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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Billy Bat 109

Final Chapter? [8/8]

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 9, 2013 07:24 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 109

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Well everyone, it's been a long time coming, but here it is. The "final chapter".

See you in December.

[Billy Bat 109 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: At that desk, Kevin drew a manga... but it's still not over. What shocking things does he still have to draw...?
Chuck: Amazing...
Drawing a complex mystery story in one burst like this...

Page 2:
Chuck: It's real...
You really are the real deal...
Keep drawing!!
I want to see what happens next!! What happens to this boy that gets cause in this big earthquake...?
Kevin: Shh.
Be quiet...
Chuck: Huh...?
Kevin: I'm at a really important part...
I've got a feeling something really important is going to come to mind soon.

Page 3:
Kevin: What is this...?
Disney: I think that's enough now.
Chuck: !!
Title: 109 Final Chapter? [8/8]

Page 4:
Chuck That's more than enough for an assistant audition.
Chuck: Ah... No...
Ah, please wait!!
Disney: Bring him outside.
Chuck: Ah... W-Wait!!
Please, just let him draw a little more!!
He just said he's at an important part!!
Guy: Out of the way!!

Page 5:
Kevin: Be quiet!!
Guy: Wha...?
Chuck: WA!!
Check: Stop! Let go of me!
Disney: What do you think you're doing?

Page 6:
Dis: I've been waiting forever for you to finish your new Billy Bat work, but it's not done at all!
And you let a youngster like that and draw all he wants?!!
Just what do you want?!!
Chuck: Let that boy draw.
Dis: Huh?!
Chuck: That boy is the successor.
Dis: What'd you say?
Chuck: Let that boy draw Billy Bat.
No, it's the Billy Bat that that boy's drawing

Page 7:
Chuck: that's the real Billy Bat!
Dis: Hey, Chuck.
Cool it down a bit.
You've been drawing Billy Bat constantly for thirty years.
You've gotta get get pretty tired from drawing that much.
Besides, your Billy Bat is beloved all over the world.
And you've kept answering that.

Page 8:
Dis: You've done well. Thanks to you, we've become incredibly famous
and received loved from all over the world.
But both that and this is the result of all the passion you've poured into Billy Bat.
Now then, the children, the Billy Bat fans all over the world are waiting...
Chuck: That's ending today, too.
From this day forward, the fake Billy Bat
will be gone from this world.

Page 9:
Chuck: I stole Billy Bat from Master.
My Billy is a fake I stole from Kevin Yamagata.
that boy's Billy is the real thing, just like Kevin Yamagata's.
That boy's name is Kevin, too...
I'm giving everything back to Kevin.

Page 10:
Dis: We've always moved in the direction of progress,
haven't we?
That's why Chuck Culkin's Billy Bat has permeated the world,
isn't that right?
And now, after all this time, you want to go back to the Kevin Yamagata Billy Bat?!
Chuck: I know.
I know the urban legends are true...

Page 11:
Chuck: "If you draw a fake Billy, then someone from Chuck Culkin Enterprises will come to kill you."
Allegrini from Italy...
Johansson from Sweden...
Paulus from Indonesia...
They were all great Billy Bat artists.
Until they died under mysterious circumstances, that is.
Killing fakes is progress?!!
If you're going to do that, then what meaning does a Billy Bat that's permeated the whole world have?

Page 12:
No... The Billy that has to be spread is their Billy.
Private printings... Independently published versions... Their Billys that are only seen by a scant few people.
Especially Kevin Yamagata's Billy Bat. There's some reason they have to be spread all over the world!!
And the same goes for this boy's Billy!
Kevin: Let me go!!

Page 13:
Kevin: Lemme go!! Give me back that manuscript!!
Guy: He wouldn't stop, so we tore this off his desk.
Dis: Thanks for bringing him.
Chuck: Give that manuscript back to that boy.
Kevin: I'm at an important spot! Lemme write the rest!!
I've got to write it now...
Dis: Never mind that. Take him away.
Chuck: Let that boy do what he wants!!
Guy: Ku!!
Chuck: Hand it over!! People like you have no right to touch a cartoonist's manuscript!!

Page 14:
Guy: Let go!!
Chuck: Hand it oveeeer!!
Guy: Hmph!!
Dis: !!
Chuck: HAA
Dis: Chuck...
Chuck: Hand over the manuscript.

Page 15:
Dis: What do you think you're doing, waving something like that around?
Come now, hand it over.
Chuck: Stay away!!
I at least know how to fire a gun!!
I've drawn then in comics tons of times!!
Dis: There's a big difference between drawing one and actually shooting one.
Your specialty is confided to drawing comics. I've been doing everything else.
Chuck: Shut up. Shut uuuup!! Don't make fun of meeee!!
Dis: Hey, give him the manuscript.

Page 16:
Chuck: What is this...?
Kevin: I don't...
really know what it is...
But... for some reason, that feels like it's the final chapter of Billy Bat.
Chuck: Final chapter...?
Guy: That's enough. Take him away.
Kevin: Ow...
Chuck: ..........

Page 17:
Kevin: Leggo!!
Let me draw!!
I have a feeling I'll understand if I just do a little more!!
There's just a little more and I'll know what the thing I have to draw is...
Chuck: Wait.
Let that boy go.
Dis: Ignore him. Just go. He's not the kind of person that can fire a gun.
Chuck: Let this boy draw the continuation of this.
Kevin: Ah...

Page 18:
Chuck: Everything will be fine if I'm gone, right?
Kevin: N... No...
Chuck: If I'm gone, then you'll have no choice but to let this boy keep drawing.

Page 19:
Dis: Wait.
Be rational.
Chuck: You're the one that erases people
that draw fake Billy Bats from the world...
In that case, I'm the one that really needs to be erased.
I'm the one that draws the fake Billy after all. ["I'm" in italics.]

Page 20:
Kevin: No!!
Don't do that!!
When I sat at your desk, all kinds of images came flying at me!!
That's because it's the desk that you drew Billy Bat at for thirty years!!
Your Billy is loved by tons of people.
You've done great work!
Chuck: Then let me ask this...
Do you like the Billy I draw?

Page 21:
Chuck: Fakes only disappear.
This way I can finally be at peace.
Kevin: No!!
Chuck: Please draw out the final chapter.

Page 22:
Kevin: I'll draw it.
I'll do it, okay...
Chuck: Huh...?

Page 23:
Kevin: But I need your help.
Chuck: Bats...

Page 24:
Side: Is this Billy Bat's final chapter? One boy standing alone. What has happened to humanity?! The series will resume starting in the issue going on sale December 12th!!
Bottom: "Billy Bat" Chapter 109 / End
For the resumption, this manga will have the cover and opening color pages!!

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