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Toriko 252

Acacia's Fairy Tales!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 3, 2013 01:20 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 252

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This series got really wordy again...

[Toriko 252 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Acacia: Okay, let's head out
and capture some ingredients!!
Side: The shocking past of the young tiger--- is unveiled----!!
Title: Gourmet 252 Acacia's Fairy Tales!!
Guys: Okay!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 2:
Guy: Sorya!
Guy: Ooooooh!
Acacia: That just now
was how you defeat a Poison Boar without being poisoned.
Jirou: Awezome.
Ichi: Acacia-sama!
Midora's hurt...

Page 3:
Midora: ...........
Acacia: This is... a "Devil Orochi" nest, isn't it...?!! [quote white]
T/N: Devil Orochi/Serpent. That thing from chapter like 20. Orochi is a specific kind of legendary serpent that usually has multiple heads.
Jirou: Wahhahha! Midora, you ain't ready for a Devil Orochi yet!
Acacia: In this world, there are eight "king of beasts" species called the "Eight Kings".
They're legendary wild beasts that one should not get involved with carelessly.
That wasn't one of the "Eight Kings", but...
the largest class of Devil Orochi has a level of strength on par with them.
You shouldn't get close to them right now.
Now then...
Jirou: Grab on, Midora.
It's okay now.
Midora: ----...
Up until now---

Page 4:
Midora: I had to stand up all on my own...
Again and again... I would have to just grit my teeth and bare it...
But now is different----
There's someone who will reach out to me...
And I have reliable
older brothers...
I'm not alone anymore.
have a family.
Someone: Awesome!

Page 5:
Someone: The wound healed...
Acacia: This is called "Cure Water". [quote White]
It's a revitalizing water that makes Gourmet Cells immediately become active.
Jirou: There's really some water that's that convenient?!
Acacia: It's a pretty rare water that's hard to get a hold of.
However, it's not so much the water, but the Gourmet Cell's regeneration ability that's notable. ["Gourmet Cell's regeneration ability" white]
If you eat a "compatible ingredient", they can do far more than just this scratch.
Their regenerative faculties are so strong that they can close a gaping hole in your stomach in an instant.
Jirou: Hue~~~~ So we've got those cells in our bodies, too...?
Acacia: But on the other hand, while Gourmet Cells are connected to the possessor's "spirit",
a wound you received from an overwhelmingly strong power may not heal due to spiritual damage.
Jirou: Even with a compatible ingredient?
Acacia: Yeah. A wound Gourmet Cells themselves receive last your whole lifetime.

Page 6:
Jirou: So yer sayin' that if the cells admit their defeat, the wound will stay?
Then I'll never have a scar like that in my whole life!
Ichi: I'm 100% sure your compatible ingredient is booze, Jirou.
Midora: ...M...
My scars on my face...
Guys: !
Acacia: I've heard that while Gourmet Cells themselves have existed in this world since ancient times...
they only appear on extremely rare occasions through atavism...
Midora, you were born with your Gourmet Cells.
Cells that start out with "scars" will be less susceptible to other things.
Someone: How dare that utterly selfish devil...
show his face---

Page 7:
Acacia: ......Well... It's really nothing to worry about...
Just think of it as being born with talent.
Jirou: Talent?! This guy?
No way!! There ain't nonna that, Acacia-sama!!
Midora: Shut up!
Acacia: Anyhow, we should hurry and try to find them soon.
Everyone's compatible ingredients.
Frohze: Okay, everyone----
Dinner's all ready!
Jirou: Yahoo! I couldn't wait anymore!!
Ichi: Yuum!
Jirou: Hey, Midora!
Don't eat my Rainbow Fruit, dammit!
Midora: This is mine!
Frohze: Get along and eat everyone!
Narration: Midora was happy----

Page 8:
Narration: His heart bounded
he laughed out loud...
and the day he called "tomorrow"
was something he looked forward to with joy...
It was his first time knowing of such things...
On the days the three brothers would train together---
he was good at imitating techniques
and was praised by Acacia for the first time...
One time when Jirou did something bad
Acacia made him stand suspended over a cliff as punishment.
Ever since then, Midora knew what a fear of heights was...
And he learned that Ichiryuu actually...
couldn't drink a drop of alcohol...

Page 9:
Narration: And at night...
when he would go to sleep...
Frohze-sama would genrly...
gave him a goodnight-kiss...
For Midora
Acacia: Jirou
T/N: This indicates him switching Jirou's name to the current kanji.
Ichi: A combo?!
Midora: became jewel-like memories...
But there was one thing...
Frohze: Midora---
Midora: !
Frohze: I'm going to town to distribute food rations!
Want to come help out?

