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Toriko 258

March of Evil!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 21, 2013 01:59 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 258

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I remember that guy...

[Toriko 258 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Don't turn away,
the future is only in front of you!!
Bottom: Commemorating Jump Comics Volume 27 going on sale and the climax of Human World
Opening color pages!!

Page 2-3:
Insert: A winter of falling red leaves visits the fruitful Gourmet Age----
But even so, people walk forward
towards a Spring where hope blooms----
Top Insert: ☆Commemorating Jump Comics Volume 27 going on sale and the climax of the Human World Arc, here are some opening color pages!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Lower Right Insert: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 27 is a voracious big hit now on sale!! Those two finally clash in their fated battle!! Witness the white-hot Toriko VS Starjun battle in the comic book!!
☆The exquisite TV Anime is also airing with ultra-popularity every Sunday at 9AM on Fuji TV!! Don't miss the super-exciting Cooking Fest arc!!
☆The Nintendo 3DS game "Toriko Ultimate Survival" goes on sale 11/28 (Thus.)!! You, too, can experience being the ultimate hunter!!
☆The Toriko Movie "Bishokushin Acacia's Special Menu" finally goes on DVD and BD December 6th (Fri.)!! Capture this food-treasure class delicacy of a movie at the store!! Check the previous page for info on the Toriko Movie DVD!

Page 4:
Side: The place he stares off to----
Title: Gourmet 258 March of Evil!!

Page 5:
[Oh, it's him!]

Page 6:

Page 7-8:
Nono: This is it.
Damala: Ooh!
Everything in this frozen mountain...
is an ingredient preserved in cold storage...?!
Somebody: It's huge!
It's got to be at least 500 meters tall!!

Page 9:
People: Nono-san did this...?
Setsuno: Nono has the ability to instantly freeze ingredients while maintaining their freshness.
This is a mountain made up of ingredients we had stored up little by little...
And we had this place thoroughly defended from the Meteor Spice.
Someone: Ooh! A Limousine Jellyfish!!| ["Limousine Jellyfish" white]
Damala: With all these ingredients...
humans all over the world should be able to avoid starvation!

Page 10:
Setsuno: The IGO should have been getting prepared as well, but...
I don't know how long their stock of ingredients will hold out.
Anyhow, we can only try to make do with all we have for now.
Branchi: I'm gonna be heading back to Gourmet World
a little early.
Guys: !
Branchi, you...
Branchi: Yet gonna need the tons of ingredients
in "Bewitching Food World", too!
Guys: .....

Page 11-12:
Star: !

Page 13:
Star: What...?
Put out those flames!!
Grin: Uuh...

Page 14:
Star: ......?!
Moh: A human's unhappiness
hast the taste of honey?
Well said...
Description: Saiseiya
Mohyan Shaishai
(Gourmet Human National Treasure)

Page 15:
Joa: "Good tastes" gives humans energy and vitality so they'll be brimming with life.
So you could say that people's unhappiness, in other words, "savoriness"...
is exactly what we seek, yes?
Joejoe: There are three things we need... "savoriness", "methods for cooking" and...
Huhu... It will finally be done soon.
The "vehicle" for going to the "Final Land"... [quote White]

Page 16:
Kousai: It is only a matter of time...
Ichryuu fed us quite a lot of false information in what he told us, eh?
In fact, he even sent spies into our group, didn't he?
What a crafty old man......
Uumen: The Solar Eclipse will happen sooner or later.
Now we just need to wait patiently until that time comes...
The appearance of "God"... [Heart]
Joa: Ah, yes... the "cooking methods" recorded in the notebook will come eventually, so...
in that case, why don't we first have a celebration?

Page 17-18:
Joa: All members of the new food Utopia, "NEO", let's head out!!

Page 19:
Zebra: Hmph... Pretty good job stayin' alive,
Sani: Sheddep... Like hell I'd de that eas'ly.
'N fact, you're got outta that way too unscathed, Zebra.

Page 20:
Zebra: What about Toriko...?
Because of that bastard...
Sani: That's enough... What we need to be focusing on now is...
Ah... Looks like he's here.
Sani: I called you forever ago. What took ya---?!
Coco: Ah, sorry.
Sani: What's with that head?!
Insert: A-An image change?!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 258
/ End
Next issue, having returned alive, what shocking new facts will Coco divulge...?!

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