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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 256

The True Enemy!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 30, 2013 00:57 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 256

Only for use by HWMN

You guys ready for everything to be thrown on its head again?!!!!?!?!??!

[Toriko 256 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: The Eight Kings
Title: 「Toriko」
Side: The ones that control all of creation!!
The eight "Kings of Beasts" that reign over Gourmet World... [quote White]
Their ancestors ruled over different ages,
but they all controlled this world and were extolled as the strongest beasts...
Even now, their descendants have inherited that baton of the ultimate strength and they now rule over each continent.
Gourmet World is in a constant state of rivalry between local warlords.
It is said that they, they Eight Kings, maintain the balance of its complex ecosystem.

Page 2:
What is it these kings excel at----?
That is none other than the "strength" of a ruler and
one more thing...
a "sensitivity"
much like that of small animals...
They have a keen awareness for things like movements in the Earth's crust and weather.
Among them is an ability to sense future crises.
Because of that "sensitivity" that cannot be taken as cowardice
they have been able to survive countless mass-extinction events and live on as rulers.

Page 3:
Narration: On this day...
towards a certain man's "awakening"... [a certain man's "awakening" in white]
The Eight Kings reacted!!
Merely the pulse starting to quiver again from the brink of death...
That tiny act at the same level of a mosquito bite...
The Eight Kings had a definite sense that that man was becoming a "strong one"
that would eventually threaten even their positions...!!
Merely that awakening
was too little to call him a strong one yet...

Page 4-5:
Top Insert: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 27 is now on sale with voracious fanfare!!
☆The exquisite TV Anime is also airing every week on Fuji TV at 9AM!!
Middle Insert: It was simply too quiet an awakening----
Title: Gourmet 256 The True Enemy!!
Narration: His cells were so active it perplexed even him...
But in contrast with that...

Page 6:
Narration: Toriko---
could not move...
Toriko: I...

Page 7:
Narration: Toriko's body was stagnant...
between trying to get a grasp of the situation around him...
and trying to avert his gaze from reality...
A reality he could not accept...
Toriko: Aah...

Page 8:
Toriko: I......

Page 9:
Narration: Elsewhere...
in "Gourmet Garden" of Gourmet World----
Kaitora: "Ibara no Ne"
T/N: Ibara no Ne = Root of Thorns
Yosaku: Ah?

Page 10:
YOsaku: Paste Phlegm
Yosaku: Wood Punch!!!
Kaitora: GOAH
Kaitora: ----HHA...
Pretty damn good...

Page 11:
Yosaku: It was a Saiseiya...
that revived the Four Beast...
I assume you're aware of that, Kaitora...
Do you know where Mohyan Shaishai-sensei is...
Kaitora: Human National Treasure... Mohyan Shaishai?
The man with the greatest reviving skill in all the world...?
Yes, I know...
He's in the same organization as us right now.
Yosaku: What?
Kaitora: ...However
that is not the "Bishokukai"...
Yosaku: What'd you say...?
Kaitora: !
It looks like they've finished up...
Yosaku: !
Kaitora: Midora won, huh...?
Well, I don't care either way, really.

Page 12:
Kaitora: What we wanted to know was the location...
Joa said this...
The location of Acacia's Full Course... would lead to the entrance to the "Final Land"... ["Acacia's Full Course" and quote white]
Yosaku: Joa?
The Final Land...?
Kaitora: Regardless, seeing as the tops have concluded their match...
I no longer have any use for the "Bishokukai"...
Our fight is over, Yosaku...
Yosaku: Wait, Kaitora!!
Kaitora: Ah, yes.
I do believe your disciple...
joined our ranks as well...
Yosaku: ......

Page 13:
Yosaku: P...
Midora: What do you mean...

Page 14:
Midora: The real enemy...
that need to be defeated...?
Ichi: Midora...
You have some Nitro under you... And you intend to get your hands on God, right...?
But you Bishokukai are already infested...
The reason I have so few members in the staff of the 0th is to avoid bugs getting in... ["God" white]
Though it looks like some got in anyhow...
Midora: .....
Who do you mean...?

Page 15:
Ichi: Frohze-sama's death...
was something even for Acacia hadn't accounted for... ["Acacia" white]
Because in order to reach the "Final Land"... [quote White]
a "chef" is absolutely necessary...
A chef with excellent Food Luck and cooking skills like Frohze-sama...
Midora: ......
Ichi: Acacia planted the "seeds"... [quote White]
anticipating the remote worst case scenario...
That is the factor of evil...
And what awoke it was none other than...

Page 16:
Ichi: You, Midora...
Midora: ......
What are you saying...?
Ichi: Acacia purposefully made you look for the "Cure Water"... [quote White]
It was an arrangement he made from the beginning...
Midora: What are you talking about...?
Ichi: Acacia was in collusion with the Blue Nitro from the beginning... ["Blue Nitro" white]
To meet that chef...
when she would eventually appear again...

Page 17:
Midora: You don't mean...
that the true enemy...
Ichi: Yes...

Page 18:
[Awwwww shiiiit]

Page 19:
Midora: Blue Nitro, huh...?
Insert: Ichiryuu dies?!! The shocking true form of the mastermind!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 256
/ End

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