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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 259

Coco's Hypothesis

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 28, 2013 05:46 | Go to Toriko

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My god there's a lot of text and science in this... Buuuut I got it.

[Toriko 259 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Zebra: So what was the important thing you had to say...?
Sani: Yeah, where ya been this whole time, Coco...?
Title: Gourmet 259 Coco's Hypothesis
Side: Coco approaches the Gourmet World's greatest riddle---!!
Coco: Well, I've been doing a bit of investigating...
and I've actually got something I'd like you to take a look ati.
Sani: Wait, hold on, before that...
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Sani: What the hell happ'ned to your hair, Coco?
Is that from stress?
Coco: ......Oh, this?
I used too much poison.
Sani: That happens to you when you use too much poison?!
I've never heard 'a that!!

Page 2:
Coco: My Gourmet Cells showed their face... ["Gourmet Cells" white]
and took a considerable amount of energy with them...
I was honestly close to dying.
Sani: You, too, huh...?
Insert: Yeah, I know the feeling.
Coco: Bishokukai Sous Chef Grinparch's immune system was outstanding.
Everything from his esophagus to his organs down to the blood vessels were like a filtration system.
His body could detoxify every type of poison...
That combined with that personality of his that never feels any stress makes for a very high power of resistance...
Against his immune system,
even my "Poison Virus" just circulated around his body endlessly.
Zebra: I don't give a shit about that stuff.
Get to the damn point already...

Page 3:
Coco: ..........
What do you think...
This is?
Zebra: Hm...
Sani: A rock...?
Coco: Deep underground below "Cooking Stadium"----- [quote white]
"Devil Poison"
when Grinparch was hit with the "Gourmet Cells'" poison...
He started to madly shoot his bazooka everywhere.
I don't know how many tens of thousands of meters into the ground he dug, but...
it's likely that that place was even deeper
than the deepest cave in all of Human World, "Heavy Hole"... [quote White]

Page 4:
Coco: And the "electromagnetic waves" I saw there...
were filled with an enormous energy unlike anything I've ever sensed before...
Poison: This iiis... a "good taaaste"...
Life force is "deliciousness"... [quote white]
Coco: !
Poison: You cannot enter past heeere...
This is the wrong entrance as well... You cannot enter unless you are "qualifiiiied" Hihhih.
Coco: Gu...
Coco: Wh... What is this...?!
This energy...
This is bad...
I have to get away from here...

Page 5:
San: So this thing you brought back from there
is part of the bedrock...?
Zebra: ...So?
Sani: What is it?
Coco: Touch it and see.
Sani: ?
Coco: Understand?
Sani: My calories are... being drained...?
Coco: Yes... This minerals absorbs every kind of energy in this world
and grows little by little.
In other words
it's alive.

Page 6:
Sani: So this is... an organism?
Coco: It's extremely close to being one.
It gets physically larger little by little...
Zebra: So what the hell about it...?
Yeah, it's a damn weird rock, but...
I'll bet if you look fer 'em you'd find plenty. These probably ain't even that rare...
Coco: That's true...
I had a well-renowned geologist take a look at this stone
and I found out that if you dig deep enough,
you can find this mineral anywhere.
With the exception of one certain region, that is...
Sani: A certain region...?
Coco: This section...
of the world map...
Sani: Central Human World...?
Coco: Within this region, you'll never come across this mineral no matter how deep you dig...
And I personally only didn't sense electromagnetic waves from this region.

Page 7:
Coco: And what's more, the crust in this region...
is made out of rock whose components have not changed since several billion years ago.
Sani: Several billion years...? So it's been around since the earth formed, huh...?
Uh. So wait, you're saying it's not all like that?
Coco: No... The bedrock this mineral is made out of suddenly appeared several hundred million years ago... ["suddenly appeared several hundred million years ago" italics]
From the perspective of the age of the earth, you could say it's the most recently formed location...
Coco: ...So basically...
...what, exactly?
Coco: The world was originally the center of Human World.
It seems to me that it was originally only that big...

Page 8:
Sani: ...Huh?
Wait, you're saying...
besides for stuff like uplifts and continental drift...
the place we are right now didn't exist for the most part...
...Is that what you're saying? And also all of Gourmet World?
Coco: It's just a conjecture of mine, but yes...
Zebra: Why do ya say that?
Coco: Because from within this mineral
I found "Gourmet Cells".
This mineral's components have the makings of Gourmet Cells.
Something that did not originally exist on earth...
Everything past this is just my hypothesis, but...
Several billion years ago, the "origin" of this mineral came flying here.
That thing absorbed energy from the earth's interior and grew...

Page 9:
Coco: Over time, as it made a new mantle and crust.
it became many times bigger than the original planet...
expanding on a massive scale...
Narration: ■Thing that came flying
■Growing inside the interior
■Bursting out from inside and growing further
■Forming new ground
(Land mass from the original Earth)
Coco: You can tell from the fossil records that the era when that thing landed matches a period where a great variety of animals suddenly expanded all at once.
There was a great explosion of organisms similar to the Cambrian Period. It was an era where many creatures evolved and prospered.
In other words, it was an age when a huge amount of ingredients grew in abundance.

