year 1969"...?

Page 8:
Akechi: You mean I've got no freedom for the next six years?!!
Narration: New Work
Kevin: ...So, then what happened?

Page 9:
Akechi: I lived a life of luxury in Florida for six years.
And then on July 16th 1969...
I was brought to the Kennedy Space Center.
Kevin: July 16th...
Narration: The day of the Apollo 11 launch.
Kevin: I remember that. I'd only just turned 9,
but I was glued to the TV that day.
And then finally on July 20th...
"Houston, Huston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."

Page 10:
Narration: The landing module touched down on the surface of the moon, and mankind had finally...
Armstrong: One giant leap for mankind!!
Akechi: Yahoooo!

Page 11:
Akechi: So they landed successfully in the end...
Thanks to the movie I made...
Well... I'm not really happy about such an incredible movie being shelved as just learning material, but...
it's no match for a movie actually shot on the moon.
Now I can go back to Japan with a clean conscience...
Akechi: But even if I do go back, the age of monster movies is over.

Page 12:
Akechi: Maybe I should slam out some great historical picture scroll or something!!
I've got money after all...

Page 13:
Akechi: Hey, this thing...
is the movie I made, ain't it?

Page 14:
Akechi: What the hell's goin' on?!
I'm sure that for a while they were showing a real video of the surface of the moon!!
But at some point, they swapped it out...
for my movie...!!

Page 15:
Akechi: What the hell happened?!!
Guy: Keep out!! Authorized only!!
Akechi: I'm a VIP, jackass!!

Page 16:
[It's him. Billy the Hedgehog.]

Page 17:
Akechi: Wha...
What the hell's this...?
Guy: Turn off the monitor!!
Guy: Y... Yes sir!
Guy: Get that man out of here!!
Akechi: H... Hey, h... hold on!!
What was that just now?!!

Page 18:
Akechi: Don't tell me that was footage of the actual moon?!
Lemme go!!
What was that?!!
Kevin: And you've been monitored ever since then...
Akechi: This story...
No matter who I tell it to, nobody even believes me...

Page 19:
Kevin: I believe you.
Sorry, but could I borrow a pen and paper?
I used to draw comics like this when I was a kid.
Akechi: The hell's that?
Kevin: A caveman.
A lone caveman falls into a hole and loses consciousness.

Page 20:
Kevin: When he wakes up, he's in the middle of a cave.
In a daze, he starts to walk and gropes along the walls, but it's pitch black.
Just when he's about to scream with terror, thinking that he won't be able to get out...
he feels a slight breeze, looks up, and...
Akechi: And...?
Kevin: He sees it.
Through a small hole, he sees the moon...

Page 21:
Akechi: The moon...
Kevin: Yeah. And a ray of light comes down through that hole...
just like a spotlight...

Page 22:
[The squiggles aren't a real language, obviously.]

Page 23:
Billy: C'mon, draw.
[Based on the next chapter, apparently the "me" written on the next page isn't... like intended. Or doesn't make sense in the context of the next chapter. There's no object to the sentence in Japanese. So I'm not writing it that way. Assumedly they'll change it for the tankoubon.]

Page 24:
Kevin: The title of that comic is "The First Man to Ever Draw."
Akechi: And you drew it when you were a kid... when?
Kevin: When I was 9...
When Apollo 11 landed on the moon...
That's the day I drew it.
Side: "C'mon, draw." ---says Billy under the moon's spotlight. Billy is carved into the surface of the moon. Everything started from there...?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 103 / End
Next issue, Kevin meets with a sudden change...!!

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