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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 251

Acacia and his Three Disciples!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 26, 2013 01:27 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 251

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Finally, origins...

[Toriko 251 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Now, the God's secrets are unveiled---!!!
Title: Gourmet 251 Acacia and his Three Disciples!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 2:
Side: Collapsed from hunger, where has Midora ended up...?

Page 3:
Midora: Ugh
Frohze: Ah!
Hey, you shouldn't get up yet!!

Page 4:
Frohze: I was so worried~~
Your body had gotten so weak...
I'm glad you've recovered a little...
Title: Chef
Frohze: But don't push yourself too hard yet, okay?
Here, I've poured you some warm soup.
Eat up.
Midora: ......
Frohze: Are you all right?
Here, open your mouth.

Page 5:
Midora: What...
is this...?
What am I...
eating right now...?
what's happening to me...?
From the moment he was born...
he had never had an emotion directed at me except for "intent to kill".
And inside him
he had nothing but a black flame of hatred burning for those around him...
Everything was an enemy...
Days were only spent stealing...
That's what Midora's life was life, never anything like this...

Page 6:
Though he was bewildered by it...
Midora's emotions were swayed by just one "shock"...
Midora: D...
Narration: As his consciousness faded...
Midora masticated on it...
So this flavor left on his tongue...
this scent...
this texture...
would never disappear...
would never be forgotten...
would never cease to be...
and on...

Page 7:
Midora: Stop...
That's my...
My food...
Give it back...
Give it back...
Give it...

Page 8:
Narration: It was a dream he had every day---
Frohze: Good morning.
Okay, dinner time.
Don't be shy, chow down.

Page 9:
Midora: Hot...
Frohze: Uhu. No need to rush.
Nobody's going to take it from you.
SFX: ZU...
Midora: ......
It's warm...

Page 10:
Midora: Hot food like this...
really exists...?
I've never...
had food that was.
this delicious before...
Narration: And for the first time in his life...
Midora ate until his stomach was full----
Midora: I won't for get...
the color of the sky today...
the sound of the wind...
the smell of the trees...
or my own...

Page 11:
Frohze: You can stay here
as loooong as you want.
Narration: With just that one sentence
Midora, the child born as a "beast"...
may have become a "human"...
Narration: Except from when he woke up from "that dream"...
it was the first time his vision blurred...
Ever since that day...
Midora never had "that dream" again...

Page 12:
Frohze: Ooh, incredible!
What a magnificent *Flavor Rhino!! ["Flavor Rhino" white.]
T/N: Flavor Rhino = Aji Sai (Homophonous with the word for hydrangea)
Asterisk: *Fukuoka Prefecture's 清水卓久-san's work!
Frohze: I'll cook it right up!
Someone: Frohze-samaaa
Hey, I'm back!
Frohze: Ooh!

Page 13:
Frohze: Welcome back, everyone!
Frohze: Ah!
Guys: !
Jirou: Oh?
What's this now?
Handwritten: Woah there
Midora: GAAH
Midora: GARUH
Jirou: What's with this guy?
Frohze: It's okay!
Those people are...
Midora: FAaA

Page 14:
Midora: !!
Jirou: Frohze-samaa, who the hell is this guy?!
A newbie?!
Frohze: Yes, he's your new
So please don't be rough, Jirou-chan.
T/N: They're using the "Two-Wolf" kanji for Jirou here.
Jirou: Heeeeeh.
Midora: Ga...
Jirou: Hahah. He seems like more of a wild beast than a human.
Ichi: So that makes him kinda like you, then.
Jirou: Sheddep!
Aca: It looks like he has "Gourmet Cells"... [quote white]

Page 15:
Guys: !
Acacia: He was probably born with them...
You don't need to be afraid.
I'm Acacia. Nice to meet you.
Narration: Althrough until he met Frohze
Midora had only had the point of the blade of malice pointed at him...
he instantly sensed that Acacia's gaze---
Midora: This person isn't an enemy, either.
Narration: was the same as Frohze's...
Frohze: Welcome back
Acacia: Glad to be home, Frohze.
Okay, everyone! Let's go eat!
It'll be great to have Frohze-sama's cooking again after so long!!

Page 16:
Jirou: WAHHAHHA! What? You're an orphan?!!
So ya ain't got a name, either?!
Ichi: You're basically an orphan, too, ya know.
Well, so am I...
Ji: Yeah, that's right.
We were adopted by Acacia-sama.
This guy's the elder brother, Ichiryuu.
I'm the second son, Jirou.
Then you're the third son so~~
How 'bout Saburou?
T/N: Saburou is a common name meaning "Three" and "Son". They go on to mention names meaning "Second Son" (Jirou's name with the other kanji it usually has) and "First Son" (Ichirou).
Ichiryuu: Why that?!
Then we should make you Jirou.
Jirou: Then you'd be Ichirou, wouldn' ya?!
Aca: "Tora" (Tiger).
Guys: Huh?

Page 17:
Aca: He's in the same gang as you...
If he doesn't have a name, then...
How about we name you "Midora"? [quote White]
Jirou: For real, Acacia-sama?!
This young kid's a tiger?!
I can't believe that!!
This brat hasn't taken down anything but a Flavor Rhino!
You're seriously calling this a tiger?!
Midora: KIIIII
Jirou: Oh, what? You wanna go? Fine, I'll take you on!
C'mon, let's take it outside!
Ichi: I said cut it out.
Aca: Geez...
Frohze: Uhu. I'm glad they're getting along.

Page 18:
Frohze: How did it go,
Aca: .....
The war isn't showing any signs of stopping...
Frohze: ......I see...
Aca: This is my responsibility...
Frohze: Don't say things like that...
Aca: I heard from "Pair"...
Frohze: !
Aca: It said that in some few years... In the near future, a creature called the "Four Beast" is going to become active...
And that the sun will wane...
Frohze: You don't mean... The solar eclipse...?
It's really going to happen, huh...?
Aca: The Nitro are planning to use the Four Beast to kidnap a large number of humans...
I think I should send Ichiryuu after the Four Beast...

Page 19:
Frohze: I wonder what Pair is saying?
Aca: I'll persuade him...
We can't let people's lives be sacrificed.
And anyhow...
when the solar eclipse occurs, what will appear is...
And Frohze, I'm going to need your power
too cook it...!!
Frohze: Acacia...
Aca: I...
SFX: SU...
Side: "God" and "beyond"--- ["Beyond" white]
Aca: have to stop the war...
I have to head to the "farthest land"...!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 251
/ End
Next issue, the mysteries surrounding Ichiryuu are finally revealed?!

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