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Billy Bat 108

Depends on You [7/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 4, 2013 03:12 | Go to Billy Bat

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I think at some point I was writing "Piers" or "Pierce" but it's supposed to be "Pears" apparently. I think I wrote "Pierce" once and then they romanized it as "Pears" and then I forgot and wrote it as "Pierce" somewhere else. It can be romanized that way just not here. Honestly though "Pears" is kinda not... good anyhow.

I think the "series climax" means this series of 8 chapters. The story isn't gonna reach it's climax the next chapter.

[Billy Bat 108 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
SIde: That day, the earth shook and the whole city was destroyed.

Page 2:
[Yep. Seems pretty destroy-y]

Page 3:
Title: Chapter 108 Depends on You [7/8]
Side: The boy lost to the bat's temptation and skipped school. September 1st, 1923 at 11:58 AM. Everything started there.

Page 4:
Billy: Stop!
Stop goin' ta school and stop goin' home.
Just spend all day on this open field tomorrow.
Kurusu: Kantou...
Great Earthquake...?
Billy: Stop goin' ta school
and stop goin' home.

Page 5:
Kurusu: ..........!!

Page 6:
Kurus: The elementary school...
Guy: SOmeooooone!!
Give me a haaaaand!!
The children, the children are...!!
We need to help the childreeeen!!
Someone, the childreeeeen!!

Page 7:
Billy: Stop goin' home.
Guy: Anyoooooone!!
Guy: Hey, son, that place is dangerous!!
Hey, boy!! Don't go over...

Page 8:
Kurus: This is my house...?

Page 9:
Kurusu: Just before noon tomorrow
there is a Communist Party meeting at our house.
Guy: Really?
Kurusu: There is a Communist Party meeting at our house.

Page 10:
Kurusu: Dad...
Dad I...
got revenge.

Page 11:
[Things are all beat up.]

Page 12:
Dad: Work very, very hard, study, and go to college.
Then maybe you can even go to the moon.
Kurusu: Really?
Dad: Yeah, really.
Kurusu: Dad, I...

Page 13:
Guys: Hey, son!!
Are you all right, boy?!!
Pull yourself together, boy!!
What's your name?! Tell us what your name is!
Kurusu: Ki... Kiyoshi...
Guys: Ooh... Kiyoshi.
What Kiyoshi?!
Kurusu: Ku...
Kurusu Kiyoshi...

Page 14:
Kurusu: I see...
You say that using this
you can go to the moon, yes?

Page 15:
Narration: 1981---

Page 16:
Pears: Yes. My company developed it. It's an NPL-3 Model Extra-Large Rocket...
My company, the Pears Space Development Corporation, has great confidence in it.
And if we equip it with the Soviets' moon orbiter and lander, we can stand on the moon once again.
Kurusu: Why did the Soviets stop trying to develop rockets on their own and defer to you...?
Pears: They ran out of funding.
Kurusu: Hm.
I suppose that's a limitation of communism.
Is it difficult to pilot?

Page 17:
Pears: It's all done by remote control. There's no need for a pilot. [OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN]
Kurusu: Then the rest
all depends on me, does it...?
Pears: Huh?
Kurusu: A certain man told me that a long time ago.

Page 18:
Shishou: Listen closely, boy.
Everything depends on you.
There are black and white ones of these.
Kurusu: ..........
Shishou: If you become a bad guy

Page 19:
Shishou: it'll make as many of your evil schemes come true that you want.
How about that? The world will go the way you decide.
Any way you desire!!
eventually, this guy will toss you into the depths of Hades.
Kurusu: ...........

Page 20:
Shishou: No, not just you, the whole world.
This whole world will be thrown into the depths of hell.
What is it, kid?
You're makin' eyes like you're thinkin' "Ain't this world already Hell?".
You're an interestin' kid.
I killed a tonna people with my own hands, thinkin' the same thing.
I know juuust how you feel.
Kurusu: ..........

Page 21:
Shishou: But I changed my ways.
And do you know what happened when I did...?
This guy...
started sayin' right things.

Page 22:
Shishou: Okay,
I've gotta go to America to do the right thing.
I'll teach you how to draw this when I get back from America.
Got that? It depends on you.
Whether to make this world go to hell or to set it right.

Page 23:
Kurusu: Are you really going to come back from America?
Shishou: 'A course. Just wait fer me.
Kurusu: Okay.
Um... Is it okay for me to call you Shishou (master)?
Shishou: Do what you want.
It's all up to you.
Side: This boy lurking in a bottomless darkness was raised by that man. Together with the bat, will he send the world to hell?!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 108 / End
Next issue, the can't-miss Series Climax!

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