Page 10:
Coco: It's said that Acacia discovered the Gourmet Cells in the deep sea, but...
was that really the only scenery that Acacia saw...?
The deep sea is filled with more mysteries than outer space.
Even if humans reach nearby stars,
we still aren't able to know much about the interior of the Earth.
I have a feeling that the answer regarding the electromagnetic waves I saw...
are there.

Page 11:
Sani: You have... a feeling...
So you're not sure?
Coco, you're a fortune teller, ain't you?
Can't you like, forsee the place...
or make an image of it?
Coco: It's honestly uncalculable...
It's just that the "monster" inside me [quote White]
said this.
Life force is "good taste".
And what I sensed was an unimaginably strong "life energy". [quote White]
Sani: "Good taste"... In that case...
Coco: Yes... If you were to try to forcibly imagine it,
then it's not an oil field, but a "Food Field"----!! [quote white]

Page 12:
Coco: A field of ingredients which the "deliciousness" of every kind of ingredient floods from.
That is the source that supports all life on Earth...
Truly a "Food Utopia"----- [quote white]

Page 13:
Zebra: Food Utopia?
I remember hearin' that from the voices of those guys we fought at the Fest.
The organization's name is Neo... ["Neo" white]
Sani: That's that organization led by that mysterious chef Joa or whatever, right?
Zebra: You could say those guys are the cockiest ones out there.
Coco: That organization has had a great effect on the world's current disorder.
We still don't know their goal, but...
Acacia's Full Course with God as the Main Dish, and their location...
I think there's a high probability that they have some relation...
Sani: ......But... a Food Utopia, huh...?
That sounds like a really nice place...
way different from the current Human World.
After that big air-raid, the Meteor Spice, the world's been in a big upheaval.
I've heard the IGO's chefs have assembled together to distr'bute food s'pplies, but...

Page 14:
Sani: In the places food supplies aren't spreading, there's already a lot of looting and robbery going on.
I've heard it looks like the end of the world, a painting of hell.
That's the state the world is in right now.
Zebra: Hmph... Humans are animals after all.
In the wild, that's natural behavior...
Coco: The truth is...
that's the reason...
I called the two of you here...
Both: Hm?
Coco: I would like to now go to the "Fist Biotope"...!! [quote White]
To fully collect the "Full Course" President Ichiryuu left behind...!! [""Full Course" President Ichiryuu left behind" in white]

Page 15:
Zebra: What?
Sani: Our old man's Full Course?
Zebra: That menu we couldn't find when we were kids...?
Sani: Coco, didn't you 'n Toriko get it together before?
Coco: Yes... All that's left is the last one in the "First Biotope".
Sani: Whyyy would you go after the old man's course again at this point?
Coco: If we have the President's Full Course...
the people of the world will be able to avoid starvation...!!
Sani: The old man's Full Course will do that?!
Wasn't it all made up 'a weird beans 'n stuff?
Coco: Toriko...
found data about the President's Full Course at "Gourmet Casino"...
Zebra: !

Page 16:
Sani: You couldn't call it delicious by any standard.
Apparently it was quite a coarse thing, but...
They is apparently an ingredient...
that can be eaten infinitely...!!
Sani: -----
There's seriously 'n ingredient like that?!
Coco: Yes.
Apparently it's an ingredient that will only be born once all of the President's Full Course is assembled...
But we need the last one, the Main Dish in the "First". ["Main Dish" and "First" white.]

Page 17:
Coco: However, the First is huge...
I'd appreciate it if you lent a hand.
And honestly, we need Toriko's sense of smell as well, but...
Sani: ..........
But that guy's pretty depressed right now...
Zebra: ..........
You... know that Toriko would lose, right?
Why is it you sent Komatsu to Toriko back then?
Coco: Get moving as soon as possible.
To Toriko!!
In order to protect...
Protect Komatsu-kun...
And Toriko...
Zebra: Ah?

Page 18:
Coco: At the very least, under the conditions at the time,
the results of my fortune telling showed that those instructions were best.
Zebra: That didn't friggin' protect 'em!
Coco: But they're both alive...
Zebra: !
Coco: It's all right!
Soon both Komatsu-kun and Toriko...
won't be things we have to worry about...!!
Zebra: I ain't really worried about Toriko.
Sani: I know one person who's crazy worried, though----...
My little sister...

Page 19:
Rin: ..........
Jirou: Are you stiiiiill down in the dumps...?
Rin: !
Jirou: Good grief...
Rin: Knockin' geezer!!
Jirou: Knockin' geezer?!
Insert: The Knockin' Geezer appears near Toriko!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 259
/ End
Next issue, what facts does Knockin' Geezer Jirou have to tell Toriko...?!

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