Page 10:
Narration: Deep in his heart...
there was a pitch-black emotion
that lingered like sludge.
This alone would not disappear.
Guy: Hey, give us some, too!
Why do they get all of it?!!
Frohze: Ah,
I'm sorry. I'll be right there.
Guy: Shit.
Is this all?!!
We won't be able to eat that long on this!

Page 11:
Guy: More!!
Gimme more high-class ingredients!!
Guy: !!
Midora: Hey, you...!!
You should be thankful to be able to eat at all!!
You hyena bastard!!
Frohze: Midora!!
No! You mustn't lay your hands on him!!
Midora: ......But...
These guys were...
Frohze: It's all right. We'll bring food again soon, after all.
That's all we have for today.
Okay... let's head home.
Midora: ......
Guy: Hmph. Let me go, brat!!
Quit actin' all high and mighty...!!
Midora: MUKAH
Someone: GAAAH
Frohze: Stop, Midora!!

Page 12:
Midora: I'm sorry...
just couldn't hold back...
Frohze: The people of the city
are just on edge because they're hungry.
But I'm sure if they all fill their stomachs on delicious cooking...
and everyone is satisfied...
then the war will end...
That's what I believe!
Midora: ......
I don't think that...
I knew it, I really am...
a beast...
Frohze: Midora...
Midora: I guess because my blood is about as pure as a muddy ditch...
I can't have those crystal-clear beautiful thoughts like you, Frohze...

Page 13:
Frohze: The moment that bentou box was thrown away...
and you flew into a rage, you were purer than anyone...
You saw me yesterday
working as hard as I could to make bentou boxes, right...?
Midora: ......
He did that to your bentou, Frohze...
Frohze: Thank you, Midora...
Your blood... and your tears...
aren't one bit impure...
They sparkle more...
and they're clearer than anyone's...

Page 14:
Narration: then, around 10 years after then...
A monster called the Four Beast entered Human World.
And there to beat it back
was a man who had already reached at the top-class in the world in terms of strength, Ichiryuu.

Page 15:
Narration: He drove the Four Beast back in spectacular fashion,
but the Four Beast had taken advantage of the war and absorbed several thousand Humans
before returning to Gourmet World. However...
another person of world-class strength,
Ichiryuu's younger brother disciple, Jirou, discovered the Four Beast's "Main Body" in Gourmet World.
And by the use of some brilliant Knocking
he successfully sealed it----
Midora: Big Bro,
that was awesome!!
Jirou: That was an easy win, Moron.
Acacia: Well done, you two.
Ichiruu: Ah, Acacia-sama!
Where had you been all this time?
Acacia: Ah, just doing a bit of ingredient gathering.
Ichiryuu: Ingredients?

Page 16:
Ichi: You, Acacia-sama? The one who conquered every ingredient in this world...?
What ingredient are you after now...?
Acacia: ......
"Full Course"...!!
Guys: !!!
Guy: A... Acacia-sama's...
Full Course?!!
Guys: E...
Even we...
don't know
a thing about....
Full Couse...
Frohze: Acacia...
Acacia: You guys need to get ready, too.
Not long from now, the "Solar Eclipse" will occur. [quote white]
Guys: -------!
Acacia: It's likely that in close to one month, the sun will be completely blocked out.
There will be a cease-fire in the war,
but the difficulty in procuring food will be even more rigorous than it is now.

Page 17:
Acacia: So we need to gather all the ingredients we can while we have the chance.
Otherwise, the people of the world will starve.
Guys: ......
Frohze: So it's finally come, eh...?
That day...
Acacia: Have you finished your "Food Immersion"...
Midora: S...
"Solar Eclipse"...
Those "Fairy Tales" you told us as kids, Acacia...
The "Four Beast" really did show up...
So you're saying the "Solar Eclipse" is also...
There's really going to be a Demon King
that will bite the sun...?

Page 18:
Acacai: Midora...
That was a fairy tale...
Midora: R...
Acacia: !
Ichi: Wh...
Ichi: This aura...
Frohze: Pair... has come to meet you, huh?
Acacia: Yes... No one interfere.

Page 19:
Acacia: THose are "Blue Nitro"... No one can beat them...!!
So they're all here together, eh...?
Side: The "Gourmet Solar Eclipse" draws near---
Insert: The key to god is blue Nitro...?!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 252
/ End
Next issue, what are these blue Nitro?!
We finally head to the core of the God mystery---!!!

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